How to Outsource Web Development

A lot of companies these days choose to outsource web development services, and not just because of their budget. Naturally, startups often look into it as a way of saving some money, which they’d otherwise spend on something else — such as putting together an excellent team. 

But how should you go about outsourcing web development? What should your goals be? How can you make sure that all the tasks are getting done and in due time? We’re answering these questions and more in today’s article and also giving you some tips on picking the right freelancers. 

How to outsource web development

Different types of outsourcing

Web development outsourcing can be split up into three main categories: onshore outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, and nearshore outsourcing. 

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The first and the third have to be considered by business owners who feel that at one point, they might actually have to meet their web developers in person. Offshore outsourcing can be used for times when your budget might be low, for example, or the complexity of the tasks that have to be completed is not too high. 

Offshore outsourcing is also highly cost-effective, fast, and of pretty good quality, but the security risks are similar to those you’d have to analyze in nearshore outsourcing. 

Clear goals, tasks, and deadlines

If you do not need what type of work needs to be done or the exact type of projects you have on your hands right now, you are not going to experience a lot of success whether you hire someone based thousands of miles away from you or you hire someone in-house. 

Try to sketch the broad picture of the web project, focusing on things like the main goals and the technical requirements. Obviously, deadlines are very important, and constant communication is essential when working with people across the world. 

Define your budget

Depending on how much money you are willing to spend on web development, you can hire one or several more individuals and you can consider onshore, nearshore, or offshore outsourcing.  

Choose a platform or a web development outsourcing provider

When it comes to outsourcing this part of your project, there are roughly two ways of going about things. You can either hire an agency that can promise you to handle all the tasks and deliver everything within the set deadlines, or you can work with freelancers separately.

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These days, there is a wide variety when it comes to both. The first might have the disadvantage that it’s not exactly cheap since it is a separate business in itself, so it has a number of employees, and all of them need to have wages. 

Getting the right freelance web developer could take you longer than expected simply because not all people are serious — and this is something that everyone outsourcing any part of their business can go through. It is frustrating, it wastes time, and sometimes you might even lose a bit of money, but eventually, you will discover the right person for the job. 

Keep in touch with your web development team 

Whether you already have a Scrum master or you simply want to apply several broad principles of project management, you should consider organizing meetings with your team once a week or once every couple of weeks. 

A set schedule, one that you communicate to your web developer right after they’ve started to work with you, can help you keep track of whatever’s happening, and it can also assist you in telling whether everything is going to be completed on time. 

This can be extremely important since sometimes, you might have to ask for more time from the client, so they need to be informed ahead of time so that they can give you some freedom in this sense. 

What’s the minimum team you need?

As we have previously mentioned, it all depends on the complexity of the project and its tasks, but every web development team needs to consist of at least four different people:

  • The project manager
  • The back-end developer
  • The front-end developer
  • The designer

The project manager is usually one person, but there can be several different individuals working on the development and design of each project, especially if we’re talking about a mobile app, a browser extension, or even a web app that’s not too complicated. 

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Reasons to outsource web application development

The cost

Using your resources in a smart way can be particularly important, especially for someone who’s just starting out. The last couple of years have shown us that lots of people can work remotely without being micromanaged all the time. 

Hiring in-house web developers can not only call for a lot of time, but you’d also have to hire other people first (such as a human resources specialist). Then you’d have to test those professionals’ skills and make sure that they can get along with the rest of the team, although the instances where they actually have to work with somebody else might be minimal. 

Another good reason for outsourcing web development rather than hiring someone in-house would be that you do not have to get a larger office for your business. 

Finding experts

There are a number of places you can go to for hiring web development specialists, such as Upwork. But there are also serious web development agencies that simply work in different countries, where labor might be generally cheap — you still have to pay a decent wage for the services, but they might be priced lower in general.

Recruiting needs to be taken seriously, and if you want highly qualified professionals, you do have to make sure you get the best web development partners possible. 

If you’re in a specific industry and already have friends that might have companies in your domain, asking around can be a good idea. 

outsource web application development

Focusing on your business 

Knowing that someone is taking care of a particular task in your web development process can give you some mental space, which you could employ elsewhere — such as by creating and working on a list of business goals. 

