Local Prominence Plugin for Local SEO

Local SEO Prominence Plugin

What is this plugin and what does it do?

I was joined on a webinar by Bradley Bennett and he was on to discuss his new plugin that helps you build up Local Prominence and relevance for your local SEO pages.

You can watch the webinar below to see how easy this wordpress plugin is to use.

Local Relevancy for SEO

We all know that Local SEO is all about relevancy and using Google’s local Prominence API can help you build relevance and using what Google sees as relevant is key to doing that.

The plugin allows you to create local pages on your website that are totally relevant to whatever niche you are working in. It is designed to give you exactly what Google sees as relevant to the page, rather than using someone’s assumptions of what’s relevant. This plugin allows you to feed Google exactly what it wants to see.

Take full advantage of this plugin and let Google tell you what’s important and relevant for your pages. You can grab the plugin here.

How to Build Relevance for Local SEO?

Geo pages help you create GEO relevance which is an important signal if you want to rank locally. Topical relevance is important and normally people write good content which does cover a lot of your local stuff off. However that isn’t all Google is looking for, are they looking at local entities?

I think we all have established over recent times that entities are an important factor, in particular when you are doing local SEO.

We are using Google and we might aswell use the prominence API to figure out what Google thinks is an entity rather than the usual guesswork that we get out of people in the industry.

What is an Entity?

Entities can be people, colours, ideas, things or more, it is singular and distinguishable. People, places or things tend to be entities and we need to make sure we are giving Google what they want and the aim is to make sure Google understands the connections between the content we are publishing.

Tell Google where to rank your local pages

We are simply filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle, creating pages that will help your local landing pages and your GMB profile.

So for example I might have a page designed to target ” Hotels in Miami ” and that page might rank well enough, but I can further boost the relevance and join the dots using entities by adding other pages on my website for example.

  • Things to do in Miami
  • Restaurants in Miami
  • Kids Play Areas Miami
  • Nightclubs in Miami
  • Casinos in Miami

So I could basically use the plugin to create those pages as per the demonstration above and create local pages that Google see as the most relevant pages in those areas and I’m adding more value to my users, whilst also feeding Google all of these entities and relevance.

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