How To Make Money Online

Making money online is something that everyone is capable of doing, just not everyone is doing it. The beauty of working in this way is that it allows you to completely be in control of how you’re earning your money and there isn’t one set way that it can be achieved. Of all the potential ways to make money I am going to describe here, they’re many that I haven’t done myself. However, the success that others are achieving in these avenues can’t be disputed.

Below is a few of the ways that you can start bringing in money from the comfort of your own home:

  • Blogging
  • Freelance work
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Selling Products (e-commerce)
  • Taking surveys
  • Reviewing
  • Monetisation on Youtube

Throughout this article, I’ll go on further to explain how you can start using these methods today. First of all though, I have to make the point clear that nothing I am going to describe here involves money making scams that will earn you thousands of pounds in a short period of time although you’ve probably received emails from people out there telling you otherwise.

My goal here is to hopefully help you understand that although some areas may involve a certain skill that is unique to you, the majority of ways you can make money online just comes down to hard work on your end.

Freelance Work

To start with, I may as well get the method out of the way that does require you to have some sort of skill. That method is Freelance Work. With more and more customers today becoming fed up paying for massive companies and agencies overheads when the same level of work can be achieved from someone sitting in their bedroom. Freelancers have never had so many opportunities for work. With sites like Fiverr and Guru out there, you can literally offer any service, and if your good you’ll find yourself gaining plenty of work from it.

Later in this article, I will leave a list of material that you can use to start implementing some of these skills. For now though I am just going to explain the methods you can use to earn the money.

Freelancing Work Tips

While this way of working definitely has its benefits and really is a great way of working, it can go very wrong if you don’t be careful. Before I go on to explain the different types of freelancing work, you need to make sure you set yourself up properly first before you start selling your services. Below is a list of things you need to consider ahead of time:

  1. Make sure you understand your country’s invoicing system. Whenever you are charging your clients you will need to make sure you are including the correct information needed by law.
  2. You should create yourself a list of terms and conditions. This is a very important way for you to stop any of your clients from trying to take advantage of you. Displaying your terms & conditions is the perfect way to stop anyone from claiming that you provide more than you actually do etc. This should contain what hours you work, what your rate is, what service(s) you offer etc.
  3. You need to make sure that you aren’t taking on work that is offering pay solely through product sales. What I mean by this is you shouldn’t do work for a client free of charge in the hopes that you will gain a return from their profits. This is a usually a way for people to scam you, avoiding paying you altogether.

Web Design and Online Marketing

Like I had just mentioned, people are now working in their bedrooms and this is mainly due to the kind of equipment you need to earn a living these days. A laptop and an internet connection is a money making machine that allows for so many different jobs:

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing

This is just a couple of avenues that you can go down to start gaining clients. Don’t get me wrong, there will be some initial expenses to allow you to probably service your clients, such as premium tools required for research and design, website hosting bills etc but this is just a small inconvenience if you have the ability to bring in a lot more money.


This is a great way to earn lots of money with nothing but a laptop. Think of anything that you’ve read in your favourite magazine or any content that you’ve read on a website such as product information etc. This is all copywriting and someone has most definitely been paid for it. In most cases, writing like this can involve quite a good amount of money, this is mainly due to the companies that pay out are big and corporate.

Copywriting Image

How Much Money Can I Make?

Again this is very similar to blogging, a lot of this depends on what kind of company you are writing for and your skill level. As an entry into the world of copywriting, I would suggest that you visit sites such as MediaBistro and Freelance Writing Gigs. Here you will be able to find work from all different sectors and it allows you to build up your own little portfolio of work that you can then take to other businesses to sell your services more effectively.

Web Design

Website design is a very popular way of making a living online. There are millions of businesses out there that are either looking for new websites or just looking to get their first. In the age of the internet, it is crucial for businesses to have a presence online and a website is like your storefront.

The popularity has its ups and downs for someone looking to get into the design world. First of all, the market is very competitive for new designers to break through and find work but on the other hand, the majority of web designers out there aren’t very reliable and are seriously overcharging. This leaves room for someone like you to capitalise on their mistakes.

How Much Money Will I Make?

