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pay per click imageIn recent times I keep hearing people saying they have hired a Digital Strategist or sometimes they call them a Marketing Strategist. This is typically someone who come into companies with a plan of action for the marketing of a business to ensure that the company moves forward and has the best possible strategy in place that brings in a huge return on their marketing investment.

There are people out there who do this role well, they come in they have experience in Digital Marketing and can come up with a good strategy for you for example if you don’t have the right people on your team they will seek someone out to do the work that’s required to get your marketing up to scratch. This is ideal if you are a busy business owner who has no time to oversee the marketing or someone who just would like someone else who has the expertise to look after that side of things. Someone who would ideally fit the Marketing Strategist/Digital Strategist role would be someone who has worked in the industry for some time as experience in SEO, PPC, Media Buying, Social Media are very important to digital campaigns.

When you are hiring a digital strategist it’s important that you ask for examples of work where they’ve been successful, this will prove how reliable they are and whether or not they have the skills required to do the job to a high standard. I do provide Digital Strategy services and would be more than happy to assist anyone who wants someone to oversee their overall Marketing Strategy. I’ve worked with a range of companies, from those who have a very small budget and still getting success to companies who have six-figure monthly budgets for a much wider range of marketing.

If that service is of interest do get in touch with me and ill be more than happy to assist you with a strategy that suits your budget.


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If you’re looking for someone to look at your marketing strategy then I’d advise you to be wary of the type of person who has a lot of technical jargon listed on their website, LinkedIn profile or whatever they are using to promote themselves. I do on occasion come across these so called Marketing Strategists who say they plan, implement a strategy and oversee your marketing budget but they have little or no experience. Or marketing strategists who jump from job to job on a regular ongoing basis so they have experience alright, a lot of experience in finding new jobs and working with P45’s and things like that.

I have faced this type of Digital Marketing Strategist and ask them what is it they actually do. I often get the answer that they ( with their lack of knowledge ) come up with a plan, they get folk like me to do the hard work and they take a handsome sum of money for pairing me up with the client. I’m all for people making money and reselling services etc, but there are many Marketing Strategists who do nothing but sit and analyse nothing and come up with all these ideas for the sake of pulling up new ideas – this is the type of strategist that you might want to avoid.

If you are considering hiring one then I’d recommend that you make sure that they have actual hands-on experience of marketing as someone who doesn’t isn’t likely to have the technical knowledge required to understand what marketing is all about.

You can be assured that your general marketing strategy would consist of the below items, all fairly simple and easy to implement if the budget is allowing you to go for all of these.

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Buying ads on places with high visibility, websites with high traffic, football billboards, screens in specific locations
  • Email Marketing
  • TV/Radio
  • Local/National Press
  • Business Networking
  • Sponsoring local events/charity’s

Many people find that SEO, PPC and a nice looking website with decent calls to action will probably be up there with the best possible marketing strategies however, it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful just using one form of marketing.

If you have any questions about this then feel free to contact me, i’d be more than happy to answer your question(s).

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