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What is the best mass email creator? What’s the best way to send mass email? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions and you haven’t used mass email marketing to your advantage before, we’re here to help! 

We’re looking at several ways you can send mass email in today’s article and also showcasing a list of some of the most useful tools that we’ve found in this sense today. 

Top Mass Email Service Today


As one of the most popular services in this field, MailChimp has some of the best features you should expect from such a tool. The free version is somewhat limited in terms of functionality, but it still allows you to manage as many as 2,000 contacts. 

mailchimp email marketing

The basic plan, which costs just under $10, lets you manage 50,000 contacts and comes with additional features. The most significant benefit that you will enjoy if you decide to pick our top choice is that it has a plethora of eye-catching templates.

The drag and drop builder in MailChimp is also worth writing home about as pretty much anyone can use it, even people who do not have many technical skills.


You can easily send mass email with AWeber, and it’s also among the most critically acclaimed tools in the industry — especially since it is being used by more than one million entrepreneurs. It’s relatively budget-friendly, and it has a free 30-day trial, so you can avoid spending a single cent to tell whether it might work for you.

Their customer support seems to be excellent, too, at least based on the info that we were able to find in this respect. The downside is that its interface just isn’t as good and easy to use as MailChimp’s email builder, so that’s one thing to consider. The sales tracking feature is another one that we liked. 

Constant Contact

This tool comes with a set of excellent features, and get this — if you’re having trouble deciding between one email service and another, you can try out Constant Contact for as many as 90 days. Plus, their basic plan costs just $20 a month and comes with a number of visually appealing templates. 

constant contact

One of the details that sets this tool aside from the rest is that there’s a set of essential questions that you need to answer at first, such as if you’ve worked with other email marketing tools in the past or the industry you’re in — this lets Constant Contact better understand what your needs are and the most likely features you are likely to use/enjoy. 


The free plan from ConvertKit lets you manage just up to one thousand subscribers per month, but if your needs are a bit more demanding than that, you can upgrade to the Complete plan for as little as $29. 

While ConvertKit is pretty neat and one of the most popular email subscription and management services out there, it’s mostly designed for small businesses and bloggers — it’s got a plethora of integrations and excellent customer support, but the number of templates is limited, and it’s not as cheap as some of the other options in our selection. 


This company is perhaps one of the largest ones in this selection, and the reason for this is that the service lets you keep in touch with your subscribers both via email and via SMS. It’s one of the most popular mass email platforms currently being used in European countries. 


The free plan made available by SendinBlue allows you to send out as many as 300 emails per day, so you can at least try it out before deciding to get a subscription. What we’d like to note about this service is that it is among the most feature-rich ones we’ve come across — they have everything from Facebook Ads integration to a landing page builder and a sales CRM. 


If you manage an eCommerce website or you’re a digital marketer wanting to keep in touch with their readership, Drip might be the best option for you. The email software integrates with a variety of website builders, including WooCommerce. 

There is a free trial available, and their paid plans start at just under fifty bucks a month — so it’s not as cheap as other mass email services listed here, but it’s definitely worth taking into account. 

Some of the features you might be interested in range from email segmenting, split testing, opt-in forms, and much, much more. The cheapest plan starts at $49 a month and comes with absolutely all the features you might need. 


Like another service that we have described here, SendinBlue, Omnisend lets you send out both emails and phone messages. Based on the info we found about this tool, it’s got some pretty great templates, automation, and a variety of analytics features. 


The basic plan costs just $16 a month, while the pro one will set you back just under $100. There is a free one available, and you can check it out to test out some of the features, but the limited functionality might convince you to get the paid version in the end anyway. 


This one is another service to mull over especially since it is rather easy to use, and it integrates with lots of lead generation software ranging from ZenDesk to OptinMonster and even SalesForce. 

Probably the best feature that GetResponse makes available for its subscribers is the ability to create smart, automated campaigns. Besides, the drag and drop builder is another reason to consider GetResponse, but so is the ability to segment your audience depending on its specific needs. 

There is a free one-month trial available, and afterward, you will pay $15 a month. 

Elastic Email

You can send out 1,000 emails for just 9 cents using Elastic Email, so it’s the perfect tool for small businesses and bloggers. Like some of the other options we’ve described here, it’s got a drag and drop builder that makes customizing your emails a breeze.

elastic email

It’s also worth noting that Elastic Email can offer you in-depth statistics about the open rate or how people engage with your emails, and they even have testing, a feature that allows you to tell what seems to work with your subscribers. 


