23 Best Coffee Affiliate Programs

If your blog or website is in the food or beverage niche, then promoting coffee to your audience might be a good idea. For today’s article, we have prepared a list of some of the top-earning coffee affiliate programs out there. 

For each and every one of them, we will specify both the cookie durations and the commission rates that you can expect. We’ll also note if they can be joined through separate affiliate platforms or if you have to join them on the brands’ websites. 

Best coffee affiliate programs

When it comes to coffee affiliate marketing, we’d like to note that while some of the programs listed below pay impressive rates, sometimes even up to 80%, the sky’s the limit as to what products you can recommend to your readers. 

Do not limit yourself just to coffee — check whether there’s no way for you to promote more expensive products such as coffee machines, even professional ones. Since their value is higher, your commissions are likely to be the same. 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

As one of the oldest companies that we will showcase in today’s article, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has a pretty attractive affiliate program, too. The company sells anything from pods to gift cards, and there’s a fair share of tea-related products available on the website, too. 

As for the program, it is now managed by Pepperjam. The downside is that the cookie length is just 15 days, so it could be significantly better. At least the commission rate is a fixed 10% on all orders. 

Koa Coffee affiliate program

This Kona coffee affiliate program is managed by ShareASale, and the network gives you the opportunity to make anything between 10% and 20% on the orders placed by your audience. The 45-day cookie definitely sweetens up the deal. 


This company works with ShareASale to bring you its affiliate program. As for the products you can recommend to your readers, Gourmesso sells a wide range of capsules and coffee pods, but there are other choices available in the way of accessories, too. 

As an affiliate, you can make 20% out of the value of first-time orders and 10% out of the value of the orders placed by returning customers. The cookie lasts for 45 days, another aspect worth writing home about.  

Eat Your Coffee

The idea of eating coffee instead of drinking it might not appeal to a lot of people, but that’s the biggest selling point of this company. The brand sells a wide range of bars and snacks that you can easily suggest to your audience. 

On the downside, the program is self-managed, so you are not going to find it on any platform website. However, the commission rate you can expect is $20 per order, which is not bad at all given the rates that some of the brand’s competitors are now able to offer. The cookie lasts for three whole months, which is also great. 


While the rate offered by this brand is definitely not going to sweep you off your feet (just 3%), at least you get to benefit from a tracking cookie that lasts for as many as 90 days. 

Also, the program is now being managed by ShareASale, so at least there’s that. The platform makes it super easy for you to look at all of the stats you need to up your coffee affiliate marketing game. 


You can find the Lifeboost coffee affiliate program on two networks — ShareASale, where the commission rate is 5% on all orders and the cookie lasts for 30 days, and EverFlow, where you can earn anything between $10 and $30 depending on the value of the orders placed by your referrals. 

We’d say that this one is definitely part of the category of gourmet coffee affiliate programs out there since the company prides itself on testing all the blends for mycotoxins and any other contaminants. 

The coffee is also not as acidic as other products out on the market and comes from sustainable farming. 

Trade Coffee Affiliate Program

If you have been using Impact Radius for your affiliate marketing and have been searching for a brand that works with this particular network, look no further. Trade Coffee makes it possible for you to join and manage it through both Impact and Sovrn Commerce. 

As for how much you can make with this option, the rate starts at 6% on both of the platforms. On Impact, you also know the cookie length you can expect, meaning 30 days, but Sovrn isn’t as straightforward. 

Trade Coffee is a pretty popular brand in the United States, especially since they frequently offer discounts and free delivery. 

Volcanica Coffee

ShareASale is the network that manages this affiliate program, and since lots of marketers already use the platform, you’ll probably have fewer headaches if you want to become a Volcanica Coffee affiliate. 

The range of blends available on the company’s website is truly impressive since people can purchase anything from organic options to coffee roasted in America, the Caribbean, or other locations. 

As an affiliate, you can make anything from 10% to 15% out of the value of qualifying orders with a cookie length of 30 days. 


This coffee machine affiliate program is definitely worth looking into if not only for the fact that the brand has been operating in the industry since before the end of WWII. 

The minimum commission for every qualifying order that you can expect with this one is 6%. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any info as to how long the cookie lasts — nor could we find out whether it’s only self-managed or also works through other affiliate platforms. 


This Italian coffee brand has been around for many decades, and it is perhaps one of the best-known not just in this country but also across the globe. 

The company’s affiliate program seems to be self-managed, but you might be interested in joining it, given the 11.5% commission rate and the 45-day cookie length. 


Any coffee lover has probably heard of Illy at least once in their life. The brand is ever-present in coffee shops, restaurants, and other establishments, but you can also purchase the coffee separately.

The Illy affiliate program is now being managed by ShareASale, one of the largest networks in the world. You can make up to 6% out of all the sales, and while that might not seem like a lot, we’d like to note that the average order on the Illy site is at least $100. 


There’s not too much to say about this one other than the fact that one of the company’s co-founders is Shaquille O’Neal himself. The brand is quite popular in the United States, where it sells its signature product, strong and delicious coffee shots. 

As for the affiliate program, you can expect commissions going up to 20%, depending on the value of your referred orders. The cookie lasts for the standard 30 days that you can expect with other programs we’ve described here. 


If you feel that your audience would resonate with a product containing not just coffee but also hemp, then Subduction might be the right way to go. The company sells a broad variety of signature blends and other products. 

