How to get new Clients in Digital Marketing with Dino Gomez

How to get new Digital Marketing Clients

Next up on the podcast was Dino Gomez, who was happy to share some of his techniques in how to get new clients, as we all know getting new clients in Digital Marketing can be difficult if you are cold calling or emailing, you never get through to the right person, or they have heard it all before 10 x per day and that makes it really difficult to generate new leads for your Digital Marketing business.

Thinking outside the box, using unorthodox ways to get yourself in front of the right people will help you generate those leads and Dino was happy to share some of his tips on what is working for him, I personally love hearing guys like Dino talking about this stuff as they are using the latest in technology and smart ways of working to conduct their business and its working well.

You can listen via podbean or watch the video to hear more about what Dino does to get new clients.

You can find Dino on his website, or look for Dino Gomez on social media platforms like Facebook.

Transcribed version below

Welcome to today’s podcast where I’m joined by Mr Dino Gomez, who is the, so I’m told, the best Facebook ads guy. But he’s also got a lot of other skills. Based in Southern California, we have met at Chiang Mai SEO and obviously seen and heard through mutual friends how much of a genius you are on Facebook ads, which is what I think I feel that you’re most famous for. Obviously, I’m going to be completely wrong and obviously the show is about digging deeper in what … find out what other secrets you’ve got, Dino. And yeah, so how are things? All good over in California?

Things are a good man. Yeah. I appreciate you having me on the show, Craig. And I’m just got to start off with a funny story here about when you were speaking on stage at Chiang Mai SEO. I was the only guy there speaking about Facebook ads, which was kind of awkward speaking about Facebook ads to an SEO audience. But I remember you were on stage just dropping bombs and somebody in the crowd, as a lot of people had a ton of questions for you because you just went through some really technical high-level stuff. And one of the guys that asked a question had the microphone, his accent was so thick, you couldn’t understand him.

And for a moment people couldn’t understand the combo between the two of you. And then James Dooley got on the mic and it got even more difficult. That was a moment that was just … I can’t forget that one. That one was too good.

Yeah. And I think I actually suggested that Dooley translates, and I’ve no fucking idea why I would allude Dooley to translate because his accent is worse than mine, but no, I agree, very great memories and I’m back again this year. I’m not sure if I’m going to see that, but yeah, I’m back again this year anyway speaking and hopefully dropping more bombs and meeting up with all the people.

Sometimes you go there and you’re like, fuck, I shouldn’t be here. I’m a rookie. I’ve been rooking and almost compared to some of these guys. Just the guys setting their codes or yeah, I love Chiang Mai, man, and a great event. But obviously, at Chiang Mai, you were speaking a bit Facebook ads, and obviously I know you still do that, but what we want to do is unravel what other good stuff that you do. And obviously, looking at your website and everything else, you’ve done a lot of stuff. And I see you’re online talking about stuff and things. And one of the things that I want to start off talking to you about is the famous one that everyone always ask me, how to get new clients.

And I know that you particularly enjoy that say, defends and potentially have some bombs to top on that, say the things or getting clients to obviously as we all have been, you know, working for someone then branched out on our own. How the hell those people get clients and that’s their niche.

How to get more Digital Marketing clients

Yeah. And it’s a big topic of conversation. As you said, I think it’s probably the number one conversational topic and problem that agency owners face. And the thing they’re always focusing on is how do we get more clients. So yeah, love to chat on this one. And actually this ties in really nicely to how I got into Facebook ads. I still consider myself a young dude. I’m 32, but I’ve been doing this for eight years. And so started as a … solely as an SEO expert. And was cooking when I was young because this was eight years ago. SEO really hadn’t blown up to where it is today, so getting clients then was easy, was very easy. Now it’s more challenging because there is more competition.

You have firms overseas offering $300 a month packages and spamming everybody’s email. And so it’s almost been commoditized where it’s really hard, I feel like for the industry to pick and choose who are the legitimate SEOs, right? What I stumbled into four years ago as I started realizing the market was changing and it was becoming more competitive. And so that’s when I was like, how do we stand out as an agency to every other agency because everybody is looking and acting the same and designing their website to look the same and say the first things and say the same things.

Dino Gomez, Facebook Ads

People started coming out with the, we guarantee your rankings. And so I was like, man, how do we to just be completely different? And that’s what I decided, you know what? Let’s just play around with Facebook ads. This was probably four and a half, five years ago now, but I was like, you know what? Let’s just … We had a couple of client campaigns running and I just sent those clients an email and I was like, “Hey, Facebook ads just came out. We would love to run them for you. We think we can get you extra exposure, convert more leads. What do you guys say?” It’s really cheap, right, at that five years ago, super cheap to play on Facebook.

