Best WordPress Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting

Hosting has to be considered an important part of the foundation of anyone’s website, and given that many websites out there use WordPress as a platform, this question does come up often. But I will not be giving you a comparison of websites to choose from, as I have used the same hosting provider for the last 5 years and have had no problems at all, and I’m going to explain some of the reasons why. and why you might want to use this company for your WordPress website hosting.

Why WPX Hosting is the best for WordPress hosting really comes down to a number of experiences I’ve had personally. But other people have done comparisons and independent tests of WPX and the hosting service that they provide, and they always come out on top.

Matt Diggity recently posted a video confirming that WPX was his choice for the best WordPress hosting in his experience too.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is the provider that I’ll be talking about in this article, and I’ll only be speaking about them because when someone asks who is the best WordPress hosting provider in my personal opinion.

So why did i choose WPX hosting in the first place?

Matthew Woodward wrote an article about WPX Hosting based on his experience, and since Matt is a respected member of the community, I decided to check out WPX Hosting. I haven’t been disappointed in the years I’ve used them to host my websites.

But having done my research into a few web hosts I saw the about us page on WPX and noticed that the owner of the company Terry Kyle created WPX hosting as a result of the struggle to find WordPress-specific hosting that suited his requirements. Sure there are hosting providers out there but Terry was running into the same issues where cheap WordPress hosting was no use, as soon as you get traffic onto your website you are doomed. He was looking for a WordPress hosting plan that was reliable and had unlimited bandwidth.

Fastest WordPress Hosting

We all know speed is important when it comes to your website.

Kevin Ohashi did an independent speed test to try and find out who had the fastest WordPress hosting services out there and for the second year running WPX has come out on top of that competition. We all know that speed is important when it comes to your website, not only from a core web vitals perspective but because you want your users to get on there quickly and be able to see your products or services, so make sure that you do consider site speed than simply choosing WordPress based in pricing, which many people do. Personally, I’ve learned the hard way and have cheaped out on hosting in the past, and the speed alongside many other things was not up to scratch so had to find myself another WordPress hosting provider. No one likes that upheaval so pick wisely and take into consideration speed, and WPX has that in abundance.

Managed WordPress Hosting

One of the main reasons I jumped over to WPX was because it was a managed WordPress hosting service. Previously I was with a company that offered a good server spec, however, I was expected to have the skills to be able to run commands on the root server. Now that’s all good and well if you have the skills to do that, and the time to do so. But for me personally, I wanted someone who had a service where all of that was managed for me and a support team in place to help me should I run into any problems. WPX has that in place and has a live chat and ticketing system to help you if you need any help with your website. Many of you will already have an existing site but could be considering switching hosting companies. You do get your own control panel, once click WordPress installation, free SSL certificate, and all of the other usual things you would expect from your WordPress hosting provider, but WPX can also help you with free site migration.

CDN For WordPress

WPX also has its own CDN network which is completely free for all people on any of the WordPress hosting plans that they have available. I have used Cloudflare in the past for my CDN, but when I jumped over to WPX I decided to use their own custom-made CDN and cannot complain at all about the results.

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