Starting out in SEO with no Money (Podcast)

Starting out in SEO with no Money

This episode with Brent Jacobs from Belgium was a discussion about Brent’s journey into SEO. Three years ago, computer enthusiast Brent somehow came across SEO and took it upon himself to learn more.

With no job at the time, this was more of a hobby. Brent was on Facebook groups and asking people questions, always hungry to learn more. But Brent was faced with one problem — he didn’t have any money to travel to conferences, buying training courses or anything like that. In fact, he didn’t even have enough money to buy a domain name at the time.

Starting out in SEO with no money is one of the hardest things you could ever try and achieve, as everything costs money — whether it’s attending a local meetup to learn, you will need money for travel and a few beers, and even if you were simply learning on the job, you need some form of budget for domains, hosting and a couple of SEO tools. So, trying to get yourself off the ground with no money at all is quite an achievement.

On the podcast, we go through the journey talk about how he was able to learn, and he mentions some of the people who helped him along the way. Brent is now making money doing client work and has a passion for Affiliate Marketing and is working on projects helping others whilst learning on the job. He still has to learn and in the last year, he has been able to travel abroad for work, learn and interact with others in the industry which will continue Brents growth and development.

Some of the most important things when learning SEO is never to give up. People in the SEO community are open to helping others if they are approached in the right way and if you stick in, then anyone can learn and do SEO and earn some money online.

Best places to you can learn SEO


  • YouTube Videos
  • Online Conferences
  • Udemy
  • Facebook Groups
  • Networking with others at conferences
  • SEO Masterminds

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