I was like, what do we say we just throw $100 at it? And so we did that for our current clients. They almost all said, “Yes, let’s try $100.” And you can imagine nobody is running ads yet, at least five years ago, so even if we didn’t know what we were doing, leads were going to come in, and that’s what happened. And the clients we’re like, “Wow, this is amazing,” and started throwing more money at our ad budget. And that’s when things clicked for me, when I was like, huh, this is kind of an interesting piece of bait here, this Facebook ads thing because it’s different than the pitch we’ve been using the last 40 years, which is we need to wait a certain amount of time for results.

I was like, so let’s … We started pitching that out of the gate to clients was, “Hey, we can do Facebook ads. And we can also do your SEO. SEO is extremely valuable. You need to be on Google. But let’s also get you on Facebook and we get you leads really cheap.” And so it was just the easiest sell in the world because … and to be honest, still here in 2020, it’s a very easy sell. These small business owners that are spending on Yelp, right? Here’s another place where you can get clients. The ones that are wasting money on Yelp advertising, it’s just any other directory sites, Yellow Pages, all those, there’s still people putting money there. And it’s just crap, right?

Really what we do is you can spot those clients. You could reach out to them, say, “Hey, you’re wasting your money, throwing it down the drain. We can get you leads and exposure. And here’s how big of an audience we can reach with Facebook ads for just a budget of say, $100. If you want to do a trial campaign or if yada, yada, if you want to start small or whatever it is, kind of get a foot in the door.” But those are just a couple of things. What we’re really doing now and how our agency kind of morphed was, will we sell Facebook ads on the front end and then we sell SEO on the back end. And that’s helped us tremendously to just be different from the rest of the marketplace, kind of.

Yeah. I think what you’re doing is cleverly getting results for people very quickly. And getting some form of leads, regardless of whether it’s Facebook ads or SEO, which I would margin by this time because it’s been a few years since I’ve done proper client SEO, [inaudible 00:07:47] obviously that time that you need to … you need clients to get over that free four-month hub to when they start to see something of impact. And so I think it’s a very clever way to getting the client on board than keeping them quiet for a few months so to speak. Yeah, so I think that’s a massive way to stand out from the crowd, for sure.

Yeah. And to be clear, I mean, SEO is still huge. We’ll always be offering SEO. And it needs to be a part of every single marketing strategy. But yeah, we just found that it’s the sexy offer right now. At least for us, what it’s been working is, “Hey, Facebook ads.” And we still bring SEO to the conversation. But what we also noticed is now we’re able to double our client bookings, charge them twice as much per se, because we’re bringing more value so to speak to the table. We’re managing more services for them.

Different ways to get clients

But back on the subject of client getting, there’s really like 12 to 15 different ways you can grab clients if you decide to start with Facebook ads. And they kind of are very similar to ways you would get clients with SEO clients. But a good one-two combo is just find, you know, you can go on Google and find a dentist or a chiropractor or cool sculpting client, a microblading client, that’s a kind of a niche nobody really talks about much, but it’s high value. You can find all these cool new niches like that and just go find those clients that are just off page one or in the four-pack of the snack pack. They just need more citations and like the smallest SEO work.

And this low hanging fruit where you can go to them and say … and basically go to them and offer them a one month campaign or even at three-month campaign. That’s another opportunity that we have when we’ve run Facebook ads, is that we don’t have to say, “Hey, this needs to be a six month or yearlong contract.” We normally like to kind of try and throw our competitors under the bus by saying, “Hey, you know what? We’ll go month to month with you and prove it.” And what we’ll do is we’ll talk specifically to those clients that are low hanging fruit. They’re again, just off page one or just outside the snack pack.

We’ll go to them. We’ll strike up a conversation. We’ll roll into a one month campaign. We’ll launch Facebook ads. We’ll also handle their SEO and just clean up their citations or their GMB, and bump them up, so all of a sudden, real quickly, we’re like, “Here are these simple results.” We really didn’t have to do too much, but the trust is built real quickly in month one from some faster results there.

Gaining clients trust

I think the keyword that you said Dino, obviously it’s very clever, very simple. It’s not mind-blowing, but the clever thing that you’ve said there is trust. Getting that trust from a client, I think is really hard. Just know because what happens is everyone had their fingers bumped as a client. I think that is a really clever manoeuvre to get that trust. Just as you say, it’s really is as simple as going to … well, we use a company here in the UK, citationsbuilder.com, where they do the whole thing for you. And it’s a 60 bucks process to be able to do that, so yeah, it’s a really clever one. But what other ways? I love hearing these sneaky, simple but very effective tactics. What other ways are you doing in client getting?

Using people who direct mail and approach them

Yeah, well it’s just another one and again, simple, probably nothing new and stuff like that. But any just pieces of direct mail that you receive to your house, those are all clients that are throwing money at just blasting with almost … rarely do they actually have a call tracking number on any of those postcards and mailers. But that anybody who’s running TV commercials locally, they have these massive budgets. You can reach out to them, get in touch with them and explain to them, “Hey, we can make your campaign targeted by taking it, by ….” It can be complimentary.