Web designers wages can vary depending on a number of things. A lot of designers out there will charge a set price for the job and others will charge per hour. I’ve seen all ends of the spectrum from people charging over £10,000 for a web design job and I’ve seen people charge as little as £200.

To make money in this industry you need to really understand your own skills, don’t go charging clients a fortune if you know you can’t deliver everything they want from the build. Likewise, if your client is asking for lots of features and multiple changes don’t be afraid to charge accordingly for your time spent.

Web Developer and Programmer

This is a field that you can make yourself quite a lot of money. Now, this side of working with websites and systems is definitely not where my strong points lie. Fortunately for those of you who are great in this area, I’m not alone. There are plenty of people out there that need things like custom built booking systems etc. The thing about this kind of work also is that there are so many different programming languages people work with which leaves plenty avenues for you to go down. In terms of getting this kind of work, you can choose a few different options. For one, you can approach the clients directly and show off some of your previous work if you have some and there are plenty of sites out there that provide job opportunities which I’ll list below:

How Much Money Will I Make?

This all depends on how much experience you have and what kind of project your working on. In terms of an hourly rate, low-level developers can charge anywhere up to £20 an hour while those on the more experienced side of the spectrum can earn up to £200-300 an hour.

You can of course, charge using different methods such as per project basis. In this case, you would need to evaluate how much time it is going to take you to carry it out, accounting for changes etc. A third and less common method of charging is applying some sort of percentage charge to the profit that is made using whatever you have developed. This one you should be careful with though as there’s a good chance that you might not get paid at all which I have explained a little earlier.

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is a great way to make money online. One thing you’ll notice about SEO is that every site needs it, but so many people don’t understand it. With SEO, there are so many different aspects to it that can each be broken down into a few individual services. The main areas of SEO are link building and copywriting. Now selling these are all well in good but where the real money lies is within a full SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation

How Much Money can I Make?

With SEO there is no real limit to how much money you can earn. With most low-level clients, you could charge as little as £100 per month to help them rank successfully for local searches. If you’re working with much bigger clients you can charge thousands to allow them to rank amongst their competitors. The difference with this kind of industry is that your price is really dictated by how competitive the clients market is and how high they would like to compete on the search engine.

App DeveloperApp Developer

App development isn’t quite as common as some of the other jobs here, but it is definitely a real money maker. As you’ll probably know, there are some apps out there that have become so popular such as flappy birds and candy crush that they have brought in revenue as high as $500 million. The potential here is crazy if you are going to be creating your own app. There are positions however out there for devs in which they can work on existing apps etc.

How Much Money Will I Make?

Again this is another job that really doesn’t have a limit as to how much you can earn. Creating an app could potentially make you millions depending on the kind of audience you can pull in. iOS developers can earn between £20-£25 an hour while developers on Android are earning roughly between £15-£20.

Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing is a very lucrative way to make money. Although there aren’t some clear cut paths you can take to get into this field of work, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. The best way to get into this area is by approaching your clients and trying to build a good relationship as well as having a great portfolio of work to back you up. Ghost Writers will write for things like:

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Press releases

If you get yourself writing for one of these mediums, then you are looking at earning a good amount of money.

How Much Money Will I Make?

Ghost Writing might not be as frequent as other methods of writing such as copywriting and blogging but the rewards are much greater. If you can get a book gig or a job writing press releases for important figures and politicians, you could earn anywhere between £30,000-£80,000 a year. Ghost Writers don’t get any credit when writing any content which allows them to charge that bit extra compared to other forms of writing.

Teaching and Training

Teaching and Training

In this day and age, you can carry out training and teaching lessons online. This can be in the form of live video communication (skype etc).  Below is a list of few examples of the things you could teach:

  • Any piece of software
  • instrument lessons
  • web design
  • Courses
  • Personal training

The beauty of this kind of work is that you don’t have to be a complete expert in your chosen field, you just have to know more than your student. There is plenty of learning material out there already for pretty much anything you can think off. The problem is many people either don’t have the time or patience to learn on their own which is where you can come in. If you are willing to learn what you need to teach others then you can make quite a bit of money.

How much money can I make?

