ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the variety of affiliate programs currently available. Some have decent commissions, allowing you to make consistent passive income. Others, such as Amazon Associates, have been slowly declining over the past years due to the low commission rates they have in place. 

In today’s article, we’re looking at everything you should know about the ClickFunnels affiliate program, from the earnings you can expect to the way the brand pays its affiliates, how easy it is to sign up, and more. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Review 

What is ClickFunnels anyway?

ClickFunnels can be defined as a digital marketing platform that’s mainly geared toward website owners looking to convert their audience in some way or the other. 

Whether they want their audience to become customers and make a purchase or just have their readers join an email list, this platform can do everything in this sense. 

ClickFunnels has been around ever since 2014, so the company has quite a bit of experience when it comes to improving users’ performance and business. The best thing about their product is that it functions on a drag & drop model, which takes the hassle out of creating a sales funnel. 

What we do have to note is that if you have no previous experience when it comes to creating a sales funnel and you’re writing for an audience that also doesn’t know what one is, you might have a bit of trouble recommending the core ClickFunnels products. 

Why should you consider becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate?

While we do have an entire section on the pros and cons of the ClickFunnels affiliate program below, we’d like to make some short notes on why it might be worth for you to look into it off the bat.

First of all, the product is one of the best that people can invest in right now. It’s extremely user-friendly, convenient, and also costs less compared to some of its competitors. Some other sales funnel builders that are worth adding here are Leadpages and Builderall, but they are less popular than ClickFunnels for a good reason — the latter is usually better in most ways. 

Two other reasons to consider becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate would have to be the cookie duration and the commission you can earn. Back in the day, even new affiliates would be able to make 40% of all orders, but now the company has put together a tiered system where 40% rates are offered to the best-performing affiliates, instead. 

Even so, some of the lowest commission rates that we have come across while researching the program sit at 20% — which definitely isn’t bad compared to the myriad of other affiliate programs out there. 

As for the cookie, it basically lasts for a whole lifetime. This enables you to generate recurring commissions every month, along with new ones based on all of the other purchases that your referrals make. The company calls it a ‘sticky cookie’. 

What can you promote?

The answer to this question is that you have a pretty generous share of products and services that you can recommend to your blog or site users if you want to be a ClickFunnels affiliate. 

The one that will first cross your mind is obviously going to be the membership, which effectively allows people to use the custom sales funnel builder for various goals. 

But besides their main product, you also have the option to promote two others — the books sold by ClickFunnels and the challenges that they organize on a regular basis. 

You can effectively make the same commissions from these products, too. Something that we found interesting about the program is that if you also join their One Funnel Away Challenge, you’ll quickly learn how you can market the ClickFunnels product better so that you generate more income. 

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ClickFunnels affiliate sign-up

Here’s some of the most important information that you should know on how to become a ClickFunnels affiliate. 

If you already use ClickFunnels as a part of your marketing plan, then you’re mostly good to go. You will still have to apply to the affiliate program itself, but your application is probably going to be reviewed in a more timely manner. 

If you have never tried ClickFunnels before, you will simply have to fill out all the information requested by the platform in the form that can be found on the official affiliate page. Usually, new affiliates will get a reply from the ClickFunnels team in a matter of a couple of days up to one week. 

You might be asked for additional info such as your own site and how you intend on promoting the products, whether the books, challenges, or subscriptions. This is to be expected with pretty much any other affiliate program, so you should not feel wary about disclosing this kind of data. 

It’s also worth noting that ClickFunnels is in no way responsible for your taxes, which means that you will have to manage those on your own. Whether you live in the United States or not, you will be paid in US dollars. 

How to use ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing

In this section of our ClickFunnels review, we are looking at several ways of promoting ClickFunnels products in an effective and convenient manner. 

If you already own a blog about digital marketing, in general, recommending these services is going to be a breeze. You could create actual reviews or sales funnels on the site that you can then showcase to your audience, so that they see what the ClickFunnels product is all about. 

You can also recommend it to your email list, whether by simply mentioning it here and there or showcasing some of its features. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to own and manage a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from creating a video review complete with detailed voice-over. 

What we would also like to add here is that front-end products typically generate better commissions, and these are considered all of the books sold by the company, any of the software, as well as the available training programs and challenges. So, as a new affiliate, it might make more sense for you to focus on those rather than strictly recommend the sales funnels builder. 

ClickFunnels affiliate commission

How much is ClickFunnels anyway, so that you can get a picture of the money you can make? 

So, we already mentioned that new affiliates are paid a 20% commission on regular subscription plans, but what does that mean for you? Well, the regular ClickFunnels cost for their most basic subscription is $97 a month. That means a commission of around $19 for you. 

The Platinum subscription is now priced at $297 a month, which means a commission of $59.4 for you. Do keep in mind that these rates are what you are going to keep receiving for the remainder of that user’s monthly subscription, which is a net bonus. 

What we have already gone through is called the ‘tier 1’ and it involves the earnings that complete newbies can generate through a ClickFunnels affiliate link. 

