7 Tips On How to Increase Domain Authority

If you’re a blogger or you’re new at SEO, you might have heard the expression ‘domain authority’ or DA. Link builders use it very often, especially when they’re trying to convince you to get their services. 

Yes, your site’s DA matters, and it’s quite important, but it’s not the most important thing. Your internal linking and the way you have your silos organized can actually matter more since if the structure isn’t clean, Google isn’t going to be able to crawl your site properly. 

In today’s post, we’re looking at some methods that you can use to increase your domain authority. 

how to increase domain authority

How to build domain authority

First of all, you shouldn’t look for means to increase domain authority quickly, especially if you’ve just bought a site. Buying a lot of links seems very weird when you haven’t even published enough content. In theory, you should get backlinks from sites in the same niche as you or those that somehow refer to your content as a resource.

But that’s impossible if your website doesn’t have enough articles or if it’s just brand new. You can start building links right after creating a site, but don’t get hundreds of them every month.

So, how to improve domain authority? Here are a few tips. 

  1. Get links from high DA sites

Before we move on, it’s worth noting that some people use DA, and some people use DR. The first is mostly used by SEMRush and the second by Ahrefs. DA is usually a little higher compared to DR, so keep that in mind.

If your site has a DA of 15, it would be great if you could get links from authority websites with a DA of at least 30. However, that doesn’t mean that getting links from the same DA websites would be bad – the more, the merrier, after all.

Technically, growing your link profile should be done naturally, which means you would get a variety of links – from lower and higher domain authority websites. However, the higher the DA of a website, the more link juice gets passed onto your own website. 

how to build domain authority

  1. Make sure you’re getting links from real websites

Manipulating the DA or DR score can be done very easily only by building links to a site. If someone gets a domain that has expired and turns that site into one that’s a part of a private blog network, it will most likely not get any traffic, but have a decent DA. 

Google is getting a lot better when it comes to identifying such sites, so you should always pay attention to how much traffic a site is getting and how high its DA is. A site with a DA of 75, for example, would have to have more than decent traffic. If it gets 0 traffic and it has a huge DA, this is a red flag, and you shouldn’t buy that link.

  1. Eliminate spammy links

You can do this with a variety of tools, and we have already mentioned Ahrefs and SEMRush. Both of them offer you ways in which you can manually remove spam links or disavow them, but you can also use the Google Search Console for the purpose.

If you know you have never built spammy links, you should still check for them periodically as a competitor might have done that — you never know. 

increase domain authority blogger outreach

  1. Use blogger outreach

You can get good links just by asking for them. Guest blogging actually works, although in some cases, you might still have to pay a small fee. However, if the blog is in the same niche and you’re good at pitching your topic, you could be able to use blogger outreach to your advantage. Every new link matters.

  1. On-page SEO 

Working on your on-page SEO is another step if you are wondering how to increase domain authority. Everything on your site should be SEO-optimized, from your titles and descriptions to your permalinks, headings, images, and keywords. Your internal linking structure also matters a lot. 

seo domain authority

  1. Fix your technical SEO

When it comes to technical SEO, here are some essential things that you have to do right from the beginning, so that you don’t have to bother with them too much later on:

  1. Use social signals & be patient

Even though when people share your content, the links that you get from social media platforms are typically no-follow, they can still tell Google that your content is worth sharing. Pages that have more shares, tweets, or likes tend to be more popular in Google, too. 

You can increase your domain authority with social signals by increasing your number of followers, by making sure that you publish social media content regularly, and by letting people share your content from your site using social media buttons. 

what is a good domain authority

What is a good domain authority?

It depends on the site. Usually, the higher it is, the better, but once again, avoid trying to manipulate it too much. A site that has just been created and that has a very high domain authority looks very fishy. 

What is a good domain authority? A DA of about 30 to 40 is decent for a site that has a history of at least one year. 


How to check domain authority?

Here are some tools you can check your domain authority with – most of them are paid, though, but there are some free ones out there, too. 

  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush
  • Majestic

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