This one can vary depending on a number of factors such the kind of industry that you are teaching in and the amount of experience you have within it. The minimum you can expect to receive in personal 1 to 1 training is anywhere between £10 an hour. The higher end of the spectrum can allow you to start earning £100+ per hour.


Translation work is actually a lot more common than you’d think. There is a lot of content online and lot’s of this content is not in English. There is always a need for people that can speak multiple languages, you can find plenty of work translating things such as:

  • Blogs
  • CVs
  • podcasts
  • legal documents

How much Money Will I Make?

Depending on the skill level you have this work could earn you anywhere between £150-£300 an hour. The reason you can earn so much money is not just because you can simply translate from one language to another, but you are also copywriting and branding all in one job.


Consultancy is the kind of job role you can have once you are an expert in one of these fields. A consultant will approach business and explain to them where they are going wrong in the specific field and how they can improve it. I wouldn’t recommend that you offer this kind of work if you aren’t an expert in the field. With this kind of work, you will mainly have to advertise this it yourself but there are a few freelance opportunities if you look hard enough.

How much money can I make?

With consultancy, the amount of money you can earn will vary depending on what kind of consultancy you are offering, a freelance copywriting consultant for example, may earn up to £300 a day for their services, while an SEO consultant may earn between £1000-£2000 a day.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

This role is quite a competitive one, there are plenty of people out there that offer support services through the web. Some of these services include:

    • Answering emails
    • working with multiple calendars
    • Scheduling meetings and appointments
    • Virtual assistance with programs and software.

Now this is only some of the standard jobs that a VA could find themselves doing, there are plenty of personalised jobs also that are specific to the client which allows for a good variety of work.

How much money can I make?

The virtual assistant market is definitely one of the most competitive and you will find that a lot of countries within Eastern Europe will take this work also which does make the work come cheaper. Starting out as a basic assistant you will be looking at earning between £2-£10 an hour. If you do however have the skills, experience and find the right client you could be looking at earning anywhere between £25-£50+ an hour.


There is a job that comes with all of the work I’ve mentioned above such as copywriting, designing, SEO etc. That job is editing. With the amount of work out there on the web, someone has to be checking for the little mistakes that have been made. If you’re lucky, then you might even land jobs in which you are editing bigger projects such as books and political white papers.

How Much Money can I make?

There are people out there that are making quite a good bit of money in editing roles. This can definitely vary depending on the kind of project you are working on but in general terms, you’re most likely looking at £5-£10 an hour for a beginner level and you could with experience begin to earn more than £50+ per hour.


Blogging is bigger than it’s ever been and keeps getting bigger. With traditional forms of media becoming more and more untrustworthy, people are starting to look elsewhere for information and opinions which in turn is boosting the success bloggers and YouTubers alike. There are a few ways you can earn money when blogging,

There are a few ways you can earn money when blogging, running your own personal blog is by far the most lucrative so ill start there. Writing your own blog will take some time before you have a real voice on the internet but once you do, you could find yourself earning thousands a month of affiliate deals alone. The second way is by guest blogging.

The second way is by guest blogging. This method is definitely exclusive to certain markets, for example, those in the digital marketing space can highly benefit from guest blogging for many outreach purposes.

And last but not least, just simply writing for other people’s blogs. There are plenty of opportunities out there to write for other people’s blogs and you can be paid per article.

How Much Money Will I Make?

This is very much down to a number of factors. Your skill level is one of the most important factors that merits the money you earn, beginner writers can make anywhere between £10-£20 dollars an hour. Whereas your more experienced and renowned writers can earn over £100 an hour.

  • What sectors are you writing for?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • How fast and efficient are you?

These are just a few questions that you should be asking yourself when you ask the questions of how much money can be made.


The thing about blogging is people know that there is plenty of money to be made from it, but people don’t actually know how. I regularly hear people saying “you can’t make money by just writing some posts on a website” and they are not entirely wrong. However, this isn’t exactly what blogging successfully is. If you want to make money, you are going to have to understand the different avenues that open up when you are running a successful blog. Below I’m going to explain the different services you can provide through your online blog.


