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Many of you will be using contact form 7 with your WordPress website. It’s a well-known plugin that millions of people have used to make a contact form on their website. In the past 4 weeks you will have updated WordPress and the plugin itself and find yourself with a configuration error message.

This is likely to cause problems and you are possibly not going to get emails from the contact form on your website. It’s a simple fix though there is nothing complicated just a few changes and it will work as it always has done for you. The update seems to knock the email off of your ” From ” field in your contact form and as a result you are likely to see an error like the below screenshot.

This message normally appears in the ” From ” field in your contact form :

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.38.43

Typically having the shortcode in that field previously worked but after the latest update everyone has had problems like the above and people seem to be finding that hard to resolve.

The problem here is the ” From ” field needs an email address put in there.

So in that field, you would want to have something like:” [your-email] <>

You can copy the above part in bold and put that into the relevant field on your website, make sure you change the domain name to an email address associated with your domain name and that will be all you need to do to resolve the problem you are currently have with your contact form 7 configuration problems.

If you get a message saying “This email address does not belong to the same domain as the site.” You have not changed the email address in the from field to one associated with your domain name.

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