They can still run their TV ads if they want, but rather than blasting this out to everybody where even children are going to see it who have no buying power, why don’t we put a portion of this budget or some more budget into Facebook ads where we can really get targeted? And that’s still what’s baffles me. And this is what’s crazy, Craig, is that as internet marketers, we know Facebook ads are like nothing new, SEO is nothing new. And so we see a ton of Facebook ads, especially probably like you and me, right? We’re getting targeted by other internet marketers who are the ones who are always most savvy, right? They’re going to be there first and running ads.

The average local business owner doesn’t understand still in 2020, they know you can advertise on Facebook, they don’t understand how it works. The average person is still like, “Oh my God, Facebook is spying on me because these ads are so accurate.” They just don’t understand they’re giving up all their data all day long. And so the conversation, it’s just a very simple sell. Like, “Hey, we can target just women of this certain age that live in this area that have these shopping habits,” and so forth. When they see that their mind kind of explodes because they’re so caught up in the day to day of running their small business. They don’t understand that really exists.

Reach out to people on Facebook

They go, “You’re talking about boosting posts from your Facebook page?” And like, “No, we’re not talking about that in particular.” That’s another way. It’s just again, looking for people that are already spending money on traditional media that perhaps aren’t on Facebook. You could easily find out if they’re running Facebook ads, right? We can go to any Facebook page and look at whether or not they’re running ads. It shows in the visibility section of that Facebook page. That’s another way. Another way is when you see a crappy, or if I may so say so shitty ad out there, right, where you’re like, “Man, the ad copy is off or the landing page is off. Or this is just a horrible production.”

Reaching out to that business owner, right? Messaging them right through their Facebook page. We messaged them through their Facebook page. We also like to message businesses right through their Yelp page. On Yelp it’ll tell you the response rate of these businesses and a lot of them allow you to message them directly. And normally they’re expecting an inquiry, but instead, you just drop off some value and say, “Hey, you’re messing XYZ up. Just wanted to let you know.” But anybody, when we see a crappy ad, that’s another great client.

This is somebody who believes Facebook ads work and they’re willing to test it. They’re already spending, but they probably chose the wrong provider or the kid down the street. And so that’s another easy way to hop in and say, “Hey, here’re some suggestions for your ad. My guess is it’s not working. Let me know if you want to talk further.” But those are a couple of other ways that come off the top of my head. And I can keep going but you let me know.

But what I would like to know first and foremost is obviously the ideas are great and putting them into action, it seems feasible that that would work. But, especially when you mentioned the mailer thing, dropping through your post box. But how are you approaching these guys in terms of being able to demonstrate that you are better than what they’ve got or whatever? What … is it just like a cold email? Are you phoning? Are you presenting some case studies? What’s your approach in alluding these people in?

Reach out to potential clients via Yelp

To get you get in touch. Yeah, again, we like to message quite often through Yelp. Otherwise we also like to message through Facebook and that is … it takes a little bit more digging, but that is basically finding the owner of the business, which is normally listed on their website, sending them a Facebook friend request and then basically liking a few of their posts or commenting on a few of their posts and then basically sending them a private message. And that’s a really interesting way to do it, is we’re using social media more and more to develop relationships with clients.

And the reason is there’s a personal touch to that. Behind the email, there’s no face or anything like that. With social media, right, if people click into my profile, my profile is designed on social media, my Facebook profile is designed so people will know exactly what it is I do very quickly. And they can click right in my bio over to my agency website or anything else that that would need be. Also, basically every single week I’m dropping off testimonials into our case studies of results on my Facebook page. As soon as I’m sending friend requests to target clients, what happens is they go, who’s this guy Dino? Let me check him out.

They come over to my Facebook page and basically I’ve set it all up, so there’s links and offers and videos and free trainings and results and testimonials just right there for them. That’s another methodology of getting in touch contact wise. We do that. Another way too is reaching out through the contact form on their website. And basically, making an offer, having a link to a simple landing page and you can’t pixel everybody who comes through to your agency website or otherwise to what would be a free audit page on your website and run retargeting ads to them.

Using Youtube for lead generation

We like to do that as well as far as getting a touch. But to be honest, one of the bigger lead gen sources for us as well is actually just YouTube. We’ve found just YouTube to be organic, YouTube videos in a particular niche. Found it’s very easy to take over a particular niche on YouTube, and these small business owners research how to do certain things, run their business. This is a whole other tangent, but I’ve realized small business owners, Craig, it’s interesting, right? Like the personal trainer who opened the gym because they love fitness, but they have no experience running a business. And that hairstylist loves doing hair but doesn’t know how to run a business.

