Best SEO Affiliate Programs

If you run an SEO and marketing blog or website, you’re probably constantly looking for monetization opportunities. We all know that SEO affiliate programs aren’t that easy to find, so that’s why we decided to put together a list of some of the best ones. 

The SEO software affiliate programs that we have showcased below are easy to join and can make you some decent money, but we’ll go through each and every one’s pros and cons. 

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

1. BeRush by SEMRush

BeRush is one of the most popular affiliate programs for people who blog about SEO. Nowadays, you have to join it through ShareASale, but in the past, you could simply create an account and start making commissions. 

The most significant advantage of this program is its recurrent commission. You get a cookie life that lasts 10 years, which is unheard of with other networks or programs. The 40% recurring commission is also worth writing home about. 

For example, if someone chooses the Pro plan at just under $100 and you intermediate the sale, so long as that person remains a Pro user, you’ll get $40 a month. Furthermore, the payments are processed through Paypal, and the minimum threshold is just $50. 

Finally, the fact that the SEMRush tool is more than decent makes it easier for you to promote it. It has some incredible features, from keyword analytics and position tracking to domain-to-domain comparison and brand monitoring. 

2. SpyFu Affiliate Program

Similarly to the BeRush affiliate program, SpyFu offers recurring commissions. It has the same 40% commission rate, which is a clear pro, but there are some drawbacks that we’ll describe below.

First of all, while SpyFu is a perfectly functioning SEO tool, especially for competition analysis and keyword tracking, but the issue is that it’s far less known compared to other tools that do the same thing. So you’ll have a bit of a hard time convincing people to pay for the Pro plans.

On top of that, the plans are pretty cheap, with the most affordable one being priced at $39, which means that even if you are going to get a recurring 40% commission, it’s not going to be that high. The tracking cookie does last for one year, so at least there’s that.

The SpyFu affiliate program pays its affiliates through Paypal, so that’s one less thing to worry about. The minimum threshold is $100. Joining the program is free, and you can do it directly on the site. 

3. Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

Long Tail Pro is the next best thing as it offers 30% recurring commissions. The program is fairly easy to join, and it allows you to receive access to a variety of promotional tools. 

There isn’t that much to add with regard to this affiliate program, both because the cookie duration isn’t exactly known and because there are some strict rules when joining it. If you get a subscription on your own, for example, you aren’t going to receive a commission. 

We’d say that it is worth giving a try if you tend to address keyword research as a topic on your website or blog. Payments are processed through Paypal and based on the info that we have found, the threshold is $100. 

4. SERPStat Affiliate Program

SERPStat’s commissions are a bit different compared to those of the programs you might have gotten used to. There’s no flat commission, so the value gets higher and higher the more sales you intermediate. For instance, if you get 1-3 people to join the Pro Plan, you’ll get a 5% commission, but if you get 4-10 people to do the same, your commission will be 10%. 

The more payments you intermediate, the better your commission will get – the highest one is 30%. 

SERPStat is a full-featured tool, meaning you can perform a variety of things with it, from site audits and position tracking to backlink analysis, competitor research, and keyword research. Payments are processed through Paypal or WebMoney, and the threshold is $50. 

5. KWFinder Affiliate Program

You can join the KWFinder affiliate program through Mangools, the creators behind the tool. If you are already the owner of a Mangools account, you get access to a number of promotional tools and your referral link. 

The 30% commission and the promo materials are two reasons to check out this program. Payments are processed through Paypal, but the threshold is $150, which as you might have been able to tell, is the highest one out of all of the programs we’ve showcased here. 

Plus, the cookie lasts for just one month, which just isn’t enough for most affiliate marketers. 

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