Identifying Google Updates with Kyle Roof

Identifying Google Core Updates

Kyle Roof was next up on the podcast, Kyle is well known for his tool Page Optimizer Pro but there is a lot more to Kyle than that, he discusses his agency and how he goes about Identifying Google Core Updates, we all know Google regularly change things and are always left guessing what the deal is with any update. Kyle has his own way of identifying Google Updates and was kind enough to talk me through his three-step process of figuring out what is going on.

The thing I love about guys like Kyle is that any of his reasoning for updates isn’t based on hearsay, he actually uses data to come to his decisions and when he explains what he does it makes perfect sense to work in this way. Too often we end up on social media and are listening to people making their own conclusions as to what the updates are about, people panic and make rash changes to their websites and end up no further forward.

Google does do regular updates to their algorithm which is important for them to show the best website for any given search result, but its usually those core updates that hit hard, people see massive changes in traffic and rankings when a core update happens.

Three Points to Identifying an Update

Front End

So you need something on the front end, so indexation can give you an idea if something happened, Kyle always has a bunch of test websites which he uses for a number of different things and also uses this method to check things on the front end, so if something is drastically changing and pages are potentially being de-indexed you know something has changed on that side of things. This will help you identify if there’s been a drop in traffic over a couple of days rather than the general movement we all get.

Back End

There are a ton of tools that tell you if there has been an update, they give scores such as the SEMRush sensor and there are tons of other tools that will give you some idea if there is a lot of movement, usually these tools use a dip in keyword rankings as to whether there is some kind of update coming, and it makes sense as these guys have a ton of data and if a number of sites do have movement it would suggest there is something going on, however, you can’t solely rely on this to identify if an update happened.

Using your own Traffic

You can use your own tools such as Google Analytics or Search Console to identify a dip in traffic or indexation problems, this is completely free to use and you can use your own data and be able to quickly identify if there’s a problem, do not rely on people online coming up with crazy conclusions to determine what the next update is about.

Internet Marketing Gold

Kyle does have his own set of tools in this group, its not a Facebook group but there’s a lot of smart guys involved at Internet Marketing Gold and they have their own tool to identify updates before they actually happen. But there is a lot more to this group they have a ton of good stuff within the group that will help anyone at any level of Digital Marketing.

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