And so they go online to try and figure out how do I grow. They type that into YouTube and Google, how do I grow a hair salon? How do I grow? We found YouTube is a great channel for ranking videos and having them turn around and find us and reach out to us actually.

Yeah, no, it’s interesting to hear your thoughts and obviously how you do that. Obviously we all know filling out the contact form or cold email and cold calling is dead, that way of sales is dead. But even building up a personal relationship or trying to add people in Facebook, if that is working for you, that it just gives anyone lesson that that can work. I’ve never actually, and I would consider myself fairly experienced in this niche. I’ve never thought to … I mean, I’ve done it on LinkedIn, I’ve reached out to business owners in Linked and got contact out and found that email address and all that kind of shit.

I’ve never actually just went to someone in Facebook and just fucking thought like I’m going to add them and schmooze them up and like a few of his things. I’ve never even given a thought, to be honest. Let’s say, it’s another one that always that until someone says it, it doesn’t really trigger. And enough action for me anyway, but well, it’s interesting to hear that and the way that you do these things, and the way that you are pitching to these people and stuff like that. Obviously your profile says it all, and I think again, just a simple strategy that people are probably just not implementing properly, and you’ve obviously implemented that very well and see results from that.

But for someone new to the business and stuff like that, do you still reckon that they would still get the same kind of traction that you have [inaudible 00:20:03] your kind of set up? You reckon just having your link in the bio to the website and following that can work for anyone in any business?

Set up your own Facebook properly to attract new clients

I do believe it can work for anybody in any business. It has to still be done tastefully and results may or may not take more time depending on their social following. But there’s a lot of strategy into doing that. For example, like Craig, your profile is awesome. If anybody is looking for an SEO and he go in your profile, you’re always posting about SEO. You have a ton of followers on YouTube. You have funny meme videos that you’re doing about SEO. You have actual SEO trainings. It’s to be very easy for a client to go, “Wow, this guy is funny and he is knowledgeable and while he’s got authority, look at his social profile.”

And that’s one of the things why I think this, actually the social media client attraction strategy is working so well, is because when we think about who we like to work with, it’s people we know, like, trust. And I always like to add, it’s people we know, like, trust and relates to. There’s this weird relation factor. Like, “Oh my gosh, Craig has this awesome accent and I live just a couple of miles away from him,” or, “Gosh, I could probably meet up with him. I’m planning a trip out to where he is very soon.” And social media allows you to do that, whereas the cold emailing and some of that other stuff really doesn’t.

And again, mixing into your profile, like not just case studies and training videos and so forth, but also who you are as a person, right? Like family, friends, what you do hobby-wise. That again, gives people the chance to relate to you, right? They go, “Oh my gosh, Craig is a huge football fan. Shit, I’m going with him because I want to drink beers with him on the weekend. Watch football. I’m not going to go with this other agency because I don’t have that relationship that I already feel like I have with Craig since I’ve gotten to kind of watch him on Facebook.” I do think it’s really powerful. And I do think it actually plays as a better strategy to a beginner compared to others just because as a beginner, you might not have the case studies, but you can still drop videos, do Facebook lives where you’re showing some of your knowledge and expertise, where you’re just doing an audit of a potential website.

And then afterwards just let people know, “Hey, I can do a free audit for you.” It also allows you to quickly roll out a referral system, “Hey, can any of my friends tag … it’s Small Business Saturday, hey, tag one of your friends in this Facebook posts below that’s a business owner.” And then instantly what happens, right, 10, 20 of your friends tag a business owner they know. And now you’re connected to 20 business owners who have a mutual friend who probably would vouch for you and [inaudible 00:22:53] you. And now they are looking at your profile, and your profile image says, hey, SEO expert, Facebook ads expert or lead gen expert, or whatever it is.

Relationship building to generate leads

And they are going to be like, “Oh my gosh, you know Sam? I know Sam. I went to school with Sam.” There’s instant kind of credibility built through the relationships of everybody knows each other. They might be, “I need help with marketing. Introduced me to Craig, introduced me to Dino.” It’s really funny that there’s a million strategic Facebook posts you can drop that connects you in bringing in all of a kind of potential leads and do pre-sell your audience and so forth. But there’s an example of just like one of them that can be pretty powerful.

I think you’re 100% right in what you’ve seen. People buy into people. Some people may hate my guts and want to use someone with a slightly different angle or maybe [inaudible 00:23:52] or something. But on the flip side of that, people, when they see me hopefully they see a straight-talking guy who’s got knowledge and experience, who’s just a normal guy, like happy to go for a beer or happy to [inaudible 00:24:07]. We’re all human beings at the end of the day, and I think being able to demonstrate that certainly work for me in a personal level. But it’s nice to hear obviously when you see … you can see this and you can see that, and you can see you’re a real person or you’ve got a baby.

