Content King Review

In the digital marketing space, every SEO needs the right tools to research things like keywords and competitors. On top of this, you need to make sure that your website is always up to the standards that search engines set. If you’re familiar with digital marketing then you understand just how much ongoing maintenance is required to keep your website performing at its best.

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Now if you have one small website with a couple of pages, you could probably keep track of any changes yourself manually. However, if you have multiple websites, some with hundreds of pages then you could end up spending all of your working hours sifting through your pages when you find the website isn’t ranking on Google or existing rankings begin to slip. This is where Content King comes in.

Content King is a new tool that offers real time SEO auditing 24/7 that is an entirely web-based app requiring no kind of installation.

This is an extremely in-depth tool that provides you with lots of insights for all of your pages giving you all the information you need to know about your website’s performance. Some interesting use cases include:

Change Tracking: you’re working together with a team of people on your website. There’s lots of content and technical changes being made, but who’s keeping track what changed when? If something goes wrong you want to be able to retrace your steps, fix the problem and fix the process so it doesn’t happen again. They keep track of all the changes on your website, offering you a change log of your site. No other tool offers this.

Real-time auditing: You often see meta robots noindex tags being moved over from a staging environment to the product environment. All of a sudden the organic traffic starts to tank and people realize way too late what happened. They catch these changes as they’re made, and will alert you about it.

Working together efficiently: often teams have to work together remotely, so having a central place with on-page SEO ToDos is very useful for content specialists, developers, SEOs and (digital) marketing managers. ContentKing supports an unlimited amount of team members and enables you to easily share tasks and issues.

Migrations: When doing migrations it’s important to check the progress every step of the way. Because ContentKing does real-time auditing, which they do that on the fly. As you push the button we’re still crawling. What no other tool does, but they do is the following: show you exactly what pages they know before, and if they started redirecting. Not sure if all of your pages were migrated, and if they were migrated was it done correctly? ContenKing provides 100% insight into that.


Content King has a great pricing scheme that allows you to pay only for what you need. Content King Pricing

You can increase the number of WordPress pages your website contains using the slider provided and there is also a button to add multiple sites. On the right-hand side, it will then calculate the total monthly cost for your requirements. You can also save yourself a bit of money if you’re prepared to pay larger sums upfront. Paying quarterly will save you 15% and annually saves 25%.

On top of all this, you get a 14-day free trial for Content King that doesn’t require any card details giving you the freedom to try the tool before spending any money.

If you are a large company, there is also agency packages available that offer more support along with the option for training sessions on how to use the tool.

ContentKing Overview

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be given a log into to the app which takes you to the dashboard. From here you can see a set of two main stats called website health and pages. Any changes that occur on your site will factor into these two scores.

Content King Overview

Below this is an overview of the current issues raised on your site also.

Content King Current Issues



You will want to keep an eye on what direction the graph is heading in. What you want to see is your website health on a rise or at a steady flow, If you begin to see a decline over a few days then you’ll know that something has gone wrong. What Content King will do is track the stats performance over a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The pages indicator lets you know how many pages are present on the website.


This section contains all of the pages within your site, giving you a few statistics to view for each. You can very easily filter through your pages here. Clicking on any of these pages will let you see where you can make changes to improve its score.

Content King Pages

Change Tracking

One major feature that Content King provides is the ability to see the specific time period that changes have been made. Take my website for example, I just recently migrated my website over to HTTPS and Content King used its real time auditing to display this instantly along with the date that the change occurred.

Content King Change Tracking



This is an extremely powerful feature that you won’t find in any other SEO tool out there.

You can filter these stats to help you see the pages that are relevant to you. Clicking on any of these pages will let you see where you can make changes to improve its score.

Content King Filtering

So as you can see the stats are split into four different categories.

  • Content
  • Social
  • Indexability
  • Relations

Then on the right-hand side are a list of issues that Content King has with your web page. What you’ll see is the issue, suggested fix, and the health score amount that it’s worth.