Unless you’re also a developer yourself who wants to have complete control over every little thing that’s happening, you can simply leave the development part to those that can do it properly and you can focus on what you can do for your clients. 

For example, you can talk to the product owner about their ideas, how they want their website to be, the design, any features they want to be included in the product, and also what specific requirements and deadlines should be in place. 

If you do not feel like you have to, you don’t have to be directly involved in the web development process. 

Process organization

Should you find highly skilled developers, you might be able to work on long-term projects with them and then hire them time and again. This makes the task of getting new projects a breeze since you at least know for sure that you have someone who can complete any tasks that might show up. 

Scaling your business

Web development agencies can allow you to scale your web project both easily and conveniently. There’s not too much hassle to worry about. 

After all, understanding that you have to delegate some of the work is what can help you scale your business — this is the first and most important step when you outsource a web development company or a freelance professional. 

outsource web development price

Outsource web development projects – The price

The cost you can expect to pay for your web development varies depending on a number of factors. If you get an agency to handle all of the processes, you can at least get some reassurance that the work is going to get done by somebody else – in case the first person gets sick, or something else happens. 

But the price of web development outsourcing also depends on the number of specialists you actually need for the whole task to be completed. It also depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of time it needs to be done in. 

Finally, the cost is also associated with the hourly rates you can expect to pay either someone depending on their experience and skills, but also the place they are located in. 

For example, outsourcing web development to Latin America or Asia can be cheaper than doing the same in the United States or the United Kingdom. 

Regardless of the type of project that has to be completed, you’ll probably need one or several more web developers, a project manager, and a designer. So how much is the hourly rate you can expect to pay for any of these people?

Well, according to some information that we found online, it seems that it depends on the place these individuals are located in. For example, in Central and Eastern Europe, the rates vary depending on countries, with front-end developers charging somewhere between $25 and $75 per hour in Ukraine or $30 to $85 in Poland and Romania

As for Latin America, Mexican front-end developers charge anything between $40 and $110, while those based in Brazil have a slightly higher base rate, estimated at $50. Argentina has roughly the same hourly rates as Mexico or Brazil. 

In Asia, Indian web developers are the cheapest, with front-end ones asking for a minimum rate of $20 while back-end ones charge around $30/hour. Both Chinese and Malaysian developers charge slightly more, somewhere between $45 and $75.  

Just to give you a clue as to how different the hourly rates can be in the United States, we’ll say that front-end developers rarely accept to work for rates lower than $100/hour. The price can get as high as $250, depending on that person’s skills and experience. 

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how to outsource web development

Web development outsourcing myths

We’ve gone through some of the reasons you should go ahead and outsource web development projects, but we should also address some of the concerns that business owners or managers can have with regard to the practice. 

The first and most important one is security. You do not want people to either have access to or if they do, misuse private information — and since this has happened before with many companies, including those that hired only in-house teams, it’s a risk that you have to assume as best as possible.

Communication difficulties do exist, and they might be a more frequent occurrence when hiring people located in very diverse areas across the world. First off, you have a time difference separating both of you, so you might not even be able to meet through Skype or whatever other video calling platform, at least not too often. 

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Secondly, depending on where your freelancer hails from, you might also have to deal with a certain language barrier. Of course, when it comes to web development, there’s kind of a universal language, but sometimes it might take you more time and effort to get the point across. 

Another myth that we’d like to smash in here is that if you’ve had a negative experience with a freelance web developer before, all of your next ones are going to be the same. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth. As you know, people are different (even those that are not web developers), and freelancers are no exception. It might take you several weeks until you find the right person for your project, but hey, this would happen in ‘real life’, meaning using a standard recruiting process for getting a person in-house.

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Whether or not you decide to outsource talent from anywhere in the world or you want to hire someone in-house, as this would give you more control over how they handle their tasks, the choice is yours. 

We hope that our breakdown of the advantages, disadvantages, risks, and the broad process of outsourcing web development that we have showcased here have given you some guidance as to how you’re supposed to go about things. 

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