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Brand24 is a new Social Media Monitoring software that can help you monitor online social media mentions which will help you from a link building side of things, or you can simply use this to engage with people who mention your business online. The tool at present comes with a FREE 14-day trial which will allow you to check out how Brand24 works and give you time to try out all of the features before you have to sign up for one of the below packages. Here are some other things you should know about in this Brand24 Review.

Brand 24

What is Brand24?

So I use Brand24 to monitor social media mentions, this can be as simple as being able to engage and respond to people who mention or talk about my business or brand, but they may forget to tag me in the post, so it’s quite easy for that to go unnoticed. So it can simply keep my engagement on social media up to scratch.

From an SEO point of view, people may link to or mention an article, a talk I’ve done or linked to a video I’ve put out there, but again they might not link to tag me in the social media post and again its a missed opportunity for me. I may be able to reach out, get them to tag me, link to my article, talk or video and get a good quality relevant backlink in return.

You may also just want to keep a check on any negativity surrounding your business or brand, and again Brand24 can help you monitor that, as with success there is always someone looking to say something negative, so its wise to keep on top of this type of thing and manage it.

Brand24 Packages & Pricing

With any tool the price depends on the package you sign up for, the cheapest package at the moment is $49 dollars and will allow you up to 50k in mentions and allow you to choose 5 keywords that you can monitor, great package for individuals looking to monitor a single brand. Obviously, you won’t get away with this package if you are doing this for multiple clients.

The packages and pricing will increase the more keywords and mentions that you want to monitor, the most popular package is their premium package which allows you up to 400k in mentions and up to 10 keywords for $99 dollars.

And if this is a service you want to sell onto clients, then the Max package comes in at $399 which will allow you up to 25 keywords and up to 1 million mentions, this package does come with some excellent reporting features, a mobile app, slack integration and a lot of other bits and bobs that you might find useful.

Brand24 Features

There is a video below where I will go through all of the features and dashboard that brand24 provides, its a simple easy to use dashboard, the features depend on what package you are using, in the video below I am demonstrating what is available in the Max package which is the all singing all dancing package, but you may not need all of those functions and features, the basic package does email you and highlight mentions on a frequent basis.

You can go and sign up for a 14 day trial of Brand24 right here.

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