An eBook is a book that exists online only. If you are working with the newest venture there is possible. If there happens to be a hot topic right now relating to your blog then you could go ahead write an eBook about it. You can go on to sell this book with your blogs reputation and traffic being a key factor in driving your sales. The beauty of this is blogging isn’t tied to any one field. There are people writing eBooks about everything and anything from:

  • Fitness
  • Travelling guides
  • Tutorials
  • Food Recipes

Now the process of creating an eBook is a lot easier than you think. All you need to do is write your content in any text editing program such as Microsoft Word and Apache, save it as a PDF and then stick it into one of these eBook creators

Online Courses

If you’re blogging about something that you are skilled in, then you could potentially sell courses on it. Online courses is an extremely lucrative business model that will require initial time and effort but after the setup is done, you can watch the sales come in. Now if you are running a blog that has a couple of thousand email subscribers, you greatly increase your chance of sales.

When talking about the kind of money you can make it all depends on the type of courses you are selling, how popular the topics are, how much you are charging etc. There are cases out there that people are making £20’000+ a year from their online courses, which might not seem like the largest sum in the world but having a following built up with a blog will increase this revenue tenfold.

It is also really easy to set up your online courses with a good few learning management systems out there.


The world of podcasting is a fairly new one, but it is growing at an alarming rate. The idea that you can make money from simply talking into a microphone may seem unlikely but that’s far from the case. Now don’t get me wrong you won’t be making loads from just podcasting, the real money maker is the advertising that can come along with it. If you have a big enough audience, then the advertising opportunities will come and you could earn quite a bit of money.

I would suggest that if you are going to start with podcasting that you try and keep a level of consistency when uploading.

The difference’s you’ll notice about owning a successful blog is its ability to sell links. When talking about SEO, lot’s of people will tell you that so-called “white hat SEO” is everything you need to know and that following these guidelines is the key to ranking. The reality is that real SEO’s are just really good at hiding any of their unethical activities

If you have a blog that has quite a lot of power and traffic running through it, then opportunities may arise for you to sell links to other websites. Now when receiving these offers you do need to take the necessary precautions as a quick search will tell you some people have been seriously caught out. I would suggest that you look into carrying out some of these tasks yourself. This kind of thing is usually through a client approaching you directly but you can also buy and sell on site’s such as:

Social Media

Social MediaSocial media is a massive part of the worldwide web. I would strongly suggest that you get either yourself or your business involved in this side of marketing as you could actually make a little money on the side. The thing about SM marketing is that it is a very competitive space.  Below is a few of the platforms that I consider to be the worth your while.


Youtube Logo

Now having a youtube account with a large audience is definitely a good money maker. The rise in popularity of this platform has become so big that it has caused a decrease in TV viewership while youtube has increased by over 70%. With youtube, your way to make money is through advertising. Once you have a verified account, you can monetise any of your videos. This means that youtube will give you 55% of any ad revenue gained from your video. On top of this, you can try and strike some more advertising deals with other companies that you can then feature in your videos. Of course, for this to be lucrative you will need to have a substantial audience which is the part that takes the most amount of work.


Facebook Logo


Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. In the last quarter of 2016, the stats for how many users logged in on a monthly basis was upwards of 1.8 billion. These figures alone should make you understand why it’s important to have a presence on this platform. Facebook allows you to set up a page for any services that you provide. From here people can see your business address, location, contact info and any posts and pictures that you add. These pages also allow you to create a call to action buttons at the top allowing you to direct the users elsewhere, which is great if you mainly make money through your website.


Twitter Logo

This is another social media platform that could make you a bit of extra cash. For you to start making money from Twitter you will need to sign up for sponsored tweets. This allows you to earn a percentage from how many times the tweet has been clicked on. Celebrities are the ones that can make the most amount of money from this method, however for the rest of us, you can make somewhere between £5-10 a tweet or if you do have a large audience then you could be looking at earning upwards of £50 for a single tweet which is really quite impressive.


InstagramInstagram Logo

Instagram is forever growing in popularity, it definitely works in some industries and in others it’s not really worthwhile. If you are working in say fashion or you are selling art style products, then Instagram is the perfect way for you to get the images out there for the world to see. However, if your business isn’t very visual centred then you most likely won’t benefit from it. You can make quite a lot of money on this platform if you have a large following as it opens up opportunities for companies to pay you to take photos with their products and leave positive comments/reviews about them.

