Fuck Off Spammers

Listen please take NO for an answer and FUCK RIGHT OFF

fook off spammers
If you have been given the link to this page it is likely you are annoying someone with an overbearing sales pitch of some description, or you are some kind of spammer. Please give it a rest it’s getting boring now.

  • I’m not interested in buying guest blog posts on your pishy websites
  • I’m not interested in Lead Forensics
  • I dont want to oursource any of my work to you
  • No interest in crap web design
  • Clients with no money
  • Clients with no understanding
  • Website audits
  • Google Adwords ” Premier Partners “
  • Life Coaching
  • Lead Gen Opportunities
  • Helping you for free in return for a small stake in your business
  • One Sided Partnerships ( unless its one sided your end )
  • People who think websites rank on budgets like £50 per month
  • People with a £75 Adwords voucher
  • Giving FREE advice
  • Copywriters who want £2000 per article & ones who can’t spell in a sales email
  • Tyre Kickers

If you think I’ve been a bit harsh and you do genuinely think you have something to offer, then please still FUCK OFF.