ConvertKit Affiliate Program Review

If you run a blog or website and its main focus is digital marketing, you may want to look into several email marketing programs to recommend to your audience. 

You’ve ended up in the right place if that’s the case and you’re looking for new opportunities to make money, because today’s article is a review of the ConvertKit affiliate program. 

We’re going to be looking at everything you should know about it, from the ConvertKit affiliate payment method to the Convertkit affiliate program terms. 

ConvertKit Affiliate Program Review

What is ConvertKit?

As you might have been able to tell from the intro, ConvertKit can be defined as an email service provider that makes it easier for marketers to handle everything relating to their newsletters and more. 

Technically, ConvertKit is aimed at influencers and bloggers, but we’ve seen that the variety of services that the brand has available definitely speaks to small business owners’ needs, too. 

What services can you recommend to your audience?

This platform can be used for a wide range of things and they range from email sign-up forms and integrations to landing pages, an email designer, as well as something that lots of people have been using recently, automation. 

The nice thing about what ConvertKit has to offer is that it doesn’t cost too much — which will make the task of you suggesting these services to your audience much easier. There is a free plan available for people who have less than 300 subscribers. 

With this free option, users do not get a lot of features, though. The paid plan starts at $9 per month and is billed at $108 per year for the same number of subscribers. However, in this case, you get lots of additional features, whether that be third-party integrations or free migration from another email tool.

With the highest priced plan, the sky’s the limit when it comes to features, so several extra ones include subscriber scoring, advanced reporting, as well as a newsletter referral system. This one goes by the name of Creator Pro and is billed at $25 per month. 

How to become a ConvertKit affiliate

There’s actually a form that you can find on the company’s official website, where you answer some basic questions such as your website or how you plan on recommending ConvertKit services to your followers.

Once all that’s done, you’ll receive an email with a link that you need to verify and then you will wait for the answer to your application. Unfortunately, we couldn’t help noticing that some affiliates have also reviewed this program and according to them, it takes quite a bit of time to get a reply — sometimes weeks. 

We looked at this aspect as a bit of a disadvantage. First of all, lots of other brands use separate affiliate networks where you can check out everything regarding your stats and earnings and you can also be paid through those platforms. 

Some of these networks have affiliate management teams that can handle everything, including the approval process and the application one. 

How much money can you make with ConvertKit?

This is the part that you’ve probably been waiting for. ConvertKit affiliate marketing involves a 30% commission, which is more than decent considering the other options you may want to check out toward the end of this article. 

As for the tracking cookie, it lasts for 60 days whereas most other affiliate programs available these days give you just one month to make a conversion and get a sale made through your affiliate links. 

But what is even more important about how much you can earn is the fact that for 24 months, you’ll earn 30% each time someone pays for their subscription, whether they do it monthly or yearly. 

In terms of payment, we’d like to note that the company only works for PayPal for this. So, if you do not have an active account on the payment platform, there’s basically no sense in you joining this program. Commissions are paid at the beginning of each month. 

Pros and cons to being a ConvertKit affiliate

In terms of benefits, the commission rate and the fact that it is recurring over a period of two years is of course the most important one. The only problem is that the first paid plan is billed at $9 per month, which means you’ll basically earn less than $3 per month for a referral who gets that plan. 

The 60-day cookie is not bad, either, especially when being put side by side with others. 

Depending on your niche and the number of followers you have, you might be able to see some success with this affiliate program, but you’ll need to have hundreds of referrals to be able to make more than, say, $1,000 per month. 

On the upside, ConvertKit is an established brand, which means that many marketers, influencers, or entrepreneurs may have heard of it before. That makes the task of recommending these services a lot easier than if you were to convince people to invest in something relatively unknown. 

Additionally, there are more than enough resources regarding their own affiliate program and how to generally make money using affiliate marketing on their website. 

In terms of cons, there are a few that we feel the need to mention here. We’ve already mentioned that some applications might take a very long time to be analyzed, and we’re guessing that those belong to people who do not have a massive following. 

Although you’re not going to find this bit of information on the company website, you do have the option of running everything through LinkMink once you get accepted into the program. But applying needs to be done on the brand’s site. 

How to promote ConvertKit

There are several ways to recommend these services and they can range from you writing an article where you compare several different email marketing services to creating a video about it when you try out the free version. 

It appears that recommending ConvertKit in the emails you send out to your subscribers is allowed, so that’s another earning method. 

