Strange Keywords with High Search Volume

Strange Keywords with the Highest Search Volume

In this post, I’m going to give you three examples of keywords with high search volume that you can use to make a bit of extra money. Best of all, they have low competition. 

  • Plant pots

One of the first keywords with high search volume and low competition was one of my first clients, many years ago: “plant pots”. This person used to sell heaps of plant pots, and even nowadays it has 34,000 monthly searches in the United Kingdom, and a keyword difficulty of just 20. 

So, it was a great niche, with a great volume, but you definitely need that volume to make any money. And that’s because plant pots are cheap, so you need to sell a lot of them. That is one of the most bizarre niches/keywords that I’ve ever worked on. 

  • Serial killers

The second example of high search volume keywords is one I discovered while randomly doing some research, with no particular reason or goal in mind: “serial killers”. It does have a keyword difficulty score of 49, but it has a volume of 19,000 searches per month in the United Kingdom, but if you actually take a look at the United States, you’ll see that it has a volume of 99,000 searches there. 

  • Fred West

Therefore, more than 100,000 searches per month for serial killers. And since we’re on the same topic, we’re moving on to the third position in our list of weirdest high search volume low competition keywords, ‘Fred West’. 

Fred West is the most disgusting, horrible man ever to have lived. He killed his family and committed a number of other murders. This keyword has a search volume of 29,000 a month in the United Kingdom and a keyword difficulty score of just 24. Even if we change this up and put “Rose West” instead, she gets 19,000 searches a month and has a keyword difficulty score of 9. 

I’m not sure how you would be able to monetize serial killers or the name of the last two individuals, but you could stick to the plant pots, instead! 

How to find low competition, high search volume keywords

You can use a variety of keyword research tools for this purpose, but the truth is that there are three, not two main things you should be looking at. The search volume and the keyword difficulty matters, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt if you were also to look at the DR (or DA) of your potential competitors.

If your site has a decent DR and all of the rest of the websites that are already ranking for that term have a lower DR than yours, you have pretty good chances of effectively targeting that keyword without too much effort, time, or too many financial investments (in backlinks, for example).

Another method of discovering good keywords would be to have a look at your competitors, meaning their top pages, and see what they are ranking for. You wouldn’t believe the golden nuggets you can come across using this method.

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