Link Building Explained

Link Building Explained

In the video above I will never probably get a better bunch of guys on one show discussing all the types of link building strategies that are out there. It was a pleasure to have all of these guys together on one show and using all of our combined years of experience, testing and working on projects to provide you with a wide range of link building strategies and techniques that can work well for you.

But for anyone new to link building I will try to explain a bit about link building in laymen’s terms before we dig deeper into what some of the lads were saying on the podcast and some of the strategies they have used.

More than one way to build links

Never listen to someone who tries to force their way of thinking on you when it comes to link building, a link is a link and there are many guises people put on link building to make their way seem better or more effective ( that’s salesmanship ) but those people out there who will tell you that your way won’t work, theirs is better and all of this nonsense are pretty much full of s*it.

A link is a link and that’s all their is to it, however, we do want to ensure that we do get quality links,  a link from a relevant website that gets traffic and has its own rankings is a link you want to get. SEO‘s will use some other things on top of this to determine what they qualify as a good link, maybe they will use third party metrics such as DR, TF & CF or some other score. They might also want to check the URL their link is on has been indexed by Google and a whole bunch of other stuff. In fact, I was talking to fellow SEO Matthew Woodward who actually has something like 28 checks on any link he gets.

Is Link Building Dead?

The web is about linking stuff together and as Mike said in the video Link Building isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, its impossible and as much as Google and anyone else who wants to jump on that bandwagon keeps saying it, links are very much still a massive factor in the world of SEO.

Avoid Spam and Automation

When it comes to link building you want to avoid low-quality links, links that are not indexed, links that are not relevant and also beware of links from sites that have no traffic or rankings. This sort of link will not pass the same value as a high powered relevant website that passes traffic to your website at the same time.

You might also want to avoid any link farms, public blog networks, Fiverr gigs and any low-end automation where you are pointing thousands of links to your money website on autopilot. Quality will beat quantity and there isn’t a tool out there to date that does quality links on autopilot, we need humans to filter out the garbage and cast their eyes over the quality that’s on offer.

Link Building Automation

So someone will say Hey Craig I saw you mention something like SEO Autopilot, isn’t that automation?

yes it is automation and this can work, but you need to know how to use these tools, and where to point the links, potentially building a tiered link building structure so that your main money website isn’t at risk. So yes this can work, there are only a handful of tools that I would recommend when it comes to link building and I will list them below on this post. But for a new guy to the industry dont bother using old link building automation tools they can cause as much harm as they can provide value for your website.

Local SEO Link Building

One of the questions on the video was how do you go about building links for a local website, do you go out and hit a geo landing page with 20 links right away?

The answers are no, what you want to do when starting out with a new project is to ensure that you are keeping things relevant first and foremost.

Stage 1: Get a citation order placed, or get someone doing it properly this is basic stuff, you want a mix of niche relevant, geographic-specific and some powerful generic business listings ensuring the NAP is consistent and ensure that those citations also do get indexed to serve the purpose they are intended for.

Stage 2: Get some links on some other very relevant websites, in the video Plumbers was the example, you want any plumbing related links, or anything home improvement related even and get some of these pointing to your website.

Stage 3: If there are other relevant websites you can get listed on that are popular in your local area, local news, local chamber of commerce and that type of thing then also do what you can to ensure that your website is listed on there.

That is pretty much all you need for some local SEO Link Building, its not difficult, dont stress too much just go and get things done.

You can see a local SEO playlist on my Youtube channel for a couple of other little Local SEO tips.

Costs of Link Building?

The cost of link building really does depend on the competition and the level of aggression you are going in at, as Mike said on the webinar he will buy say 5 x guest posts which will cost around $800.

But its what is underneath that really does ramp up the cost and the power, how hard does he need to hit it?

This depends on the power of the competition but are the competition using smart techniques to get as much out of their link building budget as they should be?

Id considers many people to have no link plan at all and are blindly buying up packages and hitting any old page with links and hoping for the best. Like any good website you will have a content plan, what contents missing and schedule out content for your targeted keywords, well the same goes for having a link plan. Make sure you are doing this with a purpose.

But most people building out on a new website will have to hit it hard in the beginning if you want to get that traction.

Building Links to Existing Links

Why is it that when people inherit a project that they simply want to go all-out attack and buy up a ton of links? What happened to power up your existing link assets?

What I do is take a look at what is there, can I make it better and more powerful by sending niche edits and some other links to power up the links we already have and get some traction that way? The answer is yes this is one of the very first things I do, way before any of the basic link building outreach, reclamation or unlinked brand mentions. This will get your campaign going and also give you that extra power to keep the client at bay in the first few months.

So dont ignore building links to existing backlinks, power them up with niche edits, web 2.0s or whatever you choose to power these things up. I like to use a mix of different links to power up other links and you can be fairly aggressive with this.

If you prefer to outsource your link building then you can simply select one of my packages here.

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