Outreach Link Building (With Bibi the LinkBuilder)

Outreach Link Building

Bibi the link builder is well known in the SEO industry as a link builder based over in Amsterdam. In recent years, Bibi has grown and offers a simple but effective link building service where she does manual outreach and uses a personalised approach to build links for her clients. Bibi has gone from working on her own doing this type of work to scaling up and hiring staff and VA’s in order to refine the service and continuing to grow as a business.

Link Building can come in a number of different guises but one of the main things any link builder will have to do is some form of outreach to be able to convince webmasters to give links on relevant websites.

So Bibi will use tools like Pitchbox to setup her campaigns and do outreach at scale, using her own process and personalised templates alongside follow up and automation to be able to get anyone in any niche links.

There are many other options and techniques to get links, but some people are comfortable knowing that they are getting links using an organic process and Bibi’s service offers just that.

That said, it is important that you mix up your link building strategy in my opinion, but it was great to hear how Bibi does her part.

Outreach link building plays a big part in today’s current climate on top of PR and a few other ways of getting those links you need to outrank the competition.

Outreach Link Services

You can reach out to Bibi via www.bibibuzz.com if you have an interest in working with Bibi personally, or you can find her on most social media channels, Facebook is the place where you will find Bibi lurking in all honesty and is open to any questions if you want to reach out to her.

Outreach Tools

On the podcast, you will hear Bibi mention some of the tools she has used, or currently uses as part of her outreach strategy, the main one being Pitchbox.com which has all the bells and whistles which most link builders will use if they are working at a decent level and doing decent volume, it is the best tool out there for this type of thing.

Other outreach tools include BuzzStream, Mailshake that you can use if you are working at a much smaller scale, but in most cases, you will outgrow them very quickly and move on to Pitchbox.

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