Best Arts and Crafts Affiliate Programs

If your blog or website is in the arts or crafts niche, you are probably looking for various ways of monetizing your content. Well, you’ve ended up in the perfect place, in that case. 

For today’s article, we have compiled a list of the top arts and crafts affiliate programs. As usual, we will note the commission rate and cookie length you can expect for each of the ones showcased below, as well as whether or not they can be managed through separate affiliate platforms. Read on to find out more!

Top Arts and Crafts Affiliate Programs


When it comes to affiliate marketing in the arts and crafts domain, Etsy is probably the biggest brand around right now. The company has an affiliate program that is now being managed by AWIN (a network that we have reviewed in depth in the past). 

While the commission rates can vary largely from one type of product to the next, the standard rate that you can expect with this one is 4%. The good thing is that the tracking cookie lasts for 30 days, which is pretty much something that can be seen in many other programs. 

Craft Daily

This is a fairly complex affiliate program for do-it-yourself and arts and crafts and the reason we’re saying that is while the website itself is in the education niche, it’s actually managed by a brand that also sells arts supplies. 

As a Craft Daily affiliate, you can expect a tracking cookie lasting for a month and a commission of up to 35% for qualifying orders. The educational materials that you can come across here are in various fields, whether that be crochet, knitting, or paper crafting. 

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Hobby Lobby

Nothing beats Hobby Lobby when it comes to its reputation as the retailer has been around for more than enough time and is quite well-known for offering excellent customer support. 

There are literally thousands of products to be found on the website, so the sky’s the limit as to what you can promote to your blog readers. The downside is that we couldn’t find out what the cookie length is, but the commission rate is a fixed 4% on all qualifying orders. 

Also, the Hobby Lobby affiliate program works through FlexOffers, a network that we have reviewed in the past. FlexOffers will make it easier for you to understand what converts and what doesn’t and will provide you with all the stats you need to improve your performance. 


This is a company that you might not expect to see showcased here, but the truth is that anyone that writes content for people interested in DIY or arts and crafts, in general, should look into promoting such businesses. 

CraftyBase is an inventory control and bookkeeping software for folks that want to sell their handmade items. The platform makes it extremely easy for people to calculate their earnings and what they have to pay on sites like Etsy or others where they would list their products. 

As for the affiliate program, it is pretty straightforward. It can help you earn up to 7.5% in commissions with a tracking cookie lasting for 30 days. This one is managed by Refersion. 

Minerva Crafts

This one speaks to affiliate marketers who want to promote products to their audience based in the United Kingdom. To date, Minerva Crafts is one of the top-performing websites in the niche, meaning there are thousands of people ordering from the brand every month. 

There are two ways to earn money with this program. You can benefit from a 7% commission on all crafting products, but there’s also the possibility of you making up to 20% on memberships. 

Furthermore, Minerva Crafts accepts affiliate marketers from any country, so there’s no limit there. As you might expect, the cookie lasts for 30 days. 


With a rate of 20% and a cookie length of 30 days, we’d say that the Sulky affiliate program is at least worth looking into. On top of everything, this one works through ShareASale, one of the largest and best-known affiliate networks in the world. 

Sulky is a retailer operating in the space of anything from crafting supplies for quilting, sewing, or embroidery, to actual tools and separate projects. Another aspect that we’d like to add about the brand is that it offers free shipping in the United States for orders of at least $60. 


The CreativiU affiliate program speaks to the needs of affiliates that find it acceptable to promote both physical products and educational materials to their readers. 

Even though we couldn’t find any information regarding the length of the cookie, we will note that this one is quite good when it comes to the commission rate. You can make as much as half of the value of any course purchased through your affiliate links. 

Also, the fact that people can try the courses for a month for the cost of just $1 definitely makes things easier for you. People are going to be less wary to try this one. 


We wrote a separate review of this program in the past and we recommend that you take the time and read it. Coursera is one of the largest education websites out there and it was founded by two Stanford professors. 

While the variety of arts and crafts educational materials that can be found here is much lower compared to other websites, it’s still worth adding to the list. 

The rates vary depending on the exact course people choose, but generally they’re anything between 10% to 45% (with the latter being available for actual certifications). The cookie lasts for a whole month. 


While the education niche is probably one of the most lucrative ones out there, Skillshare is not going to dazzle you with the earnings you can make through its affiliate program. Even so, it might be a good choice for diversifying your income streams. 