All of the kind of different stuff that we all see, like I’ve seen your Facebook where you’re on holiday and [inaudible 00:24:31] and with your wife and all that kind of stuff just chilling out. I think people buy into that and go [inaudible 00:24:43] deserve a holiday and can relate to you in some way. And as I see it, it’s worked very well for me, so it’s nice to hear that that’s part of your strategy because I can definitely vouch that for me it works, and obviously that’s something I’ve probably blindly being building up. I’ve just built up a social media and I don’t really give a fuck.

I’ll just do crazy stuff on TikTok or whatever and there’s no real strategic thing behind it for me. I think it’s fun to be that way and it’s a natural thing, but strategically I think, if you implement that it works very well. For me I can definitely vouch for, on a personal level. It’s nice to hear that’s something you would be trying to implement. And I think it’s … Again, without [inaudible 00:25:35], because I’m never really that serious a guy. I think I try and drop enough knowledge out there, or tutorials or free share to then have people come to me saying, “Craig, I really liked what you said there. I need to talk to you. You clearly know what you’re talking about.”

I think sales, without doing sales is probably the key to doing this kind of stuff. Obviously we’re all here to make money. We’re all here to sell services and everything else, but doing it in a much gentle approach is definitely the way forward, rather than getting that inbox, “Do you want to buy a guest post?” Or, “I do Facebook ads,” or “I do have this shit; buy, buy, buy, buy.” It’s just horrendous.

B2b Lead Gen Techniques

And now, I think some of those steps on client earning or getting clients on board are key to doing that. But is that something you’ve always done or is there something new you’re trying out? One last thing in the client earning, is there some crazy new thing that you’re trying, testing out that medium clients that might be not thought about? Is there any other kind of good stuff?

Yeah, I mean, so the more advanced stuff is running ads to get clients. And then so that’s doing B2B, which is way more challenging on the Facebook ad side to do B2B lead gen. But B2B lead gen does work, especially if you have the experience to do so. That’s nice. It does take some time. Excuse me. It does take some more time compared to B2C and so forth. You really are going to either have to have a really solid customer database or email list for starters that you can kind of build an audience off of, a lookalike audience off of.

You will have to have case studies so that basically when people enter your funnel, you can overwhelm them with case studies, so they’ll stick around to watch a value related video and then afterwards will be interested in contacting you. But yeah, that’s the advanced thing that we do. We do run ads to generate leads for our agency as well. We do run ads for other agencies and help them do their B2B stuff, and so it’ll work. And that really in itself is complicated to do. Those funnels have multiple touchpoints. There’s a lot of tracking. There’s a lot of conversion optimization. There’s a lot of optimization of the actual ads, the funnel itself, making sure everything’s wired together and talking nicely to each other.

There’s text message, follow-up sequences, email follow-up sequences, maybe voice drops as well. There’s kind of a quite a lot that goes into that one, but that one is a powerful machine once it’s built and tested and running. Because if you know your numbers and you’re acquiring leads, quality leads at a certain rate, you really have the ability to scale if you have a nice backend fulfillment system. That, we spend a lot of time on that because it is a beast. Building that out requires quite a lot of going on, right? There’s multiple segmentations that happen, right, if somebody opted in to the initial VSL and didn’t book a call, they’re put into a different email sequence.

We know they didn’t put the call, they’re tagged. If somebody did book a call, different email sequence, reminder sequence to get them to show up to the call. There’s a lot of moving parts to that. That’s the more advanced thing that we’re really doing. And we’re running traffic from Facebook and from YouTube ads as well into those types of funnels. But those are primary. Where our focus is right now is on that, on the more complicated level. And just because if we take our eyes off of that and start trying something else, that will blow up on our faces cause it does need to be watched and tinkered with.

But yeah, so that would probably be the most complicated, more advanced one that we’re doing currently right now.

Marketing and Sales Automation tools

One last thing on that particular process. Is there a go to a tool that does a lot … because I know you’re going to see if things like you might be using ActiveCampaign or hotspot or whatever to do a lot of these kind of stuff. And is there one tool that does a lot of this, or it’s just a combination of all different stuff all thrown together using Zapier or whatever or whatever? What is your say for that funnel system?

Yeah, so there’s a couple of answers to this. I know a lot of people are getting really excited right now about go high level and that kind of does the text messaging, the booking calendars, the automation and follow ups and things like that. We build it all through click funnels and ActiveCampaign primarily. Then we add in a third-party text messaging service. Those are our three go-to’s there just because of our familiarity with those platforms. Also with our ability to duplicate the funnel and recreated another niche pretty quickly. Both ActiveCampaign and click funnels allow us to do that. That’s our tech setup. But if you’re looking for all go to go, all in one solution, everybody is ranting and raving about go high level for that reason.