Once you have made at least $1,000 through this affiliate program, you automatically enter ‘tier 2’. Your commission rate will be increased to 30%. There’s not much else to add here other than the fact that the regular monthly plan can make you around $29 per month while the platinum one that we have already mentioned will generate a commission of around $89 every single month. 

Tier 3 consists of affiliates that have not only generated sales that have gone beyond the $1,000 threshold, but that actually have 40 referrals that are actively paying for their subscription on a monthly basis. Once you’re in this tier, your commission rate will become 40% out of every order (recurring). 

So, for every user that has the normal subscription, you’ll earn almost $39 per month while those that manage the Platinum plan will individually make you approximately $119/user/month. 

Another question you might have about the program is whether or not it costs any money whatsoever. Fortunately, it is completely free to join. What seems interesting is that even if you yourself have never used ClickFunnels before and you manage to do a great job recommending it to other people, you can still be an affiliate in your own right. 

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ClickFunnels affiliate payout

Now that we’ve covered everything you needed to know about the ClickFunnels affiliate signup, commissions, cookie length, and everything else, it’s time to look at how you will be getting your money. 

Net60 is a system that a lot of affiliate programs and platforms have in place so as to ensure that the sales are in good order by the time they have to pay you your commissions. 

You aren’t going to find that here — so that’s one less thing to worry about. However, ClickFunnels does have a waiting period of 45 days just to make sure that everyone’s happy with their purchase and that the customers have expressed no interest in getting their money back, for example. 

As for the actual payment methods currently in place, you have the ability to select between PayPal, cheques, ECH, or local transfers. For tax purposes, you might have to consider joining Tipalti as ClickFunnels is going to ask for tax information especially if you are based in the United States. 

This can be a bit of a hassle for some people and you also don’t have to first go on Tipalti and try to make the connection between the two services from there. ClickFunnels will provide you with a Tipalti link where you can set everything up conveniently and easily. 

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Pros and cons to Clickfunnels affiliate marketing

We’d say that one of the best things about this affiliate program would have to be the ‘sticky cookies’. They enable you to make recurring commissions for the duration of a person’s subscription — and let’s face it, serious marketing people will continue to use the sales funnel builder for a long, long time. 

The fact that there are quite a lot of products that you can recommend to your audience is another advantage, although we do have to note that most of the books are only going to make you about $1 in commissions (per title) just because they are very affordable. 

Once you become a ClickFunnels affiliate, you gain access to the community and the portal is extremely good at fixing things that might have gone wrong on your end or just assisting you in getting advice from better, more seasoned affiliates than you. 

Although the commission rates are lower now (they used to be 40% for new affiliates while now they’re 20%), there are people who literally make thousands of dollars just by promoting ClickFunnels every single month. You even get paid a 30% commission on the 14-day free trial, especially if you’ve convinced 40 people to get the basic subscription plan. 

As is the case with any other affiliate program that we have reviewed in the past, there are some cons, too. Not everything is rosy about ClickFunnels, and some affiliates have pointed out that they don’t like the reporting system (apparently it could be more detailed), the long waiting times they have to manage in-between payouts, as well as the high cancellation rates.

Also, there’s quite a bit of competition and there are a lot of marketers out there recommending ClickFunnels products — simply because the rest about the program is pretty good. 

You can be booted out of the program if you don’t stick to the rules, but we would like to note that they aren’t as strict as others we have come across. You simply have to be focused on authenticity and transparency, avoid spamming your audience either through newsletters or social media networks, and include clear policies about promoting ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels alternatives in affiliate marketing

Signing up to this program also doesn’t cost a single cent, as is the case with ClickFunnels. What makes the difference between the two is that Systeme pays its affiliates a commission of 40% (after tax). The cookie duration is pretty much the same, meaning that it lasts a lifetime. is also slightly cheaper compared to ClickFunnels, which is one reason why some of your users might be more willing to try it. 

Another aspect that we have to note is that the payout threshold with Systeme is just $30 whereas on ClickFunnels, you have to generate at least $100 in commissions before being paid. The payment delay is also just 30 days with the first option instead of the 45 days you might be accustomed to if you are a ClickFunnels affiliate. 

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This company makes quite a bit of products and has a lot of services that you can recommend. They’re pretty much in the same niche as ClickFunnels. 

The program offers a 20% recurring commission on all customers, and your earnings can vary depending on the exact Unbounce product your referrals choose. In most cases, about 10 subscriptions will generate you a side income of $300-$320 per month. 

The rest of the features seem pretty good, in that you’ll get a dedicated partner coach, a very user-friendly dashboard (better than that of ClickFunnels) where you can check all the stats you need, and plenty of training and learning resources. 


This affiliate program offers better commission rates off the bat since you’ll be able to make 30% out of the value of new subscriptions. That means that you can generate an earning of around $60 per user per month. 

The dashboard is also very easy to use and convenient, and it makes it a breeze for you to improve your performance. We’d also like to note that they have an affiliate approval process that only lasts for 48-50 hours, so you will get your answer fast. 

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