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seo cyprusI was over in Cyprus at the end of May 2019 doing a private SEO mastermind. So, SEO in Cyprus for me, in my opinion, isn’t competitive, there isn’t as much competition, there’s not as many people doing SEO in Cyprus as there potentially is in the UK, or the US, or anywhere else in the world.

So, I went over to Cyprus, mainly it was a combination of a holiday and a private mastermind, so I had a few SEO friends over with me. And I personally think that private SEO masterminds are very beneficial just to be able to bounce ideas off of other experts in the field without getting any of the sales pitches and any of the other stuff that goes along with it. These masterminds are all about the knowledge and sharing tips and advice which is why I personally think that Private Masterminds are one of the only places you will be able to up your game and an experienced SEO.

And I think at these masterminds as well, people have to be honest and open, or they won’t be invited back. And for me, the perfect place to do that was Cyprus. So, we went to Paphos, met up with a few local guys in Paphos who also do SEO, and we hired a villa, had a mastermind, had a swimming pool, had games that would entertain us, had some good food. And overall it was a great experience. I spent seven days there, and it was good to hear from the lads who do in SEO in Cyprus, some of the problems they have, how they do SEO. And obviously SEO is SEO, but certain things work in certain … or certain people do things in certain countries and these tactics still work. So, it’s not as competitive in Cyprus, so you don’t have to go all out and manipulate every last little thing that moves the needle.

And it was good to hear how they work, how much money they can make. And the processes, here they outsource to, what sort of things they’re looking to outsource. And it’s great to learn from these guys as well. So, it was a very useful mastermind over there. I also delivered some SEO training to a couple of people in Cyprus, so there were a couple of guys who are looking to get into digital marketing. And they do know the basics, they’ve learned on the usual forums and stuff like that, read a few books and all that stuff. But, they wanted to get some input from myself and some of the other guys at the mastermind.

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We went through things like site auditing, site speed, platforms to use for e-commerce. Where to buy links, where or how to scale up your business. Where to get good content. And a whole heap of other things that the guys found useful because I think in Cyprus they are not used to working at scale, not to the level some others work at anyway. They’re not used to being as aggressive with their SEO. So, it was beneficial for them to hear that kind of stuff as well, and hopefully, we can pass on some good tips and knowledge to those guys in Cyprus.

These guys from Cyprus actually we met over in Chiang Mai, so it was an SEO conference over there that happens yearly over there. Normally round about November every year, and a couple of those guys went over there, which obviously shows me that these guys are very, very interested and willing to invest in themselves. And they travelled to Chiang Mai, and they were very welcoming when we went to Cyprus as well.

So, it’s good to see and help that kind of person, because there are a lot of guys out there who don’t want to learn, or they want to watch YouTube videos and they don’t want to network, they don’t want to offer value, they don’t want to talk to people. And I think you really have to be careful where you’re learning your SEO because people on stages and on YouTube and stuff can tell you anything. And I’m not saying that’s the case with anyone or everyone, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there. And I think attending private masterminds, or going to conferences like Chiang Mai are invaluable for your learning experience.

So, fair play to the guys from Cyprus who went to Chiang Mai met us, and then we ended up doing a private mastermind over in Paphos in Cyprus. And it was also good for myself and a few of my pals from the UK who went over there to get a bit of sunshine and relax and get away from the UK. And I launched two different websites while I Was over there, and I also came up with a few other ideas for other stuff that I may launch in the near future.

So, again just getting away from here into the Sunshine, bounce some ideas around, and stuff like that was invaluable. So, if you ever do get these opportunities, do try and take them, because it was a great experience and a relaxing time as well because at nighttime we went for beers and stuff. So, yeah it’s a great way to work, and I’m sure we will be back in Cyprus at some point.

We also provide online SEO training for anyone who’s interested, so do get in touch if you want some help with your SEO campaign or skills.


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I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 18 years.

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