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Linkedin Training CoursesIn recent months I’ve been asked by a fair number of people if I would be able to put on a LinkedIn Training Course and I have done with decent success. We have done them in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across a few other cities in Scotland and I’m likely to continue doing these LinkedIn Training courses as there has been a fair amount of interest.

In December I am likely to hold at least one LinkedIn Training course in Glasgow. We are more than happy to consider doing more but essentially it will come down to how much interest there is in the training course that we provide.

Many business owners seem to make a common mistake where they set up a LinkedIn profile and add a few connections and think that all this business will just automatically drop on their lap. When the business doesn’t drop on their lap automatically they say LinkedIn isn’t worth it, it’s no good for business, all of the usual comments that you will hear, and I was one of those people too at one point.

That said, who really wants to be sat on LinkedIn all day trying to drum up business, you would soon lose the will to live looking at people selling their services in one way or another.

The training courses we provide is not to tell you how great LinkedIn is, how much leads I’ve got from it or to give you the usual stuff about how you must post engaging content.

The course will show you how to get targeted visitors looking at your profile and in turn start to generate leads and enquiries from your LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin Training

The course normally lasts about an hour and a half, with an additional 30 minutes left for questions and discussion. There are not too many people who are advising on how to actually make LinkedIn work and how you can generate leads, exposure or whatever you are trying to achieve on LinkedIn.

So if you are interested in LinkedIn Training Courses in Glasgow then get in touch. I am happy to offer training at my office in Glasgow or can travel to do courses for a Minimum of 4 people. Get in touch for a quote for a course at your premises.

We do training courses on LinkedIn all the time, if you are interested in one of the LinkedIn training courses then please do get in touch and find out when our next course is available.



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