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seo for ecommerceOnline Reputation Management is a service that is getting asked for more frequently. In most cases people’s business reputation is the most valuable asset that they have and when someone goes out there way to ensure that your reputation is tarnished it can have a negative impact on business.

Research shows that small businesses are at high risk and if a small business is attacked it can cost thousands of pounds worth of lost revenue not to mention the cost of getting someone to try and resolve the problem for you.

With more people using mobiles, tablets and other devices to access the internet as well as the use of social media, a company’s reputation can spread very quickly whether it’s good or bad. Many people suffer from ex-employees, unhappy customers and competitors at times have also been known to post bad reviews about their competitors businesses. If your business relies on reputation then you might want to hire a Reputation Management Specialist if you are under attack. Having said this, what you might expect to get from someone who offers these services can be different as there are some companies that offer legal advice on what can and can’t be done and others will use different methods.

I regularly get asked if I can somehow remove some review that someone’s left on Google. The thing here is I don’t have access to people’s blogs and websites and people are entitled to their opinion. Google don’t just remove reviews that are left on their review section just because you asked them to as they want people to be able to post real reviews about businesses, products and services. As we all know there is always the minority out there who will leave bad reviews regardless of whether your products or services were good or not. It is impossible for anyone just to login and start removing these types of reviews.

There is ways to deal with certain websites and some of the review websites will remove reviews that have been put up there for no apparent reason. There are other sites that will simply not respond, no-one ever answers any emails and your reputation is being tarnished.

Now the option I have available for people is I do some SEO to force down some of the negative reviews when people Google a brand name, a persons name or whatever the search term is that brings up all these negative reviews. We all know that if it is on page 1 it will get exposure people will see it and may be put off using your services. Anywhere further down on page 2 doesn’t get that much traffic.  I can offer you reputation management services where I can ensure that we do some marketing to push the likes of Glassdoor, Trustpilot and the other well-known review sites that allow people to freely destroy your brand or reputation further down the rankings when people are looking for you or your brand or business name.

It’s just another cost effective option if there is a few website out there that will not remove the reviews that someone has left about you or your business. So if you are interested in us helping you maintain a good online presence for your business name or brand then get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your options.


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Craig Campbell

I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 18 years.

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