Outsourced Sales – Pros & Cons

There are many reasons to outsource sales, whether you want to expand your sales team, try to experiment other processes that could lead to success, or you want to be more cost-efficient.

But how can you make sure you find the right outsource sales team? Which outsource sales companies should you look at and depending on what factors? What are the pros and cons of sales outsource solutions?

Find out the answer to all of these questions below. 

When should you outsource sales?

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, you might want to consider outsourcing at least one part of your sales process when you encounter a number of difficulties. 

For example, one reason would be that your in-house employees cannot handle the amount of leads that need attending to, which means that you risk losing clients simply because there’s no one that can give them the attention they need. 

Another reason to outsource your sales is that you simply can’t afford to hire one or more highly qualified sales persons in-house. 

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As you know, outsourcing has become quite popular in the past decades, especially since there are many freelancers and companies based in various countries that charge comparatively less compared to professionals located in the United Kingdom, for example. 

Not only that, but when you work with someone in-house, there are other things involved, such as health insurance and taxes. 

Additionally, some companies might already have acquired a lot of experience particularly in selling your type of product or service, which means that you wouldn’t have to go through a lengthy recruiting process to find the right person for the job. 

And finally, your in-house team might already be busy with other tasks that you can perhaps have better control over. 

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Types of companies that outsource sales

There are three major categories of companies that, at one point or the other, might have to consider outsourcing their sales process. 

The first are represented by startups that might not have the budget or even the time to scale their sales. The people working in these companies might simply be too stressed or might not even have enough knowledge in the beginning. 

Another category of businesses consists of those that are in the B2B industry, particularly those that offer complex tech products — they might have to outsource software sales. 

As you probably know, B2B is much more complicated, including its customer journey, and it will often involve reaching out to other business owners rather than regular consumers. Automation might be involved in this case, but there should still be a number of people controlling what’s happening sales-wise. 

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On top of everything, whether you are in a particular industry or another, you might have created an excellent product or service, but you might be interested in breaking into new markets across the world. 

In this case, you will need a sales company located in that country. The salespeople will be able to communicate with prospective buyers in their own language, making the entire process a lot easier. 

For this last situation, you might have to hire an agency right off the bat simply because looking for individual freelancers might be a time-consuming hassle and could have varying degrees of success. 

If you’ve ever used a freelancing platform to look for people to work with, you probably know that there’s a lot of back and forth until you find the right person and also establish deadlines, a communication schedule, and goals that have to be achieved within a certain time span. 

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Before you outsource sales

Having a good plan in place before starting this process is undoubtedly the best way of going about things. What is your business reason? What are your objectives — do you want to turn your customers into loyal followers or do you simply want to outsource sales to break into new markets?

Give yourself and the company you choose to work with a deadline, whether it’s six months or a year to reach a major goal. 

You also have to make sure that your in-house team is informed that at least part of the sales process is going to be outsourced to another company as this will make it easier for your employees to understand what tasks they have to better focus on. 

Chances are that there are companies in your own country that specialize in this, so if you feel more comfortable working with a team that’s simply located in another city, perhaps you might have to do a bit of research specifically on this. 

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Outsource sales and marketing pros

As you can expect, this type of outsourcing comes with advantages and disadvantages, and analyzing all of them will allow you to make the best decision.

Here are some of the most significant pros of outsourcing sales:

  • Access to other markets

An outsourced sales team that’s located in the country you want to start selling your products or services can assist you in a number of different ways. They might even have knowledge on things like the local legislation, the economy, and even the habits that your ideal buyer personas have depending on where they live. 

Most agencies also have contacts in place, which means that reaching out to people is going to be much easier. 

  • Expertise

These companies have a lot of experience in sales, which means that you are not going to have to worry about teaching a team in-house. 

It’s also quite likely that they already work with the right people that can address the needs of the type of business you own, whether a startup or a well-established brand. 

  • Flexibility

While hiring new salespeople in-house takes a lot of time and effort, outsourcing everything means that you can simply continue focusing on what’s truly important — improving your products or services. 

It’s also much easier to start and stop working with a sales company than it might be to do the same with an in-house team. 

