Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

There are heaps of WordPress plugins for social media out there, but all of them come with different features and have more or less useful functionalities. 

While some are free, others can cost a pretty penny. Without further ado, let’s look at the best social media plugins for WordPress so that you can get an idea of which one you should try.

Top social media plugins for WordPress

  1. Jetpack

This one is the top favourite of most bloggers, especially since it’s very user-friendly. The sharing module enables you to show sharing buttons at the end of every post. You have the option of picking between displaying the icon of every social media network or the icon and text.

You can also choose the official buttons, but we’ve come across information according to which it can make your site run slower. Jetpack has many other features you might be interested in, from a Flickr widget to a Latest Instagram Posts Block. 

The complete plugin costs just under $80 a month, which could be a bit too pricey for bloggers and marketers that are just starting out. 

  1. Grow by Mediavine 

Grow by Mediavine (also known as Social Pug) is a pretty minimalistic social media plugin. It can be downloaded for free, or you can get the paid versions, one of which costs just $34 and lets you use it on just one site, and another that costs around $130 and can be used on up to 5 sites. There are many other plans available on their site.

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Depending on what your goals are with your blog or website, you can make do with the free version as it comes with four networks – Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and the (now dead) Google+. 

You can customise the social share button of each of these networks as you like and choose to place them either at the beginning of every post or at the end. With the premium version, you will be giving your site readers the option to share your articles on other networks such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Tumblr, and via email. 

  1. Kiwi Social Share

Similarly to the plugin that we have just showcased, Kiwi Social Share lets you display a number of social media sharing buttons either above or below every post or even opt for a floating bar on the right or left-hand side of your site. 

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There is a free version available, fortunately, and it supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. It used to support Google+, too, but that’s no longer available. 

The paid version costs $29 and you can use it for one website. There is an extended version available that costs around $80 and that allows you to use the plugin on no fewer than 3 different websites. 

The pro version gives you access to additional social media sharing buttons ranging from Reddit to Telegram. 

  1. Monarch by Elegant Themes

While it is slightly pricier than other options in this list, Monarch is still worth considering. Here are a few of its features:

  • Automatic fly-in
  • Floating side-bar
  • Above and below post buttons
  • Sharing buttons on videos and images from your posts

The reason Monarch has become quite popular with bloggers and marketers is that it suggests users to share your content after they have written and posted a comment on your article. The likelihood of someone sharing your content is much higher if they’ve already interacted with it. 

  1. Novashare

This lightweight plugin comes with a variety of convenient features from a follow widget to a click-to-tweet block. There are more than fifty networks (and buttons) available in the premium version, which costs just about $30 for one site. 

The reason we liked this plugin is that it’s easy to use and scalable, so it makes the perfect choice for anyone from bloggers to business owners. Adding share buttons is also very easy and the plugin also shows your share counts. 

What should a WordPress social media plugin offer you?

One of the most important things to look for in such a plugin is that it doesn’t have to affect your website load speed in any way. 

As you probably know by now, people no longer have the patience to wait for 10 minutes for a site to load, and if that’s how long it takes for your website to do its job, your bounce rate is going to suffer a lot. 

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Depending on your site niche, you should decide on what social media networks you need your content to be shared on. For fun niches such as fashion, beauty, home & lifestyle, and even productivity and the likes, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter might be enough. 

But for business niches, LinkedIn sharing is a must, too. It definitely wouldn’t hurt if your site visitors were able to share your content via direct messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram. 

Also decide on how you want to display the social share buttons. Do you want to show them before your post, after it, in a sidebar, or as people are reading your content? Ask yourself these questions before deciding on a free or paid social media plugin for WordPress

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