I’ll have to have a look at go high level. I’ve never even heard of it, to be honest, so I’ll have a look at that one. And I know a lot other people are always looking for these things. Us guys we like gadgets, just like new automated systems. But sometimes you’re better sticking with the old and trusting that. I commonly use ActiveCampaign personally, and I’m not sure I would change away from it, just because I’m familiar with it, and I know how it works and it doesn’t break. And I would change, but it’s always good to keep an eye in the future. If you can get one thing that does that all it would be amazing.

I think a few years ago I tried something called Infusionsoft, but it was just a pain in the ass to … I had these women training me every week on it and I just couldn’t get my head around it. It was just far too complex for a dummy like me. And-

Infusionsoft is … I’m not a fan dude. I’ve tried all of the automation and email marketing softwares and I could not … and I like getting in there and building funnels. I’ve been doing it for a long time and all the integrations and all that stuff. I think it’s a blast, but Infusionsoft, I still can’t figure out and I’ve gone through the route with it, so yeah.

So fucking hard. It’s unreal. It’s a shame because it looks like a really good tool. The way the [inaudible 00:32:43] and yeah, let’s do that. And you’re like, fuck it, it doesn’t work for me. But yeah, that is another story. I’m not even sure if Infusionsoft are still going or whatnot, but yeah, ActiveCampaign or go high level are ones and certainly for email marketing automation stuff for anyone listening. But onto … I just want quickly … I don’t want to take up all your day, but I want to talk to you about team building. Obviously it’s one thing getting clients. Two is building a team, and again, [inaudible 00:33:17] pinpoints, hiring the right people and being mugged off and just not having the right processes in place.

Buiding a team

I’d love to hear your take on team building and how you’re doing that. Is it all VAs you use and things like that? I’d love to know what your say looks like.

Yeah, so we use a combination of VAs and otherwise we would call them in-house team members. We have them full time or otherwise part-time. They are located remotely, so we operate 100% remotely. I’m in my house right now. This is just my office in my house. And so yeah, we basically have … I mean, team-building is crucial. We have an account manager and a project manager. Basically, I’d never take any sales calls or do any sales meetings unless I developed it and/or have a relationship with that potential prospect or client. But otherwise, yeah, we have built a really nice system where when leads come in our team otherwise follows up with them.

They’ve been trained on how to sell them, how to price different industries and niches, how to onboard them, accept payment. We have a really nice SOP setup in those regards. And it’s one of the reasons we love the different funnel building softwares, but we’re able to quickly deploy different funnels. In regards to the Facebook ad side we do outsource a majority of our SEO otherwise, because our focus has shifted primarily to just running Facebook ads. But yeah, we do have a developer overseas. And then we have a couple guys who do account management, one of which is in the UK, one of which is in Australia.

And we found that they are great account managers and great salespeople and closers. And been doing a lot of training with them, they work really hard. And we use an automated, basically B2B system to bring in leads at this point as well as the leads that I’m able to generate through some of the social media practices we talked about earlier, which extends to running a Facebook group and things of that nature. That’s our team set up as a whole. And yeah, it took me forever for my head to wrap around building a team out. There’s seven of us now. And yeah, I brought on board VAs very early on, year one, year two of running agency.

But not until recently did we actually build to the point where we have full time staff. And it’s made it just a world of difference. It changes the way you look at business in so many different ways.

I mean, see with regards to your VAs and stuff, obviously … And I’m not going to … I’m going to say before I say this, this is just an off the cuff statement. People, so like Filipinos for example, and there’s lots of people that use Filipino VAs, but English is not their first language, so you’re always going to have problems getting Filipinos to do content. And the same way that you may also find Indians are not very good at content, because it’s not their first language. What I found is South Africans are the first language as English, and you can still get that cost of like a Filipino and South Africa.

What is your thought process in terms of VAs that you get, are the same areas you go to for a developer for example. Like Indians are probably really good in the development side or Eastern Europeans are really good on the development side, and the cost of law. Because obviously part of your thought process must be on cost as well. Where are you going to get the best bang for your buck? I’d be curious to know is your content out to South Africa, is the Filipinos really good for document and stuff or spreadsheets or whatever? I’d love to hear that.

Yeah, great questions. I mean, so we really have changed our business model away from doing SEO in-house. Primarily we do not do it in-house. We will have project manager lay out the overall strategy for our clients. But then just like most other SEO, most other agencies out there, we’ll go to link vendors for our links. We’ll go to content suppliers for our content. We’ll bring that in. Our account managers will then otherwise take all that, take the content, integrate it into our client’s site, do the on page SEO on their site. And our link builders otherwise are acquiring the right links and handling the anchor text ratios and things that aren’t necessarily velocity for those campaigns.

That’s kind of our formula, is the things that take the most time which we believe are link acquisition and otherwise content itself. We go, that’s not our expertise. We’re willing to pay more to have that done for us. And then let’s focus on, hey, our client relationships and just the strategy. That’s the way we do it. There’s no right or wrong way. We just, because our focus kind of has shifted a little bit more into paid lead gen, that’s just the only option that works for us in that regard.