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  • Access to better sales tools

Sales firms that have been around for at least a couple of years have the expertise and knowledge to use the right tools for every part of the sales process — from those that can do automation to email marketing tools that can make it easier to communicate with prospective clients. 

Some of these companies might even give you access to what they are doing and tell you the tools they are using, so if at one point you are interested in switching to an in-house sales team, at least you’ll have a list of software that these firms utilize. 

  • Improved performance and growth

The reason sales companies often deliver better results is that they are usually paid based on the results they achieve. This means that they are much more focused on the work they do rather than a person or a team in-house — not that the performance of the latter can’t compare to that of the first. 

But the whole point is that the success that the sales a company can do for you is strictly connected to the amount of money you pay them. If they don’t deliver, you might actually stop working with them altogether, and no one wants that to happen. 

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Outsource sales and marketing cons 

Privacy concerns

No business owner wants to share company data with others, but if you want to outsource virtually anything, you will have to handle this risk as best as possible. 

Naturally, working with a reputable sales company is going to be less risky on the whole, but the way they handle the data you share with them is always going to be a concern. If they don’t do it right, this could actually have negative consequences on yourself and your business. 

More expensive at first

While the cost of hiring a sales company might seem prohibitive at first, if you do the math, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that it’s actually lower than working with an in-house team, that you might have to train until they manage to do what’s needed. 

The reason agencies tend to charge more than a standard salary of an employee is that they work with a number of people, and all of them have to be paid. You aren’t merely paying for the work they do, but also the experience they’ve accumulated during years of testing tools, making connections, and gathering expertise on the whole. 

Less control 

If you are generally not a fan of delegating any kind of tasks, whether pertaining to sales and marketing or something different, outsourcing sales is not going to be the right solution for you. 

Some agencies might not give you all of the information you might be curious about also because they might not want you to gather enough knowledge to create an in-house team rather than continuing to work with them. 

That doesn’t mean that they are not going to do a good enough job — you will simply have to be clear about your expectations in terms of what you can control. You also need to be clear about communication, for example, and whether you want someone to go on a call with you every week or less frequently. 

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Outsourcing sales – General advice

Make sure you’re on the same page

The sales team needs to know what you expect on a number of different tasks. You should set specific goals that have to be achieved and also consider deadlines, whether they might be generous or not. 

The sales team also has to work on the same principles that your company employs and more importantly, it has to align with your marketing strategy on the whole. Naturally, all of this can take a bit of time. Be clear about what your expectations are in terms of the findings of the sales team. 

Be an active partner

It would be amazing if the sales company were to handle absolutely everything with minimal involvement on your end and also deliver outstanding results. But it doesn’t work that way. 

If you or a project manager doesn’t communicate with the sales team on a regular basis, they might not even understand the basics of your sales process altogether. Weekly meetings are a must because everyone needs to be informed on new tasks, performance ratings, and everything else. 

Choose results over costs

Don’t choose the cheapest agency you come across. It might be very tempting, especially if your budget is limited, but their capabilities actually matter a lot more than the amount of money they can save you. 

Do keep in mind that B2B sales teams often charge more, especially if they’re in the same space as your company and if they already have the right connections. 

Find the right sales company 

There are a number of questions that you can ask the person at the sales firm that you communicate with and that can help you understand whether this company is worth working with or not. 

For example, you can ask about their sales competencies, the tools they’ve worked with before, and if they have a portfolio that they can show you with growth and performance they have delivered for previous clients. 

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What sales outsourcing agencies should you consider?

To make the process of selecting the right company to outsource your sales and marketing a little easier, we’re showcasing a number of firms that are known for delivering the best results out there. 

You will have to do a bit of research on each and every one, but we’ll at least tell you what they specialize in and what markets they can sell to. 

  • Operatix – specializes in B2B software sales in North America and the United Kingdom
  • MemoryBlue – focus on sales development and consulting, based in Virginia, USA
  • CloudTask – specializes in B2B lead generation; based in Florida, USA
  • Televerde – focus on B2B marketing and sales acceleration; has offices in the US, Scotland, and Argentina
  • ServiceSource – global B2B sales; offices in the US, Europe, and Asia
  • Callbox – sales support and B2B lead generation; focuses on clients in North America, Singapore, and Australia

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