Best Christian Affiliate Programs

The sky’s the limit when it comes to picking a niche that you can easily blog about. If you find it easy to write about your religion (and you also happen to be a Christian), then opting for one of the Christian affiliate programs below might make sense for you. 

Just make sure that besides using affiliate links in your posts, you have a sound silo structure and that your on-page SEO is on top. Building links to your site might be more or less challenging if you are in this niche, but it can still be done. 

Best Christian Affiliate Programs

What can you promote as a Christian blogger? Well, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to answering this question is books. 

The Bible is the obvious answer, but since many devout Christians already own at least one, you might have a bit of trouble convincing your readership to try a different Bible. 

However, you can use your creativity to come across various other products, such as calendars (which might not have a huge value and might not make you huge commissions, but they might still be worth looking into) and even planners and other types of products. 

Another option would be educational Christian programs, particularly geared toward teaching children. If you did not know, educational affiliate programs offer better commissions and they’re also quite helpful for your audience. 

For most of the Christian books affiliate programs listed below, we’ll specify the commission rate and the cookie duration, so that you know what to expect. 


DaySpring is more than your regular Christian book affiliate program and that’s because the store offers a truly generous range of Christian-related products. For example, people can purchase jewelry, clothing, and even home decor — all made with a Christian touch. 

The products that they sell the most are greeting cards or occasion cards, which might not be so expensive and as such, might not make you a lot of money in commissions. Even so, the inventory consists of more than seven thousand different products, two thousand of which can be purchased online (cards that can be printed by the customers, for example). 

The commission rate is a fixed 13% one and the cookie lasts for 30 days, which clearly is worth writing home about. 


If you’d like to recommend to your blog readers something a little different from books and other educational materials, Kerusso might be the right option for you. This website sells a variety of products ranging from toys to jewelry, but what they most specialize in is Christian clothing. 

What’s interesting about the Kerusso affiliate program is that it’s among the few that we have found that can be managed through an affiliate network — AvantLink or FlexOffers. 

So, if you have several different niche sites and you already use one of these two networks, you will be able to easily look at your stats and utilize the promotional tools available there. 

The cookie duration is less impressive compared to that of other Christian affiliate programs listed here, though, since it lasts for just 15 days. However, most orders are placed within the first couple of days anyway, so you don’t have to worry about it too much. 

As for the commission, it ranges from 10% to 20% depending on the category of products people opt for. 

Ignatius Press

This website has been around for more than twenty years now and during that time, the brand has built an excellent reputation for the Catholic products they offer. They sell music, books, and even art, so there’ll be a fair share of things that you will be able to recommend to your blog readers. 

While most of the products they sell are quite affordable, the commission is 10% on all orders, which isn’t too bad. The cookie lasts for one month and a half, which is slightly better compared to that of others. 

It’s also worth noting that you can join this program through Commission Junction, so that’s another advantage worth keeping in mind. 


Raising kids in the Christian faith is not always easy, and their education might have to begin as early as possible. This website is a little different than what you might be used to in that it heavily relies on female characters from the Bible.

Most of the products you will find here are geared at teaching kids aged 4-10 about the Bible. 

When it comes to the BibleBells affiliate program, you’ll be happy to know that the cookie lasts for three whole months and that the commission is a fixed 15% on all orders. 

You can also join it through ShareASale, a network that’s commonly utilized by many affiliates, and that will give you access to a wide range of promotional materials. 

The Jerusalem Gift Shop

You probably know how important Jerusalem can be to Christians and Jewish individuals across the world. For those that might never get the chance to visit the actual place, there’s always the option of getting something delivered from there. 

The Jerusalem Gift Shop specializes exactly in the types of products you might expect — faith-based products from the Holy Land. Similarly to the BibleBells affiliate program that we have previously described, this one uses ShareASale. 

The commission is 10% on all orders and the cookie lasts for half a month ( with the second detail being a con for some affiliates). Nevertheless, the store has a huge inventory, which consists of more than three thousand types of gifts, so at least you’ll have lots of things to recommend to your audience. 

Nest Learning

For any type of educational product aimed at teaching Christians to be better in their faith, there’s this massive store. The shop has a truly impressive range of educational supplies, and they range from books and Bibles to music, games, cards and gifts, and even school supplies. 

The commissions range from 11% to 15% depending on the type of products people purchase, but the cookie does last for a whole month, so at least there’s that. 

