What is a Good Quality Relevant Backlink?

What is a Good Quality Relevant Backlink?

The answer to this one is going to vary depending on who you ask. Obviously, when you’re analyzing a competitor and seeing what links they get, you’ll be able to see whether they’re getting good quality or not. A good quality, relevant website is a website that’s kind of semi-relevant to your niche. What I do think people make the mistake of is, they think it has to be fully relevant when it doesn’t have to be. I’m going to use a builder … Say I’m a builder, for example, I would be linking to my suppliers, roof slate companies, electricians, plumbers, anything that’s even semi-relevant is really important.

Rankings and Traffic, as well as Good Metrics, are Important

That’s what constitutes good quality, relevant link to me. The relevancy is important, but I’m also looking at websites that have traffic and have specific metrics as well, and the number of outbound links those websites has, to gauge whether a website is good quality. Everyone has their own opinion, and know that there are other SEOs out there, they don’t really care about the relevancy of the website, they care about the relevancy of the page where your link’s going to be.

Reverse Sink or Swim Method

For example, you could be on a politics website and it may be discussing business, and they see that as relevant, which many others will call the ” Reverse Sink or Swim Method ” and I’m sure they are right, it’s not something I’m disputing, but when I’m looking for links the first thing I go for is something that I feel is semi-relevant with good traffic, good domain metrics, and not spammed to death. I think … whether you’re doing outreach or whatever you want to call it, there are tons of websites out there that have millions of links on them. The power that these links are going to pass to you is going to be minimal, so as far as I’m concerned, what you want is good quality relevant links that haven’t been spammed to death, that’s something that I’m always looking at when I am doing link research or whatever.

Mix Up your Backlink Strategy

By all means, look at your competition, see what they’re doing. But think about this, because your competitors are building links a specific way, doesn’t mean you have to. It doesn’t mean it’s right what they’re doing. Google has stated a million times before, link building is against their terms of service, any kind of link building, but for me, what you want to do is just mix it all up, make sure that it doesn’t look spammy. By all means do get your citations on your directories, do get PR links where possible, get social media links, get all these kind of stuff, and have what is deemed a natural backlink profile, rather than just the same old trashy websites that everyone pays for links on, or whatever it may be. So, just think outside the box, and whatever it takes to get there, get on there.

That’s what I look for when I talk about good quality, relevant website. It has to have traffic as well. There’s no point in me getting a link on someone who’s bought an expired domain name that has no rankings, no traffic, it’s not really going to do much for me in my opinion. So yeah, that’s what would constitute a good quality, relevant link in my opinion.


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