Agency Assassin Review

Agency Assassin Review

On a recent episode of my podcast, I was joined by Eean Ovens from Agency Assassin. Based on my YouTube channel stats, and the questions I get daily, a lot of my audience are really interested in Google Maps click-through rate manipulation. CTR is one of the best tactics for Local SEO results, so they’re right to be interested. Alongside CTR, I’m also a big fan of automation tools as I believe anything that can save you time is a great thing. Agency Assassin offers both CTR and automation, so it’s right up my street. 

Getting Eean on to explain how Agency Assassin works and how to use it properly was a really good opportunity and made for a really good podcast episode. So, is Agency Assassin something that you should use to help your local SEO? Check out the full podcast episode below or listen to the podcast on your favourite podcast streaming service to find out.

What is Agency Assassin?

Agency Assassin is a SAAS product that you can use to automate a number of Google Maps CTR processes including; scheduling, managing proxies, and map listing interactions. It is fully managed, and you don’t need to go back and change things once you’ve set it all up. Once it’s going, it allows you to be totally hands-off, so it is great if you’re wanting to manage multiple Google Maps locations without a ton of stress and effort. It takes only a few minutes to set up a campaign, and then you can just let it run.

It sounds amazing, right? So, why isn’t everyone using it? Well, it’s been around for a few years now, so it’s probably best to address the elephant in the room. It did have a bit of a rough patch during its early years when it first took off, and that has put some people off using it again. There is a bit of a problem within the digital marketing community in that people only seem to give tools and services one shot. It’s actually something that I’m guilty of myself. However, as Eean demonstrated in the podcast episode, vast improvements have been made with Agency Assassin. So, it’s worth giving it another go if you tried it years ago and weren’t finding much success.

How CTR and Agency Assassin works

Click-through rate manipulation is something that I utilise a lot, and it’s something that I do get great results with. Clicks and engagement are positive signals for Google, as they demonstrate value, so they are a massive ranking factor. Basically, if you’re an SEO and you’re not utilising CTR, you’re missing a big trick; especially for Local SEO. The fastest way to rank your clients in Google Maps is by using CTR. However, Google Maps has always been a bit more difficult to utilise CTR on, because you need proxies etc; which is where Agency Assassin comes in handy.

Agency Assassin is fully automated and works on a proxy network. As soon as you input the GBP, URL, and keywords and create a campaign, you can pretty much just let the tool do the work for you. 

How to use Agency Assassin

Agency Assassin Campaign Set Up

During the podcast episode, Eean gave us a quick demonstration of how easy it is to set up a campaign. The whole process can be summed up in three simple steps;

  • Input your Google Business Profile into the software by clicking the create campaign button. The most commonly used campaign is the physical location option, so you’ll most likely want to start there.
  • Add your CID (or Google Maps URL if you don’t know your CID) and enable the campaign.
  • Add your keywords. You’ll need to do some research with Ahrefs or Semrush to establish what you should be putting in. Branded keywords should be included when inputting. 

There are obviously bits and pieces you can fiddle with, but those three things are the basics that you need to get started. There are a number of in-depth tutorials offered by Agency Assassin if you’re wanting to make the most out of the tool, but Eean did also offer a good demonstration in the podcast. 

Like with any SEO process, it is a bit of a slow burn. You will see an initial boost within a week or so, but if you give it a couple of months, then you’ll really start seeing results.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wanting to see success with Local SEO and Google Maps, it’s definitely worth checking out Agency Assassin. CTR is something that is proven to work, but it takes a lot of time and effort to do it with Google Maps; especially if you’re working with a ton of clients and need to work with multiple map locations. 

Agency Assassin is ideal because not only does it allow you to automate CTR on Google maps, but it also lets you work with multiple locations and create multiple campaigns. Make sure to check out the podcast to get a full review of the tool and its features. 

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