SEO Training Courses

SEO Training Courses

Interested in doing an SEO course? My SEO courses are designed to help you learn how to do SEO so that you can do SEO as a career choice or maybe you are looking to take your SEO back in-house and get one of your staff to do the work for you. Regardless of the reasons you want to learn SEO one of the below courses will be for you.

The Intermediate Course

This course is designed for someone looking to learn basic SEO. Maybe you are only targeting some local search terms, or you simply want a better understanding of how SEO works so you can understand what your SEO is doing for you. This will be the correct course for you.

The Advanced SEO Course

This is a course aimed at someone looking to do SEO properly in competitive markets and learn more about technical SEO, link-building strategies, and a much deeper level of knowledge in SEO. If you take your business seriously and want to compete in the most competitive of niches, then the advanced SEO course is a must and will provide you with everything you need to know to do a successful SEO campaign.

  • Intermediate SEO Course  £699 + VAT  per person
  • Advanced SEO Course   £999 + VAT per person

*Please note the prices will differ if you want us to travel to you to provide the SEO training course, the above prices are for our online course or if you attend our offices for training. 

What’s different about this course?

In most cases, people will come and do the course in person, They do get an online login when they leave, so they can go back into our online portal time and time again to make sure that the information provided is something you can take in at your own pace. Any SEO learning course will always provide a lot of information, and it’s hard to remember every last bit of the course you have just attended. So the online portal is a valuable asset, it allows you the chance to go back over everything at your own pace seeing the text, screencasts and graphics we have put onto the online. portal. The online side of our training is regularly updated so that you are getting the most up-to-date information out there.

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