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Buying Guest Posts on relevant websites is the best way to get hyper relevant backlinks going to your website. There are many people selling guest posts on sites and they are no doubt all good websites. However, what’s really important is to get fresh websites so that we can provide you with links that your competitors don’t have.

My team of staff use Pitchbox on a regular ongoing basis to source new links. They create custom campaigns so that we can bring spam-free guest posts to the table for you.

Below is a couple of the packages we have available.

How the process works

You simply place your order on our website; you can order as many links as you would like. You pick the metrics of the links you want to buy. Following that, you will be asked to enter some link data and pick anchors and URL’s that you want to link to. We tend to use DR and ensure the sites are spam free, index checked and the sites also get traffic.

Guest posts with any provider take 3-4 weeks to be placed. This is because of the process involved and the time it sometimes takes for people to reply and action anything. We do have a support ticket system though if you do have any questions relating to your order, but if not we will crack on and get the best Guest Post opportunities we can for you.

Reporting on Guest Posts

After your order has been placed you can sit back and relax; we will do the rest for you. When all the links are placed you will get a nice report showing you where your links are and you can add them to any tracking software or keep track manually.


Where are the links placed?

This really depends on the blog or website we are dealing with. At times we can get a link placement on an old relevant article that is already indexed on Google. Sometimes we may have to provide them with an article (this is included in your price and we will manage that on your behalf).

What makes these Guest Posts better than the others?

I’m sure other suppliers offer good guest posts. However, with regular outreach and contacts all over the world made from years of being in the industry and years networking and speaking at conferences, the inventory I have available for guest posts is second to none.

I like to ensure that my own websites are getting links that my competitors don’t have. I’m also sure that they are trying the same thing. So, we all have different inventory and we will make sure inventory remains spam free and of good quality.

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Toxic backlinks

Relevance is the key as well as having websites that are not spammed to death with tons of outgoing links on them.

So, all sites that we get guest posts on go through the checks and processes that I personally follow to make sure I’m ticking all the right boxes and ensuring that the links move the needle.

Want to learn more about link building and other SEO techniques that can take your site or blog to another level? We have plans and courses for everyone. Get in touch today.


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