With this one, you can make $7 per order, and the worst thing is that this is not a recurring rate for whenever people renew their subscriptions. The cookie lasts for 30 days, though, so at least there’s that. Also, this one can be managed through either Impact or FlexOffers, depending on whichever of these two platforms you use already. 

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Fabricville is one of the oldest and best-known retailers in this niche, which means that the product should be a winner in terms of affiliate marketing for arts and crafts.

We do have to note that the retailer operates in Canada, although they probably ship to the U.S., too — but you’ll have to do a bit of investigating on your own in this sense. 

Unfortunately, the program isn’t really worth writing home about since the commission rate is just 1% on all sales and the cookie lasts for only a week. 

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If you’ve been searching for an affiliate program belonging to a brand that sells paper supplies for DIY and arts and crafts, this one should be right up your alley. Spellbinders sells anything from designs made with laser printers to embossed items. 

The affiliate program is self-managed, so you will not be able to join it through a separate network. However, they do offer a 15% rate with a cookie length of 30 days. 


Joggles is another massive website in the industry since the inventory literally contains thousands of supplies. They range from paints and stencils to needlework supplies, along with more than enough crafting tools. 

As for the affiliate program itself, from what we were able to find about it, it is not available to join through a separate network. Therefore, you will have to apply and be accepted into it on the brand’s own website. The 10% commission rate and 30-day cookie length make it relatively decent, especially when compared to some of the other programs here. 

Paper Mart

As its name suggests, this company is mostly aimed at people who want to work with paper, cardboard, or any other materials in this category. There are quite a bit of products in the Paper Mart inventory, and they range from mesh and jute to ribbons, tape, and a variety of other things that DIY-ers might use for their handmade products. 

While the cookie length is the industry standard, so it lasts for just 30 days, the nice thing about the program is that it also offers recurring commissions. 

For example, first-time customers will generate a 5% commission for you, but returning ones will earn you 3% out of their orders. 

Annie’s Hook and Needle Club

This brand is quite unique in that it’s actually a subscription-based box that is delivered every month to people who want to get creative and use their skills to manufacture handmade items. 

The box can contain a wide range of supplies in different categories, whether that be paper and cardboard or ribbons, yarn, or anything else. In our opinion, you should definitely check out this program because it offers a rate of 15% on every qualifying sale and it also comes with a 3-month commission rate. 

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Monotype stands out from the crowd because it’s not a traditional website where you can purchase ribbons, yarn, or anything else in this category. The brand actually creates unique fonts and sells them, which means that they speak more to the needs of people doing design for digital or physical products. 

As you can expect, the fonts don’t cost a fortune, so even though the program offers a 10% commission rate, you might not end up making a lot of money with this one. The cookie does last for 30 days, though. 

Queen & Company

While the cookie duration of this affiliate program is considerably lower than what you can get with others (just 15 days), we decided to include it to our list because the commission rate is 15% on all qualifying orders. 

The company sells anything ranging from kits and dies to embellishments like buttons, foams, paper pads, and all sorts of tools. 

A Cherry on Top

Like many of the other brands that we have mentioned in today’s article, A Cherry on Top is a retailer of arts and crafts supplies. To date, there are several tens of thousands of products available in their inventory, so you’ll have plenty to recommend to your audience. 

The program itself isn’t bad at all, either, since it pays a 4% commission with a cookie duration of 30 days. While the rate might not necessarily sweep you off your feet, people rarely choose to spend less than $50 on this website. 


The cutting machines developed by Cricut have become extremely popular in the past few years, even though they are not the cheapest around. But since they are extremely effective and quite easy to use, they definitely speak to the needs of many types of DIYers. 

As for the affiliate program, you will be glad to find out that it works through ShareASale. Therefore, if you already use this affiliate platform for your other projects, you will be able to see everything in the same place. 

The commission rate on all qualifying orders is 25%, and just to give you a clue as to how much money you can make, one of their cheapest machines now retails for just under $180. 


This is another program run by ShareASale. CreativeLive has been seeing a significant increase in popularity over the past decade since the courses they host on the platform are extremely effective in teaching folks a variety of skills. 

As a CreativeLive affiliate, you can make up to 30% out of the value of every course purchase through your affiliate link. 


The Craftsy affiliate program might seem a little confusing as the rates and the cookie lengths can largely vary depending on the products that your audience picks and purchases. 

For example, the lowest rate you can expect is 4% but depending on the course that your readers invest in, you can make as much as 75% out of its entire value. The cookie ranges between 5 days and 30 days also depending on what you choose to promote. 

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