From what we were able to tell, the program is self-managed, so you are not going to find it on any network as of right now. At least you get to benefit from a 10% commission along with a 30-day cookie length, making it a pretty good average option for most marketers. 

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Spirit Animal Coffee

Being a coffee affiliate is a pleasure when taking into account the fact that this company offers one of the best commission rates we have come across — ranging from 20% to 27%, depending on the value of the order. 

Another aspect worth writing home about is that you get a cookie duration of 60 days, and you can be paid through a wide range of methods, from cheque and direct deposit to Payoneer. 

On the downside, this one seems to be managed by the brand itself, so you will have to go through the trouble of checking your stats on the company website on a regular basis. 

Green Coffee

The Green Coffee affiliate program is quite unique as the brand doesn’t exactly sell the beverage or the blends themselves but rather supplements aimed at people who want to lose some pounds or at least maintain a healthy weight. 

Although it is certainly worth adding to our list thanks to the 25%-45% commission that you can expect on every qualifying order, we really couldn’t find any information as to whether this one works through a separate network. To make things worse, the cookie length remains a mystery with this one. 

Clumsy Goat

In terms of coffee affiliate marketing, this one’s quite similar to Atlas Coffee Club, which we will describe in one of the sections below. 

It’s a subscription-based service, but what truly makes it stand out from the crowd is that they pay you a commission not just for first-time orders but for the entire duration of a person’s plan. 

The program is now available through Refersion and offers a 12% rate on all orders, along with a cookie duration of 30 days. 

Atlas Coffee Club

Here’s a program for any affiliate marketer that already uses Pepperjam and isn’t really interested in trying out another network. Atlas Coffee Club is available in the United States, so be aware of that when promoting it to a global audience. 

As its name suggests, it’s a subscription-based service where people get their coffee order every single month. The products differ from one order to the next, but they can be either customized by the buyers or curated by Atlas employers. 

As an affiliate, you can benefit from a 30-day cookie length and a commission of $10 on all orders. 


Interested in living a more eco-friendly life? If that’s the case and if that’s the value you want to promote to your audience, Tayst has you covered. The company sells compostable pods for Keurig coffee machines, and the best thing about them is that every little bit of the pods is compostable. 

As for the Tayst affiliate program, you will find it on three different networks — FlexOffers, ShareASale, as well as Skimlinks. The rate can vary depending on each platform. For example, ShareASale makes it possible for you to earn 10% out of the value of every order while the rate is lower on FlexOffers (8%). 

By contrast, Skimlinks pays you a minimum of $12 per sale. The cookie lasts for 30 days on both ShareASale and FlexOffers, but we couldn’t find any info about what you can get on Skimlinks. 

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Wandering Bear

If you’ve been searching for a few pretty decent organic coffee affiliate programs, this one should be jotted down on your list. Wandering Bear sells cold brew coffee, which is both organically and sustainably sourced and quite strong and flavorful, too. 

Something that definitely makes this one stand out from the crowd is the variety of networks it can be managed through. It’s available on Sovrn, Skimlinks, as well as CJ Affiliate, one of the oldest and largest platforms for affiliate marketing. 

The issue is that all of these networks have different commissions and cookie durations. Usually, the tracking cookie you can expect is 30 days, while the rate varies from 1% for returning customers to $2 for new customers. So, while it is not the highest-earning program showcased here, it might be a good choice for diversifying your income streams. 

Javy Coffee affiliate program

From what we were able to determine about this program, it is self-managed, so you are not going to find it on any network as of right now. Creating an account on the brand’s own website is easy, though, and you aren’t likely to run into any issues. 

As an affiliate, you can make anything from 15% of the value of every qualifying order, but the rate can be increased depending on the number of orders you manage to refer over a period of one week. 

The cookie lasts for just 14 days, which means that it could be significantly better. Even so, it’s much better when compared to that of other programs, especially that of Amazon Associates. Plus, if you manage to make 500 sales over a period of two months, you can receive a bonus of $1,000 — not bad, right?

Bones Coffee 

This Florida-based company sells a wide range of products in the coffee niche, whether the blends themselves or something different such as bundles and gift cards. There’s also a fair share of accessories for any coffee aficionado available on the site. 

The coffee affiliate program is managed by Refersion, a network that we will review in the following days. The platform gives you all sorts of marketing tools, from banners and links to statistics that can help you increase your performance. 

As an affiliate, you can make 10% out of every qualifying order with a tracking cookie lasting for 30 days. 

Kimera Coffee

This one works through Refersion and ShareASale, which means that you have the option to pick your preferred network out of the two. The commission rate you can expect with this program is a flat 10% on all orders on ShareASale, but the one you’ll find on Refersion is better (at 20%). 

On the other hand, the cookie length is 3 whole months on ShareASale, whereas, on Refersion, it is just 60 days. 

The nice thing about this company is that it doesn’t only sell coffee, but also creamers and a variety of higher-priced items, too, such as glasses and cups. 

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Amazon Associates 

We left this one toward the end because there’s really not much to say about it. Amazon Associates isn’t what it used to be, and that’s because besides the 24-hour cookie length, it has some of the lowest commission rates out there. 

The only good thing would be the fact that you can also be paid for other products that people opt for, not just for the coffee that you recommend to your audience. So, even if someone decides to order their monthly detergent supply after they click on your affiliate link, you’ll still be paid a commission for that. 

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