Selling Others Products

Selling other peoples products is very lucrative and can give you a recurring income that you can make a great living out of. The hard part to this is building up your initial following of people, with a bigger audience you will have more opportunities to advertise and more sales coming through you. I am going to list a few different types of marketing you can do when selling below:

Affiliate Marketing

First up is affiliate marketing. This is when someone promotes a product through a platform such as Youtube or a blog and when a sale is made through the site, they receive a percentage of the sale. There is plenty of money to be made here when done right there’s no doubt about it, the first thing you need however is enough of an audience to make it work for you. A lot of affiliates can find this kind of work quite frequently when working on the blogging side of things. There are plenty of affiliate marketing platforms out there that you can use to find offers for you. These platforms will take a small fee from your sales but it is a great avenue to go down at the beginning.

These are just a few of the popular affiliate platforms that you can use. If you are going to use this kind of marketing, you’ll first need to have a platform that has a rather large audience. Whether this is a youtube channel or a blog, you can earn yourself quite a few affiliate deals which in turn results in a recurring monthly income.

Pay per click (Contextual)

This form of marketing is a great way to make some extra cash through your website. The way this type of marketing works is ads will be automatically placed on your website through these affiliate programs. You won’t have complete control over what ads appear on your site, but you will have a better conversion rate. A few websites you can go to set up this kind of advertising is:

If you want to start this kind of marketing then you’ll need to sign up to one of these services, each of these will differ slightly in terms of what customisation you can carry out and ad selection options you have so it’s your personal preference when it comes to this.

CPM Advertising

CPM Advertising

This is a form of advertising that doesn’t pay on the cost per click but the cost per page view. You would usually get paid per 1000 page views but it can vary. Below are some sites that you can set up this kind of advertising. These companies have kept their cards close to their chest when it comes to the amount of money you can make. Below is a list of sites you can visit to set this up:

Before you decide to take a proper look into this kind of advertising, you should work on building up your monthly visitors. It is definitely aimed towards sites with high traffic, some of which only accepting sites with a minimum of 500,000 hits per month. If you do however reach this kind of number, you could find yourself earning quite a bit of money through CPM advertising alone.

CPA Advertising (cost per action)

CPA Advertising

This kind of marketing involves making money when the user carries out an action on your website or blog. This could be along the lines of a signup form or a survey etc. The amount of money that can be earned here again is kept secret by their users. All this tells you is the method of marketing must be pretty lucrative. A few networks that you can sign up for are:

Each of these networks will give you a good amount of extra work to choose from. The action that you are using to earn money can be chosen by you which gives you a level of control.

Selling Products

You should be aware by now, that e-commerce is an extremely popular method of shopping. There are plenty of studies out there that will tell you just how amazing some of these stats are which you can find here. If you have an idea for a product or you just want to get rid of some clutter in your house, in today’s world you can do that. I’m going to go through a list of avenues you can use when it comes to selling online.

1. Selling on Marketplaces

Selling on Marketplaces

If you don’t know, there is a whole list of online marketplaces out there that act as superstores you can buy pretty much anything from them and not only that, you can sell pretty much anything. Here is a few as an example:

This is just a few of the many platforms that you can sell your goods on. To use any of these all you need is an account set up with them and a PayPal account. Some of these marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon have become so big in their own right that people are running their own business through them alone.

2. Online Courses

Online Courses

Now back in the blogging section, I covered how you can make money through selling courses through your blog. However, you don’t need to blog if you want to sell courses online. If you have the right skills and are willing to write out some detailed course material then you could find yourself making quite a good bit of money from it. There are multiple platforms that you can use to not only create your courses on but also sell it directly through them as well.

Any of these will let you create your course from the ground up which you can then sell on the platform.

3. Selling domain names

In the marketing world, domains and websites are very important. So important in fact that with nearly every site out there, someone else wants it and with certain ones, they’re willing to pay quite a bit for it.

Selling Domain Names

Now for you to make a substantial amount selling a domain or site (which is also known as flipping your site), you’ll have to work on having a good amount of traffic coming through and the authority of the domain. If you have the right domain, you could sell it for thousands of pounds if you’re lucky. Below are a few sites that you can use to sell your websites and domain names.

