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So I thought that I would do a basic PBN guide for those who commonly ask questions about PBN’s. There are people out there who claim that PBN’s don’t work and that link building is dead, they are so wrong, the fact is PBN’s are used all over the world by many people in some of the most competitive niches and is a very real subject.

There are people out there who do not agree with using PBN’s as part of their strategy and that’s fine it’s not a case of anyone forcing PBN’s onto people, but I do get fed up when people try and make out they don’t work or like they don’t exist.

There is a risk when using PBN’s, there is also a risk when you leave your house in the morning that you might get hit by a bus, struck by lightning or something like that, it doesn’t mean you don’t go out the door, you leave the house with your wits about you and be cautious and look after yourself.

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The same rules apply when using PBN’s use with caution, don’t get yourself caught but anything in moderation works in most cases, and there is PBN’s and then PBN’s there is a difference when they are used properly. So I have put together some questions and answers on PBNS below and hopefully these answer some of the basic questions that people tend to ask when they hear about PBN’s.

PBN Questions and Answers

All of the questions are answered in the video but for anyone who prefers to read text then the questions and answers are listed below.

So do PBN’s still work?

Yes PBN’s still work very well if used properly, you need to ensure you are building the PBN’s properly, or if you are using someone else’s PBN’s then ensure they are well maintained and provided the desired effect, there are a lot of bad PBN’s out there so do your research if buying PBN’s as there is only really a handful of people out there doing this properly.

What basics do you need to start a PBN?

  • Domain names
  • Multiple Hosting accounts
  • Website templates
  • Content

This is all you need to get a PBN started, you will want to ensure you use different email addresses to register domains, use different hosting companies unless you are using the likes of Easy Blog Networks or GoPBN.

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Ensure you have a good low-cost web designer or build your own if you have time and the skills and you will also need unique content for your PBN’s.

How to get content for PBN’s?

Getting content is really up to you, you want content to be unique, you can outsource this, you can pay someone local to do this or you can write the content yourself as long as its unique and adds value to your website then it won’t really matter. It is a tedious job and one that I would recommend you outsource if you have the budget available to do so.

Do you build links to your PBN’s?

Yes i personally treat PBN’s like real websites so yes i do build links to PBN’s and I’m sure many others do, it is important to keep your PBN active and working well for you and link building to any website is going to help with its power and domain metrics so you want to ensure the same goes with your PBN’s in my opinion. If you like taking a gamble then you can use riskier link building strategies for your PBN’s if you feel like seeing how far you can push the boundaries.

Where do you get good expired domain names?

Now, this is the million dollar question, there are many people selling expired domain names, you need to work out who has the best domain names in your country, market or niche. You can also look at auction websites and try and get domains before they expire.

If you sit around waiting for good quality expired domains to drop you will have a long wait though as there are people who will jump in ahead of you and take the good stuff.

So try and find a good drop catcher and see if they can get it for you. You also have tools like SpamZilla which are good for identifying expiring domains too.

How to manage/monitor your PBN’s?

Depends what you want to monitor, but is a great tool that allows you to manage and monitor PBN’s with 45+ tools it can also help you find expired domain names, it can help you with monitoring uptime, links, ranks and much more so I use this tool to manage a lot of the stuff that needs to be managed when running a PBN.

Should you sell links on your PBN’s?

I wouldn’t but many others do, its really down to you and what your business goals are, I personally like to keep my PBN’s close to my chest and not link out to every other website, I like to ensure that they work for me and anyone else that I do choose to work with.

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There are many others who do publically sell links on their PBN’s and do so very successfully so it can be done if you wish to use that business model.

Who builds my PBN’s

Personally, to retain 100% control I do them in-house, but CostaPBN is a good guy who does some really good PBN builds and well worth looking at. But there are also many freelancers who can build you a nice low-cost PBN.

Any other questions you can get in touch with me. I also have a full PBN tutorial here if you want to go into full detail on how to avoid footprints.



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