I think it makes sense. Obviously, if you’re outsourcing the majority of the SEO, then whoever your link vendor outsources to in terms of outreach or whatever, that’s their problem, it’s not your problem. It’s probably a good tasty setup to have and we’re obviously focusing your sense and outsource the rest. And yeah, so that is good that you maybe don’t have to go on to OnlineJobs.ph and find a Filipino that’s really good at this, and give them a process and train them up. Because that is painful stuff, but yeah, you’re working a hell of a lot smarter and taking yourself out that situation which is an alternative option and a great option like that.

Dino Gomez Training courses

But what kind of other things are you guys out with Facebook and all that kind of stuff? You do training course, right? Do you not?

Training courses? Yeah, so I mean, a couple of things I’ll say right here real quick guys is yeah, we do have a training course called Funnel Consultants Society. It’s a Facebook ads course, primarily designed for SEO experts done quite well. We have about a thousand members in there. But one of the things that we’re moving into quite a lot is text messaging.

Text Message Automation

We’re doing a lot of text message automation. What we’re really seeing is how the market is changing in regards to a lot of these small business owners. I kind of alluded it to it earlier.

They have their area of expertise, which is just what their favourite hobby is, like the again, the personal trainer starts a gym because he’s really buff and he loves working out but he doesn’t know how to run a gym, doesn’t know how to market, doesn’t know how to sell, doesn’t know how to hire, to train, what price points to have for his gym, how to follow up, how to create an SOP for his employees. He doesn’t know how to do anything. And one of the things we feel like we’re seeing a change in the marketplace is having those types of relationships with a client where you start to train them on how to actually run a business.

Whether that’s, here’s text message scripts to use to follow up with leads or otherwise you integrate an actual text message follow-up systems, but you still give them, here’s what to say when somebody replies, they’re interested. We’re giving, we have more guides that are SOPs for our clients, especially small business owners. Because we’re just finding they got no education. They just had this cool idea, I want to start this brick and mortar or I want to start this lawn care business or whatever it is. But they have no idea how to do marketing and how to even sell or clothes or price competitively.

And it’s why so many of them go under. And so one of the things we’re doing trying to do full circle, we’ve been doing for a while now, is building out those types of trainings. We actually have an online dashboard for our clients to log into in a particular niche. And when they log in, we go, “Here’s section module one,” and it’s very small, but it makes a difference. “Here’s section one sales. Here’s how you answer the phone. Here’s what you do dah, dah, dah. Here’s how you get more referrals. Here’s how you do this.” And what we’re really trying to do is just bring a new level of support to these businesses.

It takes us nothing because we’re doing it one niche. We created the program. We always just give our clients the login, but it’s a value add and if we can help them convert more leads into sales and get more referrals and have this, it makes us look sharper. That’s one of the things we’re doing that’s a little bit different. And that and a lot of text message marketing, which you can do some crazy things with text message marketing.

How to market someone via text message

I’m curious to know what you’re doing with these text messages. Obviously we all know what a text message does, we’re sending them every day. But text message marketing, I’m not sure in the UK that I’ve heard that. I’ve heard a few from … the company that I bought my car from recently said something along the lines of you may be entitled to an upgrade or something, [inaudible 00:43:21] phone or whatever, some shitty kind of market. But what other things are you texting to people? Is it just soft stuff or is it really intense stuff? And also what is the cost, just for someone like me who’s never done text message marketing, what is the cost to me if I wanted to send a text? Is it really cheap to do? Is it really easy to say, “Is that a good platform for this?” I’d love to know more about it.

Yeah, great question. Yeah, very cheap, two to three cents per text message. If you have some rich media in there, like an image or video it might be four or five cents depending on your platform. And there’s hundreds of platforms now. But an example of a good campaign, right, and this is pretty cool is, I mean, you can go to a potential client and you can ask them, let’s just say it’s a dentist, and you can ask them, “Okay, well I’m just curious how many leads do you guys have? And how many patients do you have?” And they might go, “Well, we have 200 patients. And we’ve collected 3000 leads of people that are local in this area that came in once for a teeth cleaning and didn’t go with us.” Whatever it is. If a local business owner, regardless of their industry, maybe it’s a local painter or something like that, if they have several thousand people on a lead list of sorts what you can do, and they have the rights to actually text them, you can run like a reactivation campaign, especially for a service based business where people need to come back in for return purchase six months, a year later, even [inaudible 00:44:59] to upload it to a text message software, and you could blast that on offer to everybody that’s a warm customer.

