Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management services are becoming an increasingly popular service with what people saying about you or your company being hugely important with the volume of people searching online, my job is to help you weaken, or eliminate any negatives about you online and promote more positive articles on you or your business.

With my SEO background I do get clients who want this type of service for one reason or another and there is very often two sides to every story, with people these days very quick to try and sabotage someone’s reputation negative press, reviews seem to be the most common threat to anyone with a business online.

Search engines don’t care about negative/positive information about you online, they tend to show things that seem to be more popular and relevant, Google doesn’t like to remove negative reviews unless your lucky and you can prove is malicious, but with people hiding behind fake persona’s, proxies and many other things its very hard for anyone to establish what is real and what’s not online.

Most people who are likely to use your website are likely to Google your business or your name before any money exchanges hands, stats suggest this is 90% of people who do this.

If you do find yourself with an issue where you do need help with online reputation management then get in contact with me and I’ll be more than happy to take a look at this for you.  Every job is priced individually depending on how much time and any other costs that may be involved in getting your negative reputation further down the rankings.