How To Use Quora to Build Your Brand

Multiply The Light of Your Brand

What if you could get hundreds of people to know how you solve problems with your knowledge? What there were thousands? What if you could light the way for site visitors over and over again? Not just one tiny light, but a steady stream of light?

You know your business can answer questions and fill needs of potential customers, but starting out getting traction, even getting people to know you exist, is challenging. You create a great blog consistently, but nobody sees it. Without visitors, feedback, and links search engines see the website as virtually non-existent. So, how can you get people to find your answers for just what they need?

Your Empty Train Station

I have a solution to getting people to know how well you know your stuff.

Imagine you live in a small town A, tiny opportunities are there. This is your current website. You’re thinking of moving to a Capital City C, where it is all very different. But it is very far and you don’t have a car, even bicycle, and there is no train station in A. What would you do?

You can:

Go on foot and spend years walking, and still maybe never reach C;
do nothing expecting they will move capital from C to A;
start building railways in A, expecting to get to C one day.

Number 3 sounds particularly crazy, but how many people are trying to do it when it comes to marketing? This is you waiting for people to find your website and discover how you are just the solution they need.

What about number 4: Get yourself to B, the nearest city with a railway station, then take a train to C?
The very same idea is used here as a marketing technique: Take-a-Train.

How To Use Quora to Build Your Brand

Take A Train Problem

You have a blog. Well, almost everybody does. And you are brilliant (If you are not very good – change your job). But, nobody knows about you, no traffic, no people reading your great stuff, nothing. You are in your little village A.

One day you have a great idea to start a Question and Answer (Q&A) section on your blog. People can ask questions and you are happy to provide valuable answers. (If your answers are rubbish – change your job).

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What happens next?

Absolutely nothing. Nobody knows your best ever Q&A page exists. You have no questions. You are unable to impress the public with your answers. So instead of the task promoting your Blog, you have another one: promoting your Q&A section. Suddenly, you feel as though you’ve created more work with exactly the same results: nothing.

But a Q&A train already exists, with thousands of Questions and Answers every day, with some 100 million monthly users. It is just not passing through your village A. It is called Quora.

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The Take-A-Train Solution

How do you take this train? Here’s your the step-by-step guide to getting noticed, read and perceived as a skilled and experienced professional.

Get yourself a Quora account. Quora has a real name policy, so you must use your real name. Start browsing Quora to find an interesting question you can answer, and answer well.
Copy the question to your Q&A page. Answer it on your Q&A page. Of course, nobody sees it. But here comes the magic of all those 100 million people.
Take your answer and post it to Quora, answering the original question. Mention that you found this answer on your Q&A page. Post the link. This is not a problem since you are giving a valuable answer.
Provide several answers using this technique.
Don’t expect people jump to your blog after a couple of good answers. Everyone who uses Quora knows, it is very slow.
Quora is slow but steady. giving, say 1 answer a day in a couple of months you will get your first direct question. Why? Well, Quora is a big train, and sometimes a good read but it is not the best when you need a quick and reliable answer. So if you are quick and good you will get your share of questions.
People tend to share good answers. That sharing gives you some links and sharing from your page. That means more direct traffic, high-quality visitors. Those lead to more questions.
This is your opportunity to shine. Make sure you answer the questions quickly with brief, straight-to-the point answers.
Keep producing brilliant answers. (If your answers are rubbish – change your job).

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Quora Train Solution

Gare du Nord. Europe’s busiest train station.

From Unknown to Resource

The key to getting from your tiny village A to a trusted resource is consistency. Keep answering questions on your website first, and then post the answers on Quora. Over time you will build links and a steady stream of visitors to your website by providing real solutions. You will end up as a trusted resource in your area of expertise.

Each answered question is a tiny light. Keep lighting the way to knowledge.

Anton Shulke & Zara Altair

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