Are SEO Speakers Well Paid?

Are SEO Speakers Well Paid?

So that is something I’m asked a lot and I think the answer surprises a lot of people SEO speakers are not well paid at all. I think, in most cases, you get to travel and accommodation paid for you.

Which is nice, so if you’re getting an opportunity to speak in a place you’ve never been to, then it’s great to have your flight and accommodation and everything paid for, but you’re not paid stacks of cash in most cases to deliver knowledge.

And the reason for that is, I think a lot of other people monetize it in different ways. So, they’ll sell from the stage or they’ll build a brand or, whatever it may be. And I think, I’ve had a lot of people going, “You must get paid a fortune to travel and do all this kind of stuff.”

It’s all about opportunity and if you put yourself on stage, you then have to perform well, get enough knowledge away to make people want to use you and monetize it that way. There are certainly not an outrageous amount of paid speaking gigs for SEOs or that I’m aware of anyway and I’ve done it for a number of years now. I think it’s a common misconception that people are well paid for it.

We’re not professional speakers. SEOs are good at what they do and got there and they’re going to sell themselves with the courses or with consultancy or whatever it may be and that’s how they would monetize it.

Paid Speaking Slots?

But I’ve had a lot of aspiring people, guys that want to speak, and they have looked at a certain conference who will charge you for a sponsored speaker slot and they say, “I’m not paying you, I’m not giving away years of knowledge for that particular conference.”

That’s something that I think, it’s really up to the individual. I get it. I certainly wouldn’t be paying to speak at a conference and give away the knowledge that I give away but getting yourself out there and creating opportunities for yourself, some times I do know of a couple of speakers who have paid to be on some of the big stages and then from there, the opportunities have created a massive and it’s an easier thing to get speaking slots.

I think anyone who thinks they’re going to go ahead and do SEO speaking and make a lot of money from it, you would have the wrong impression. It is not … We’re not professional speakers at all and the conferences are there for networking and to give knowledge away and stuff like that.

Take the Speaking Opportunity and Monetise it

The conference owners are also aware of the opportunity that you have to monetize it, so if you deliver a great talk on a stage and it’s filmed and all the kind of other stuff that goes around with it, then you will pick up work from it and you will monetize it that way. It’s a good thing to be doing. It’s great for your brand, it’s great for exposure, but you are not very well paid, sadly for it.

If you find out of any send them my way. But, yeah, so I think a lot of people are surprised by that answer.

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