Botify Review

We wrote about crawlers and log analyzers before, so today we thought we would look at yet another tool in the same industry, Botify. We’ll see exactly what Botify is, what features it comes with, what problems it solves for website owners and SEO clients, as well as how much it costs. Read on to find out more!

Botify Review

What is Botify?

It is a little difficult to describe what Botify does off the bat, and the reason for that is that there are several different services offered in the Botify app and by the company itself, separately. 

The software helps site owners and SEOs understand what tweaks and modifications they need to make in order to render the media property as easily crawlable as possible by search engines, no matter which ones they are. 

There’s a bit of complexity in the sense that the tool crawls the site and discovers inconsistencies in terms of depths and internal linking, but it also converts and renders, as well as provides the rank and index of the website. 

There are some extra features that we will discuss in one of the sections below, but that’s basically what every potential user should expect to get. On the other hand, Botify SEO also offers professional services with the use of the software along with additional help. 

For example, the brand offers data services, technical services, as well as educational services that don’t limit themselves on the ways people can make the most of Botify – they also focus on teaching technical SEO to people who are interested in either taking their sites to a whole new level or just acquiring a new set of skills or knowledge. 

The only aspect that we’d like to note in this case is that there’s no way of knowing how much these services cost unless you book a consultation through the Botify app website. 

Botify Pricing

If you go on the Botify bot website and you try to find out exactly what it costs, you’ll have a pretty hard time telling what you have to pay for every plan that’s currently available. 

On that, there are three types of subscriptions that anyone can opt for – the Essential, the Pro, and the Enterprise. 

It goes without saying that there are different features and perks that each of these plans include, with the first one being designed for website owners and admins or people starting to learn SEO, the middle one being designed for SEO professionals or agencies working with clients and needing to improve those assets, and the last one being tailored for corporate clients. 

So, while you are not going to find out the price of any of these plans on the company’s own website, we did come across a few sums here and there. Apparently, the Essential plan is priced at $35 per user per month while the Pro costs $55 per user per month. 

Naturally, the Enterprise subscription doesn’t have the price in full view, and that’s because anyone interested in a package like this should get in touch with the Botify team and customize the features as per their needs. 

There’s also the option of you trying out a Demo that you also have to request through an online form. 

How to use Botify – Botify Features

As you might have noticed in other crawl and log analyzers that we have talked about in the past, including SEOlyzer (which we will talk about more in depth in the last portion of this article), there are a few features that make Botify worth considering. 

The technical SEO one is by far the most useful of all as it allows the web crawler to check if there are any technical issues on the website that you’re performing the analysis of. 

But on top of that, you can also use Botify to monitor and audit a website, such as looking at its SEO performance on the whole or detecting critical concerns and fixing those problems accordingly. 

Botify also assists users in improving their rankings and content, with features such as localization and keyword research, along with content insights and SERP rank tracking. The AI writing helper is a nice addition, and the rank tracking bonus helps, too, since it suggests changes based on the historical data for visibility, traffic, and more. 

In terms of how you’re going to see all of the data, there’s obviously the option of relying on custom reports or you could also look at it with graphs and other forms of visualization, including charts. These can come in handy especially if you have a report to present to your SEO client, for example. 

Botify Pros and Cons

As is the case with any types of SEO tools you might be tempted to invest in at one point or the other, there are both drawbacks and benefits that you need to consider. After all, this is your hard-earned cash you’re spending, so it pays off to jot everything down. 

There are quite a bit of pros when it comes to Botify, and the first one that we identified is the excellent usability. The tool itself is very easy to use to the point that not even people who aren’t that savvy when it comes to SEO or technical SEO, to be more precise, are fully capable of telling which features are which and what they do. 

There’s a batch analytics feature that makes things a lot easier, especially for individuals who need to analyze several different websites at the same time. Naturally, one gets the most amount of value with the Pro or Enterprise plans as both of them come with excellent customer support. 

Another functionality that we liked is the suggestions that the app presents to users so that their sites are easily crawlable across multiple devices and work on both desktop and mobile. 

There are a few cons, too, and for the sake of objectivity, we will discuss them also in this section. Some professionals might find it slightly expensive, but as you will see in the following section, there are apps that can do pretty much of the same thing, but that tend to cost a lot more. 