Like Amazon’s SES, MailGun has a ‘pay as you go’ option that lets you rest assured that you do not have to break the bank to keep in touch with your email subscribers. 

We can’t say that the service is the most affordable one we’ve found, but it’s got some pretty neat features, such as the ability to customize and build different email marketing strategies depending on your needs, real-time tracking, and a bunch of analytics. 


One of the best things about SendGrid is that they have a free version that lets you send out as many as 100 emails per day. During the first 30 days of using the tool, though, you’ll be able to send out as many as 40,000 emails just to test out the features of the service. 


The ‘Essentials’ plan lets you send out 100,000 emails per month for just under $15. We’d say that the biggest reason to consider getting SendGrid would be their drag and drop email builder that’s extremely easy to use. They also have real-time analytics.

Amazon SES

Amazon SES might make the best choice for people who are just starting out with their email marketing goals, since they have a ‘pay as you go’ option. It’s also quite affordable, given that for just $.10, you can send out as many as 1,000 emails. 

While the tool can be integrated with a variety of tools, it might not be as easy to use as some of the others we’ve listed in our selection. In the end, it all depends on how savvy you are and if you’ve ever worked with a mass email creator before. 


SparkPost has a number of email templates available, but the thing that really sets it aside from the crowd is that it’s got extremely powerful analytics. You can check out whatever actions your subscribers perform when visualizing your messages, monitor your emails, and also send out appropriate responses. 


It’s not as affordable as some other services here, though, and we had to mention that particularly for people who send out hundreds of thousands of emails each month. 


If you want to send out mostly transactional emails, Postmark might be right up your alley. It’s safe, reliable, as well as easy to use, and it lets you check out the content history of your emails for as many as 45 days following delivery. 

The pricing is also pretty affordable, at least if you are a blogger or a small-sized business — for as many as 10,000 emails a month, you will spend just $10. The email templates that they put at your disposal are also responsive and very easy to work with, and that’s always worth considering. 

HubSpot Email Marketing

This one might not be for everyone as it does tend to cost a bit more compared to some of the other options that we have showcased here. For example, for $40, you can send out just 1,000 emails, which might not be enough in some cases. 

hubspot email marketing

However, the HubSpot CRM is extremely easy to use and also allows you to have complete control over the emails you send out. Their drag and drop builder is definitely worth writing home about, and they even have goal-based templates that are fully customizable. 


This cloud-based email delivery service is quite affordable, and the best thing about it is that it comes with a tracking history of up to 90 days. 

Since we mentioned that it is quite budget-friendly, we might as well tell you that the basic plan that Pepipost makes available for you costs just $25 a month and allows you to send out as many as 150,000 emails. 

How to pick the best service for sending mass email

The ability to track user behavior

This is perhaps the best feature that you should look for in any mass email service as you want to know how your newsletter subscribers interact with your emails. 

Also, depending on what you’re sending them and the type of content you produce through this method, you will be able to tell what sticks and what mistakes you should never repeat. 

Some email marketing tools allow you to tell what sections of the mail people most interact with. You can also split up your audience depending on what their needs are, find out if they’re merely interested in your newsletter, engaging with it, or whether you should send them some offers to convince them to re-activate their subscriptions. 

Double opt-in

The subscription process can make a lot of difference when it comes to the success of your email marketing campaigns. 

Ideally, the service you opt for should come with double opt-in instead of single opt-in as otherwise, some of your readers might unsubscribe, delete your mails, or even mark them as spam — and that’s the last thing that you might want. 

mass email marketing

Splitting up your email list

Tracking your users’ behavior is one thing, but the mass email service that you choose should also give you the ability to create several different lists depending on your ideal buyer personas. 

This is a pretty important feature since it can help you understand what subscribers can be easily converted into customers and which ones should be convinced some more. Needless to say, the emails you send out to these two categories should be different. 


Email marketing has gotten a lot easier ever since the development of easy-to-use tools such as MailChimp, and for good reason, too. 

If you’ve ever worked with this platform, you probably know that there’s not a lot of coding that you should do, so your marketing person can merely use clean templates and customize the emails as easily as possible. This is just an example, but a user-friendly interface is mandatory when making a decision between one service and the next. 

Mailing domains

This is an optional feature, but it certainly comes in handy in some cases. You can use both your main domain and a sub-domain of your website to send out emails. 

The point is that switching between the two every now and then can make it possible for your emails not to be marked as spam or just end up in the junk box by accident. 

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