Clicking on any of these issues will give you a bit of information on why you should make the change, and in some cases will even give you the exact solution.


There is a separate section that gives you an overall view of all of the issues on your site.

Content King Issues

Some of the most common issues to arise are:

Meta Information

In my case, 5% of my pages have issues relating to my meta information. Clicking on this expands on the issue like the picture above, telling you exactly what the problem is. I can then expand on this even further by clicking on the little pages icon for each issue.

Content King Meta Information

I’ve clicked on the 1% of pages that have a missing meta description and the result above has popped up. My page “SEO Glasgow” is missing a meta description. Once you make the necessary change to your site, ContentKing will pick up on it and update your health score rating.


This will appear if your site doesn’t have any kind of analytics service installed on the website.

Content King Analytics

Analytics won’t have any direct impact on your SEO but it’s worthwhile setting up as you can see lots of different stats relating to your site’s traffic.


Content King links

One thing that people can often ignore when it comes to links is your internal linking structure. However, your internal links are extremely important in helping Google move around your site so any errors or redirects here can prevent this from happening. ContentKing can tell you where any of these unnecessary redirects are so you can go in a send it to the right direction.

This section also tells you about any canonical links that you are linking to so that you can change it to the intended target URL instead.

If you have any broken links then ContentKing will let you know in the links section. It’s not an ideal setting to be in, but it’s definitely better than the original setup.

Canonical Links

A canonical link allows you to let search engines know that another page exists either duplicate or very similar and that only one of them should be considered for ranking on the search engine. It can become quite a common problem that people make mistakes here which results in duplicate content issues.

Contetn King Canonical Links

ContentKing actually tracks any canonical tags on your site and tells you about any potential problems with them. This is a good weight off your shoulders if you have a massive website that sells products for example and has lots of similar content.

Other Features

There are so many other factors that ContentKing will analyse and flag up any issues including:

  • Content Headings – If any of your pages are missing their H1 tags then ContentKing will let you know.
  • Images – Images that are missing their title and alt attributes will show up here.
  • Social Cards – If any there is any errors relating to your social elements such as markups, then ContentKing alert you.
  • Sitemap – Your sitemap can sometimes contain duplicate pages etc. ContentKing will tell you about any problems regarding your sitemap.

Team Members

Another nice feature that ContentKing provides is the ability add multiple users to your account.

Content King Team Members

In the accounts section, there’s a “team members” tab, adding a member lets you add someone using their email address, which you can then set permissions for so they have access to only certain pieces of information and selected websites. You can then also add more websites to your account in this section as well as editing your profile etc.

Still Expanding

While there are quite a few features available on this tool, new features are continuously being added. There is a schedule set in place to expand the tool’s features, for example there will be integrations put in place with Google analytics and search console, so you can be sure that there are quite a few new elements that are going to be made available. Here are some of the features you can expect to see over the next few months include:


  • Support for hreflang, pagination and AMP


  • Alerts: first version that alerts you in case big changes are detected in your website, or if we spot big issues (think: title tag changed for homepage, or homepage starts 404’ing).
  • Segments: being able to save your filtered pages into segment. Using segments you can easily certain tests.
  • WordPress plugin that pings our service for (re)crawl after new pages were added or existing ones were adjusted.
  • E-mail reports with a summary of what happened last week
  • API: simple version which lets you ping our service for (re)crawling

After July:

  • API: more advanced version which lets you extract data.
  • Integrations with Google Search Console and Google Analytics


ContentKing is definitely something you should be adding to your marketing tools arsenal. It’s pricing tailored pricing systems means you will only pay for what you need making it a very unique piece of software. Real-time auditing and change tracking allows you to prevent so many potential SEO problems and with the new alert features right around the corner, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected ranking slips.

You can sign up here for Content King

If you need any help with your SEO campaign, feel free to reach out.