Manchester SEO Meetup, UK SEO Mastermind

So a couple of weeks back I was kindly invited to the UK SEO Mastermind down in Manchester, this was an invite-only SEO Meetup where James Dooley invited people who will add value to come along meetup and help each other, share tips and help each other in areas where we may fall short. There were 19 people who attended offering valuable tips and insights into their business, how they scale up, how they deal with automation and more importantly how they go about ranking websites there was a ton of other tips in there too.

We all know attending conferences, meetups at the usual regular events can be useful but the reality is most speakers will only release a little bit of what they are doing and sharing some of the tools they may have used for a number of years but retain some of the good stuff to themselves and is only when meeting in a more relaxing set up with people you like and trust that people open up a little bit more and that’s when the good stuff starts to come out.

There are a handful of conferences such as Chiang Mai and Ungagged where you will get speakers dropping the information you are looking for, there will be a few others but in general, a lot of conferences are for beginners trying to learn the basics and that isn’t for everyone.

This is where it’s important to network, travel and meet your peers and invest in yourself by continuing to learn, I’m a massive fan of this type of networking as it works very well for me and I’ve many SEO contacts/friends that I have built up over the years.

Manchester SEO Meetup

This particular meetup in Manchester was held at James Dooley’s office, the great thing about James is that he is a great believer in networking, working with other like-minded people and continuing to improve his own internal processes. James opened up his office and freely spoke about his success stories, what he has done and continues to do, absolutely killing it online. The amazing thing is James and all of the other chaps who attended this Meetup in Manchester are all successful people, there were no egos in the room, everyone still continues to learn and develop new techniques.

We spent about 5 hours going around the room discussing good things, and weak areas that we all have, it’s tough admitting you have weaknesses but it was good to see successful people admit they have pain points and where they need to improve.

When attending such an event, it is also important to give as well as take, it’s not all about sitting there and taking all of our information and then running with it, it’s about sharing and offering some kind of value, otherwise, you are most likely not going to get an invite back. So just keep that in mind if you find yourself in that type of company try and offer some kind of value.

Positive SEO

Obviously there was a lot of knowledge shared in the room, which will be kept in that group, but one thing I  want to share is that I’ve never sat in a room where people were always so positive, people were saying ” I will rank this site ” there was no ifs, buts or maybes the chaps know exactly what they are doing and what their processes are. Noone sat there and said “I want to try and rank this website ” or ” it would be good if I could rank this site ” and to be honest is probably the first time I’ve sat in company that was so positive. I personally like to surround myself with positive people rather than those who whine bitch and moan about negative things.

On a personal level I’ve learnt a lot at this event and hopefully, I was also able to offer the others some valuable tips and advice that will add value to their businesses.

Synergy & 1 + 1 = 3

Fatrank is a blog by James Dooley who believes in synergy and 1+1 = 3 and he is 100% right, we can all make money from different angles we don’t need to tread on each other’s toes and we can network, help and work together on projects helping each other out where possible and continue to grow and kill it online.

There is a lot of tips and advice on James’s blog and well worth a read and if you are ever lucky enough to get an invite to this event or one similar grab it with both hands.

Thanks to all the guys who attended the UK SEO Mastermind, it was a top event and a big thanks to James Dooley for organising it all, was a top day and an even better night even if James did pour champagne down everyone’s neck.


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I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 18 years.

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