I mean, they’re basically a previous customer, but they might, you know, nobody keeps track of how many years it’s been since they cleaned their air ducks for their washer and dryer, right? But shit, it might be four years later and that stuff could be building up and going to create a fire or something like that. But sending a text message that hits everybody, “Hey, thanks for being a customer. We’d love to offer you a discount for a return service for us to take a look at X, Y, Z, do X, Y, Z.” That’s the easiest way in the world to being a small business, instant revenue. Right in the text message, you can say, “Hey, just call us back. We’ll give you a free quote, book an appointment.”

But there’s already trust built there because they’re a customer given they’ve did a good job on the service. And on day one of a campaign with a local business, you could bring them, depending on their niche, thousands of dollars, with thousands of dollars of gigs with a local gym. We brought them $7,000 in the course of the first two days of the campaign, just using their old lead list. We said, “Hey, come back in for new membership special.” And they did. And we haven’t even run an ad, built a link, touched their website, anything. It’s just 10 minutes of sending a text message. But there’s a bunch of cool campaigns you can run on text messaging. This is just an example of one of them that you could do.

No, I think definitely that would work very well with a lot of different issues in terms of like car servicing, car MOTs, all of that shit that you just sometimes forget about and just that prompt to nearly [inaudible 00:46:42] for this or bookend or whatever, or obviously an offer is a sure thing to do again. It’s new to me. I’m normally focused on SEO [inaudible 00:46:55]. I’ve never dialled in text message market. What is the … is it an off the shelf platform that I could go to and just set a shelf up relatively easy, and which one would you recommend?

Yeah, so we really like ClickSend. They’ve been around for a while. They integrate with Zapier, so no matter where you collect a lead, it can go into an automation sequence where they’re going to be nurtured. You can also send out email blasts, I’m sorry, a text message blast from an old list or a scraped list if you want to get black hat. Yeah, we really like ClickSend, but there’s a million different offers, a million different platforms out there. That’s the one we’ve been using. They don’t do voice drops, which is a bummer. There’s some other ones that do, but they also have … there’s no monthly fee to use them, so it’s free to sign up. They have a white-label platform, which is really nice if you work with clients.

And then you basically pay per text, which is I think two or three cents per text message sent. Very affordable, basically no reoccurring fees in a white labelled platform, se do like them.

What is Voice Drop Marketing?

One last thing I want to ask you and then I promise I’ll let you go. The voice drop, is that just a voice message?

Yeah, there are several ones. Yeah. It’s basically a voice message, so you can record a voice. Maybe the owner of the shop records the voice, “Hey, the holidays are coming up. You guys need your carpets cleaned again so that your family doesn’t think you’re a slob. We’re running our holiday special. Here’s our holiday special. Get your carpets cleaned right now.” You can run the voice drop, a personal touch. There’s also ringless voicemail, which a lot of marketers are using now and a horrible … It’s pissing me off because I get so many of them, but it’s semi-brilliant.

Ringless voicemail is where your phone doesn’t even ring, so like all of a sudden you just get a notification on your phone that you have a new voicemail. And it says like, “Craig just called you.” I was like, “My phone’s on. I didn’t even hear it ring.” It bypasses the phone ringing and just go straight to voicemail and everybody always gets curious like, “I don’t want to talk to you on the phone but I’ll listen to your voicemail.” And then in the voicemail, a lot of marketers are doing this now and the voicemail, they’re like, “Hey, we haven’t really a great opportunity for you. We saw you’re not on page one of Google. We can fix up your website.”

Or, “Hey, we can run Facebook ads for you. Bring you leads tomorrow.” And they make it very generic and they just leave a ringless voicemail out to all of the business owners in the area after scraping their phone numbers.

That’s quite a good one. I like the sound of it. And hope could be used as … up to your devious mind, but I think ringless voicemail is certainly one that I’m going to have to have a look at. I actually just take the [inaudible 00:49:49], so I fucking … People in the UK must be dumb. I’ve never heard a half of this or I’m just really fake. I’ve never heard of ringless voicemails. But yeah, it’s interesting stuff. But-

You’re going to get hit with a bunch now [crosstalk 00:50:08] said that.

Yeah, I’ve not even heard one. But yeah, I’m going try it out and see what happens and for a laugh. But sadly we are out of time, and I don’t want to take up any more of your day. I think you’ve dropped a hell of a lot knowledge bombs in the short time that we have been here. But before we go, where is the best place for people to find you if they want to talk to you or maybe hire you or get consultancy with you or whatever? What are you open to in terms of … can you still take on more clients? Do you still train people working with NGO and all that kind of stuff?

Yeah. Well, I appreciate that, Craig. Yeah.

Best place to find me is you can go to funnelconsultantsociety.com. That’s our training program there. You can also look me up on Facebook guys, just Dino Gomez. Feel free to send me a PM, send me a friend request. And I try and have a conversation and chat with as many people as possible and develop relationships with as many people as possible. Yeah, feel free to reach out, not a stranger at all, and maybe there’s an opportunity for us to work together or otherwise maybe I can introduce you to somebody or something else.

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