AAWP WordPress Plugin Review

Are you considering building your first niche site and you’re thinking of monetizing it through Amazon Associates? If that’s so, you should definitely check out the features of a nifty plugin that we’ve used in the past, AAWP.

In this article, we’ll look at how the AAWP plugin works, its functions, its geo-targeting feature, and a variety of other things you should know about it. 

AAWP Plugin Review

  1. What is AAWP?

AAWP is a WordPress plugin that you can use for Amazon Associates websites. It automatically pulls information from a product’s Amazon web page, such as its features, the images, as well as its price (all of which are up-to-date). 

This means that the plugin gets rid of the manual hassle that most niche site owners have to go through. On top of that, Amazon’s policy strictly forbids copying the images of the products and manually adding them to your posts, so you somehow have to use the API to pull them from the company site. That’s where AAWP comes in. 

  1. Features

The plugin comes with a plethora of cool features from product boxes and text links to bestseller lists, widgets, and even ‘tables,’ which you can create by making grids of 3 or more items. 

Once you’ve set up the plugin and you’ve added your API key and secret key, all you’ll need to use the tools of the plugin is the product ASIN. 

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Of course, this can also be a drawback since Amazon is widely known for changing product ASINs on a regular basis, which basically means you have to go through your posts every once in a while and check that you don’t accidentally recommend a camera instead of a couch, for instance. 

  1. Pricing

The cheapest plan costs around $43 (39 euros), and for this price, you get a license for just one site. The Plus plan, which costs 99 euros, allows you to use the plugin on 3 sites, the Pro lets you use the plugin on 10 sites while the most expensive plan, the Ultimate, gives you the ability to use AAWP on no fewer than 25 sites. 

If you do a little research, you’ll find several discount codes (most of which give you a 10% discount) online. We’d say that the AAWP pricing is pretty fair, in general, especially if you have just one site. 

  1. Geo-targeting

One of the best features that this plugin comes with is the fact that you can target audiences from different countries.

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If your site’s in English, you might be interested in joining the Amazon Associates programs that are available in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and even some other English-speaking countries such as the Netherlands. 

If you’ve done all that and you have different tracking IDs for your different accounts, you can simply add them to AAWP and the plugin will automatically direct your international site visitors to the corresponding Amazon product page based on their location. 

This works with all of the tools that the plugin offers, so it will do the same for product boxes, tables, and anything else. 

  1. Setting up the plugin

Setting up AAWP is extremely straightforward. You first have to buy the plugin from the official website, and once you’ve logged into the member area, you can conveniently download it. It’s a good idea to keep that download somewhere safe on your computer. 

Manually install the plugin to your WordPress website and activate it using the license key that you received after purchasing it. Once the plugin has been activated, you need to go to your Amazon Associates account and look for your API. 

We aren’t going to go into too much detail as to how you can create an API and get your keys, but we’ll say that the process these days is a lot simpler compared to how it used to be. 

Note: you are not eligible for an API key if you haven’t made a minimum of 3 affiliate sales. 

To set up the geo-targeting feature, all you have to do is provide your tracking ID for all of the international Amazon sites. 

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So, is AAWP a good plugin for your Amazon Associates website? We’d say that yes, as it largely simplifies some of the work you have to do. When combined with AMZ Image, one of the easiest and most user-friendly plugins for inserting Amazon product images, it can improve your conversion rate and help you make more money. 

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