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So my next podcast guest was Ravi Trivedi from PushEngage, for those who don’t know PushEngage they are a platform that allows you to push personalised push notifications to people who subscribe to your website. Now we all get a ton of traffic on our websites but let’s say for example 5% of people interact with your website, whether that’s signing up for a mailing list, buying a product or sending an enquiry most people will lose around 95% of that traffic. That traffic is basically going to your competition, you have let these people leave your website. Now you may use a retargeting pixel to prompt people to come back to your website and of course, this works very well.

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But Push Notifications can do the exact same thing but at a fraction of the price and its another way of using technology to get people back onto your website and increase your CTR and conversion rates.

About Push Engage

PushEngage has been around since 2015 and since then have worked with over 10,000 clients and push over 5 billion push notifications on a monthly basis which is an amazing amount of growth in that period of time, but what I really like about the guys at Push Engage is that they are marketers who wanted to step up the use of technology and work smarter to try and improve a website’s performance.

What type of notifications can you push?

Cart Abandonment Notifications

So this is the crazy thing, you can push messages to a customer who added something to their cart and didn’t go ahead with the purchase, so a subtle gentle reminder that they forgot to finish the order is one way of improving conversions. So trying to drive these people back into the website to complete their order is a great way of using a push notification to increase your conversion rate.

Inventory Alert Notifications

So say you are an eCommerce store and a popular item is out of stock, people can be notified when your inventory changes and an item comes back into stock, instantly notifying potential customers that the item they really wanted is now back in stock.

Browser Abandonment Notifications

So if someone leaves a category or page on your website, you are able to send. them a push message to try and encourage them to come back to your website, a soft approach to this is ideal though don’t piss anyone off.

Price Drop Notifications

This is ideal, so, for example, you might be considering a flight for a long weekend away, you can set up a price drop alert so that if the price drops and the customer says they want to be alerted if the price drops below £500 for that flight, they will get a push notification, so the customer can select the settings for this and they will then be sent a push message to be able to notify them that the price has dropped below the price they wanted to be notified on, and again this will boost conversions.

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Other things Push Engage can do?

The above is some of the key settings that Push Engage allows you to use, but there is more to it, they have automated segmentation, revenue tracking, you can send people to push messages in their own timezones and much more, it really is a great tool to engage more with your audience and as an SEO we all know that user engagement signals do impact your SEO campaigns, so why not use some of the traffic you are already getting, get more user engagement and in turn, it will help in some way with your SEO campaigns too.

How to get more push subscribers?

I recently jumped on a call with Ravi, I initially signed up for Push Engage in January to see what all the fuss was about, not I won’t lie, I was sceptical I felt that Push Messages would irritate people and I have stayed clear of them for a number of years, but I keep hearing people talking about them, I keep seeing websites I’m browsing trying to sign me up so I decided to take the plunge. So I had Push Engage for a few months, and whilst it was growing slowly I wasn’t that happy, in the first few months I was able to get around 43 subscribers, big numbers eh?

So in my head, I thought let’s leave this on for a year and then see where we go, out of the 43 subscribers that I sent the odd push message too, it was getting decent engagement, but how do we scale that up? As it clearly works but for it to be interesting for me I needed the numbers to go up much faster than they were.

Push Notification Settings

I was lucky to have Ravi on the podcast, and we were discussing Push Engage on the podcast, right after it he said why haven’t you done a demo call with us, we offer this free of charge. I’m always busy and think I know best and don’t need these demo calls, but with this Corona Virus situation, I have a lot of spare time so I scheduled the call and Ravi was telling me more about the setup, how to use automation, and what everything meant, a full walkthrough of the tool and what everything does, but how it could benefit me as a person.

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Best Opt-in Settings for Push Messages?

One of the very first things Ravi said to me was your opt-in settings are not right, and that I would get many more subscribers using the single opt-in method, so whilst my list was growing, it was very slow initially, but in the 7 days since I spoke with Ravi I’ve had around 500 new subscribers to my Push Notifications list, which is a lot more like it, so at this rate, if I leave it a few months I will have thousands of people on my list.

So for push messages, it is vital to get the small things right, something as stupid as a double opt-in for your subscribers can be the major difference in getting thousands of subscribers.;

I would recommend anyone setting up this type of thing, to do the free demo call, you might be able to navigate the tool but learn and understand exactly what it does and what the best settings are so that you move ahead a lot quicker than I did.

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