Yes, it’s not free and getting a demo only happens if you request it, so there’s no trial, but it’s still more affordable compared to other crawl and log analyzers. 

Another disadvantage would be how feature-rich it is. Yes, you read that right – for someone who has little to no experience using tools of this kind, all of the little features and functionalities might prove to be a little baffling, so the learning curve can be steep. 

Choosing the right filter can be another difficulty that some users need to face, but we’re pretty sure that with some time and effort invested in learning how to utilize Botify, almost anyone can understand all of the features. 

Botify Competitors 

There’s no shortage of these tools on the market today, so it makes sense to compare, look at the features, and also look at the price of several different options before deciding to get any paid subscription plan. Without further ado, here are some of the most popular Botify alternatives. 

Botify vs. SEOlyzer

We recently reviewed SEOlyzer and we have to say that based on what we found about it, it seems to be a little more feature-rich compared to Botify. Granted, it is also a little more expensive, with the most basic plan (called Lite) costing 39 euros, which sometimes can translate into up to $50. 

As for what you can do with SEOlyzer, it has multiple features, such as analyzing the indexability, internal pagerank, response time, HTTPS codes, title and meta, and orphan pages of a website, along with the sitemap, depths, and pretty much anything else you might want to know is on par and makes a website easily crawlable. 

We suggest you give it a shot if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that’s a bit more generous in terms of functionalities. 

DeepCrawl vs. Botify

These days, DeepCrawl goes by the name of Lumar. This is another tool that is largely concentrated on technical SEO and it comes with a plethora of features, too, whether that be for analysis, monitoring, or protecting SEO pages. 

The crawler itself is very generous and suggests a wide range of actions based on the data it pulls, such as issue management, technical SEO problem fixing, actionable insights, and a lot more. 

Like Botify, Lumar (or DeepCrawl) is also very enigmatic when it comes to the pricing of the tool, which is a little bit difficult to understand. Perhaps the more complex and expensive plans might call for a quote, but the most basic one should always have the pricing transparent. 

Before its name changed, DeepCrawl used to have a Starter plan priced for $89 per month, so by all accounts, it seems to be a little more expensive compared to Botify. 

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Screaming Frog

If you want a tool with the assistance of which you can analyze literally any page on the internet with truly actionable insights, Screaming Frog is the best option available right now. It’s a bit more complicated to use and you actually need to download it and install it on your computer, but in terms of performance and data, it takes the cake. 

The downside is that the pricing can be a little off-putting, especially for beginning SEO professionals, because a subscription starts at $149 per year. On the other hand, we would like to note that the tool can be quite clunky and might have a bit of a hard time analyzing very large websites – so it’s best for small to medium businesses, including basic ecommerce websites. 


You can do a lot of things with Ahrefs, including analyzing a website, but you’ll find that compared to specialized tools such as Botify or the ones that we’ve already mentioned, it can be a bit lacking in features. 

Of course, you can do a batch analysis of up to two hundred pages at the same time, but the report ends up being very complex and it doesn’t exactly tell you what depth is which page at and more. 


Still, Ahrefs is a very handy tool to use, but it’s more focused on features related to the initial development of a website rather than fixing its issues from the past. Pricing starts at $99 for the Lite plan and goes up to $999 per month for the Enterprise plan. With the most basic plan, you gain access to anything ranging from the SEO dashboard and Site Explorer to the Keywords Explorer and Rank Tracker. 

Still, for the sake of objectivity, we wouldn’t say that this one is a suitable alternative for Botify, Screaming Frog, or DeepCrawl. 

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You can take whatever we wrote when describing Ahrefs and apply it to SEMrush too, with the difference that the second is a lot more complex and provides users more features especially focused on content development. But once again, this one can be a poor substitute for a crawler or log analysis tool like the ones that we have already mentioned. 

On the upside, it is one of the more generous SEO tools we have ever worked with, so it’s perfect for affiliate websites or even brand sites that don’t have hundreds and hundreds of pages on them. 

Unfortunately, you may need a combination of all of these tools if you want to make the most of a website or just offer your clients the best experience on the whole – SEMrush plans start at $119.95 per month. 

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To find out more about Serpstat, we suggest you read our in-depth review here. If you don’t have the time, feel free to check out the video that we made about this tool keeping in mind that it’s been a few years since we looked at it:

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