Also, joining this Christian affiliate program can be done through ShareASale, so if you already use this network, this might be a significant advantage for you. 


Did you know that there’s actually a website where people can watch Christian movies and that more or less resembles Netflix? In fact, there are a lot of similarities between the previously mentioned streaming service and PureFlix. 

For one, the movies can be watched from a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

There’s also a fair share of other video materials here besides movies, in particular, and they range from documentaries to Christian cartoons. 

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The affiliate program is a little complicated, though, which means that you get paid different commissions depending on the types of subscriptions people opt for. To give you an example, you’ll be paid $15 for annual subscriptions, but if they opt for a monthly one, you’ll get just $8 in commissions. 

However, even the free plan gets you something, meaning $2, which still isn’t bad. The cookie lasts for one month and a half, so at least your blog audience will have enough time at its disposal to opt for a plan if they want to. 


This website has been around for more than two decades now and during that time, it has become quite popular with Christians. The store offers a wide variety of products, but here you’ll find mostly Christian books. 

As for their affiliate program, it is clearly worth looking into. The commission is a fixed 10%, and the average order placed on the website is $100, so you’ll get at least $10 for each referral. 

On top of everything, the cookie duration is one of the best we have found in this category. People have up to 60 days to make up their mind about whether they want to order something or not. 

American Bible Society

Did you know that more than 70% of Americans identify as being Christians? That means that the U.S. is a geographic area that can be used to your advantage. 

Similarly to some of the other affiliate programs that we have showcased in this article, the one managed by the American Bible Society can be joined through ShareASale. 

On all orders, the commission is a fixed 10% one and the cookie lasts for 60 days, so we’d say that this one is undoubtedly worth considering if you’re looking for a new Christian affiliate program. 

Trinity Road Websites 

This is one of the best-known retailers for Catholic faith products. The inventory consists of everything you might think of, from rosaries and books to jewelry, gifts, and even church supplies. 

The Catholic Company, their largest shop in the network, has an affiliate program that can be joined through Commission Junction. The commission is 8% on all orders, regardless of the products your blog audience purchases, and the cookie lasts for 45 days — clearly a pro.

As its name suggests, this shop sells a variety of Bibles, but where it stands out from the crowd is that it has materials available in over eighty different languages. This means that you can recommend them to a truly wide audience and based in different countries. 

While we couldn’t find any specific information regarding the duration of the cookie, we will say that the commission rate is 10% on all orders. You can also use ShareASale to join the program, which makes things a lot easier for promotional purposes and for looking at your stats and earnings. 

Big Church

Although this one might seem a little unconventional, especially since it is most definitely not a Christian books affiliate program, it might still be right up your alley. 

Sometimes, finding the right partner for a Christian can be challenging, especially if they live in a city and might not already belong to a church community. Think of Big Church as the perfect dating site for Christians as it effectively helps these people discover other individuals who have the same beliefs as themselves. 

As for their affiliate program, since this is a membership website, you actually have two options. You can either pick the 60% value of the membership or opt for the fixed $100 commission. 

We couldn’t find any specific information on the cookie duration. It’s also worth noting that you definitely need a website in order to become a Big Church affiliate, so you can’t merely use your social media (even if you’re an influencer with a huge following). 

Amazon Associates

Even though Amazon hit their affiliates with a slash of their commissions back in the spring of 2021 and even though recommending books from Amazon to your readership is not going to make you a lot of money, you might still earn a bit. 

The reason we still decided to showcase Amazon Associates here is that the brand is obviously known across the world. Besides that, if someone does click on one of your affiliate links and instead of getting the book or Christian material you have recommended, they buy some detergent, you’ll still get a commission for that product. 

The downside is that the value of the commissions is quite low depending on the products. Also, the cookie lasts for 24 hours, so you will really have to understand if joining the program actually makes sense for you. 

Since it’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket, we’d say that it’s still worth considering, even with all the cons that it has. 

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Final thoughts

The good thing about all of the programs that we have mentioned is that you do not necessarily have to build an entire niche site to be able to recommend these products. 

Mommy blogs, home decor blogs, and any other types of websites and blogs can use these affiliate programs to their advantage and can recommend Christian educational materials and even physical products to anyone, including parents. 

Sometimes, choosing the best-known site (even though it might offer a lower commission) might be better for you as some of these stores have been in business for decades, during which they have built an excellent reputation among Christians. 

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