Making a WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Looking for a quick and easy way of getting your wordpress website mobile friendly prior to next Tuesdays update? The update means that you will have to have a mobile friendly or responsive website if you are to still rank well on mobile devices. Talking to customers who have websites there are web developers or web design companies charging an absolute fortune to do this and it isn’t always required.

Of course someone may choose to hand code you a bespoke mobile website and that will have to be paid for as it takes time and effort but there is also people simply installing plugins which automatically make your website mobile friendly at the push of a button and this is something you are able to do yourself too.

The pressure is on to get it mobile friendly by the 21st of April 2015 and it is said that this update will take around 1 week to roll out. So it is ideal at least in the short term to use a plugin such as WPtouch while will help you do the job quickly.

WP Touch also have a PRO version of the plugin which allow a lot more flexibility. Some people using plugins to make their wordpress website mobile friendly have saw issues like shortcodes appearing on the mobile friendly version of the website. This is something that is a known problem and the Pro version of WP touch eliminates that issue. So it is probably best you go and take a look at that plugin in the short term rather than get cleaned out by some web designer who claims adding this plugin is 3 days worth of work.


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