4. Selling eBook

Selling eBooks

This again is something I went over in the blogging section but it’s not exclusive to that field. It is true that mainly celebrities and bloggers are the ones that sell eBooks but if you have an idea for a book, the tools exist out there for you to create it and sell it across multiple marketplaces.

5. Design and Art

Design and Art

If you are a creative person, then this method of money making is great for you. There are people selling all sorts of bits and pieces online and it can be absolutely anything. Whether you create designs and illustrations or your making some little designs out of materials you can best believe that there is a market out there for it.

These kinds of marketplaces really allow for any creative passions to be turned into a money making business. You can sell anything from wedding decorations to new artwork designs.

6. Website Templates

Website Templates

This is a very similar style to those who are designing art in the previous method but this is suited more to those with a web design and coding background. If you have been using your own custom templates then you could be missing a trick in earning yourself a good bit of money. Below are a few marketplaces for buying and selling themes:

If you want to make money in this field, you need to be a good coder/developer first and foremost. So if you check this box it’s time to take a look at the numbers. There are templates out there that have been bought anywhere between 10,000 – 20,000 times at roughly $50-$60. Now, this is definitely the higher end of the scale but it shows the kind of potential there is here. You’ll also find that with the more templates you sell, the more support that is going to be required on your end to help update the template and answer any questions your customers might have.

7. Selling your old Items

Selling your Old Items

Nearly everybody has some old clutter in their house that they don’t really need. This way of making money is definitely not a long term plan but if you need some short-term cash then this is one of the quickest ways to go about it.

This is just a few of the more popular sites to sell within the UK but there are plenty more to choose from with a quick google search.

Giving answers and advice

Giving Answers and Advice

You can earn money online by simply answering people’s questions. These can range from very specific questions to general run of the day ones. When talking about the amount of money that you can make it really comes down how niche the market is, however you can earn up to £10 an hour if you’re lucky.

Writing for Content Mills

Content mills are areas of the internet where you can be paid for writing all sorts of different content, whether it be a blog post or a simple product description people can hire a writer to help them out. The thing about content mills is they have quite a lot of bad reputation amongst experienced writers. While it’s a good way to make a little money on the side, writers don’t see this kind of work as too credible. However, if that doesn’t bother you and your not looking for something to take on full-time then there are plenty of ways you get involved below:

Writing for Content Mills

Every one of these sites doesn’t have a limit as to how many articles you can do either so you can really just work away at it when you please. In terms of how much you can earn depends on your skill level. On TextBroker for example, If you’re a writer of very high quality you could write a 1500 word article and earn up to $75 for it. Not only this but if you are hand selected by the client you can set your rate per word, which is where the big bucks lie.

Carrying out Surveys

One of the easiest ways you could possibly make money online is by filling out surveys. It’s not a lucrative money making strategy by any stretch of your imagine but it’s nice if you can earn a little extra money for the end of the month. It’s crazy that people will pay you to do this considering how simple the setup is for earning money in this kind of fashion. Here are a few sites that I suggest:

Carrying Out Surveys

The way that paid surveys work is there’s a limit to the amount you can do per site. So if you want to maximise the amount of money you earn from carrying out surveys then you need sign up to as many as possible. One thing I would keep in mind, however, is that not all of these sites are legit. You’ll generally want to stay away from ones that sound too good to be true. The same also applies to the sites that cost to join no matter how much they promise you.



There are quite a few different marketing research techniques that you can do to earn a little extra cash. With companies out there spending millions on marketing research why not try and get your hands on some of it. These tasks can be very trivial in it’s set up which can make the work become tedious after a while but if you find yourself with plenty of spare time then why not turn it into money.

Renting out space in your house.

Renting out space in your home

Now don’t get me wrong when it comes to the housing market it is an offline world at its core. However, you could find yourself making money pretty fast from renting out your house or apartment online. With the growing popularity of people looking to rent an apartment over booking a hotel, you can very easily earn money from your property even when you’re not there. Obviously, I don’t have to tell you the risks that are involved in letting strangers rent out your space but if you take the right precautions, it’s a great and easy way to make money. Below are a few sites you can set this service up on.