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We didn’t find any specific info as to whether you are allowed to use PPC and actually mention the company’s name, but given the requirements that lots of other programs have in this sense, it’s probably safe to say that it’s not a good idea. 

Most of these companies aren’t keen on the idea of having their name mentioned in content potentially including misleading information. 

ConvertKit Affiliate FAQ

How does ConvertKit pay its affiliates?

PayPal is the only payment method currently available, at least from what we have gathered while doing our research. Unfortunately, PayPal has some pretty hefty charges, especially on currency exchange, so do consider that. 

Do you have to be a ConvertKit user to become an affiliate?

We did not run into any such requirements on the website, so our best guess is that this is not mandatory. 

However, it would definitely not hurt if you got the free trial and gave some of the features a shot so that you can better recommend it, right? 

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Does a payment threshold exist? 

No, but since the page on the site dealing with the affiliate program doesn’t offer a massive amount of details, there’s no way of really knowing this. We’d say that you probably have to make at least a couple of dozen dollars before withdrawing them to your PayPal. 

What else do I need to know about the commissions?

While researching this program, we found out that the recurring option is actually not available for the largest plan that this brand sells. So while you will get 30% out of the yearly Creator Pass purchases made through your ConvertKit affiliate links, this is not going to be a recurring rate. 

ConvertKit Affiliate Program Alternatives

If you feel like this program might not be the option for you, whether it’s because it’s too budget-friendly (and therefore, your 30% rate is going to be lower) or you think you do not have a large enough following to help you earn enough every month, here are some other options to consider. 


Sendinblue offers a $6 commission on all free trials that people get through your links, which is a pro from the beginning. All paid accounts will earn you $120, which seems to be one of the highest rates we’ve come across in this category. 

The cookie lasts for 3 months, which isn’t bad considering that lots of other programs have 30-day tracking cookies. Also, this one is managed by Tapfiliate, so you’ll have to create an account there to get everything up and running. 

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We recently did an in-depth review of this earning opportunity, so if you have some time on your hands, we strongly suggest that you give it a read. The cookie of the ActiveCampaign program lasts for 90 days, which is more than decent. 

It is self-managed, though, which means that you will have to join on the company’s own website and then start earning 30% out of every sale made through your affiliate links. 


The GetResponse program is one of the best alternatives to ConvertKit and the reason we’re saying that is you can actually choose the way you earn. 

You can either pick the 33% rate (which automatically is higher than the one offered by the previously noted ConvertKit) out of every purchase or you can choose to get a flat rate at $100 per each sale that you refer. 

Another aspect worth adding here is that the tracking cookie lasts for 120 days, so it’s significantly longer than that of other programs. 

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This one works through PartnerStack, a platform that’s specifically designed for companies who want to customize their affiliate programs and manage everything in a single place. 

With Moosend, you can get variable earnings depending on your performance. The basic level, for example, gives you the same rate as ConvertKit, meaning 30%. But when you refer more than 5 people and they get paid accounts, your rate becomes 33%. The tiered commissions can go up to 40% tops.


This is one of the oldest email marketing services out there since the company has now existed for more than a decade. The affiliate program is very similar to what ConverKit can offer, though, in the sense that you’ll be paid a 30% rate for every purchase made through your affiliate links. 

The cookie lasts for just one month, though, which is not great when comparing it to other programs in the same niche. 

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Constant Contact

This one is a little unique in that it pays affiliates even for users who simply get the free trial. Even though it’s not a fortune, at least you’ll be getting something out of it even if they do not get a subscription — $5. 

When a user upgrades to one of the paid Constant Contact plans, though, your commission is going to be a fixed one, meaning $105. What truly makes the Constant Contact affiliate program stand out from the crowd is the 120-day cookie duration. 

Even better, this program isn’t self-managed, so you are free to join it on CJ Affiliate or Impact Radius, two networks that seasoned affiliates tend to use a lot. 

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Although it might not be as well-known as some of the other email marketing programs we might have mentioned in this post, BigMailer is truly worth looking into. 

This cloud-based solution can assist marketers achieve a lot of their daily tasks with as little hassle as possible. As for what you can expect to earn, they have a 30% commission on all purchases made through your affiliate links. 

The cookie duration is slightly better than what we’ve seen with other programs, meaning that it lasts 60 days instead of 30. The brand pays its affiliates only through PayPal, so do consider that. 

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