Talking about making money online wouldn’t be right without mentioning one of the most popular methods available. Gambling. Before I say any more I need to stress that gambling is by no means a good idea for your sole income. Also, make sure that you are only gambling with money you have and can afford to lose. Now with that out of the way if you do enjoy a little flutter now and again then you will be happy to know that it’s never been easier. There are hundreds of sites out there that allow you to place bets on anything from a poker game to a football game. Below is a few sites that you can sign up to:

A lot of these websites will give you exclusive offers and sign up bonuses which you can take advantage of. While it’s not a career you should start online you can make some money with a bit of luck.

Online Scams To Avoid

Now while it’s all good and well earning a living money online, not everyone is out to make an honest living. Scammers have existed way before the internet ever did, and they’re not going anywhere. Scamming exists in every walk of life and online is no exception and is now one of the prominent places that it takes place. I’m going to show you a few of the popular scams out there and how to spot them.

Online Scams to Avoid

Online scammers can be broken up into a few different categories: fake customers, people offering you money, fake employers. just to name a few.

Phishing Emails

Phishing is a scam that involves trying to get information out of people by any means possible, cases of this often involve someone pretending to be a bank that asked the recipient for their personal details. Fraudsters can be quite tricky and the emails they send out can be near enough identical to official ones.

If you receive an email that you believe to be a phishing scam you should check that companies policies on how they distribute their emails. Most big businesses will tell you that you should never receive an email from them asking for personal information unless you have contacted them first so keep this in mind when opening any suspicious emails.

Auction sites

While auction sites have given us the luxury of buying pretty much anything we want online, not only that but it can be delivered straight to our door. The problem still exists with scammers taken advantage of our luxury. There has been a lot of cases where people sell counterfeit goods under the guise of genuine ones. The only real way to combat this is whenever you pay for anything online, it’s always best to try and use official payment methods other than directly paying the seller, this way if you do find out that you’ve been ripped off, you will have an easier time getting your money back.

Pyramid schemes

Pyramid Schemes

A pyramid scheme sounds like a good idea in theory but it actually doesn’t benefit you unless you are at the top. The premise is quite simple, you get someone to buy something and then recruit new people to buy from them. Once more and more join up, the scam can grow very big and the people at the top usually disappear leaving those at the bottom completely out of pocket.

Training Courses

Another scam that has proven to be quite popular is the training courses scheme. This involves someone advertising a fake job position in a company. When someone takes up the opportunity and applies for the job they are usually asked to pay for some sort of training before they can start employment. Once the course has been paid you’ll find that there was no job there in the first place. Whenever you apply for a job online, you should never have to pay for some sort of training or education. If you find yourself in this scenario, then you should do your research into the company or seek some legal advice before you go ahead with any sort of payment.

Training Courses

Anti-Virus Scam

This is a fairly popular scam that you’ll see when browsing the internet. On some sites, you might get a pop-up show that says you have to run a scan because you have some malware or dangerous files on your computer. For the majority of the time, you won’t actually have a problem with these and can just close them. However, installing one of these fake anti-virus scams can result in your computer receiving some bad malware or trojans. Even worse than this you could potentially end up with a CryptoLocker virus that locks you out of your operating system until you pay the ransom. You can read more about that particular virus here.

Make Money Fast Scams

At the beginning of this post, I told you that I wouldn’t be talking about any get rich fast schemes. While I make it clear that the methods I recommend shouldn’t involve any of these, I’m mentioning them here to help you understand why they are in fact a scam.

On the internet, you’ll see plenty of ads from people saying that they make over £500 a day from home using a great trick. These dream scenarios simply don’t exist. What the scammers will do is ask you to provide your personal information such as bank details to apply for the hypothetical job, then they can start taking money from your accounts. Anytime you see one of these ads, ignore it.


Well there you have it, a massive list of paths you can take to start earning yourself money online. No matter what avenue you choose to go down you just always need to remember that nothing is going to make you rich overnight. While some of these are quick ways to make a little cash and others involve the long game, you’re not going to make anything substantial unless you put the work in.

Whatever path you decide to go down, just be aware of all the scams that can come along with it, Once your all set, get yourself out there and start making some money!

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