How Important is Site Speed for SEO?

Today I hosted a SEMRush webinar with two very experienced professionals doing an advanced webinar for a change. I do host on SEMRush from time to time and it is great to host guys like Doc Sheldon and Peter Nikolow who have a wealth of experience in the SEO industry and they were part of the live website audit webinar.

Doc Sheldon is an experienced SEO professional with 13 years experience, living in Mexico ( well I think he does ) lucky B*****d. He was first up doing a live site audit on Bright Designs website. Offering his experienced opinion and giving them insights on how to improve their site speed and overall web presence alongside a few WordPress security tips.

Peter Nikolow Is Bulgarian and is a web development specialist who works on things like site speed on a daily basis. I think Peters level of knowledge goes away over most SEO peoples heads as he is very into his development and server side, but it is a great learning experience for anyone to be watching these guys in action. Peter was auditing Next Web Vision who are also based in Bulgaria.

So how important is site speed for SEO?

So both Doc and Peter were tasked with auditing the websites, now rather than talking about missing title tags and meta descriptions and the usual basic topics that we are used to hearing on the live website audits it was refreshing to see guys coming in from the Technical SEO angle. Personally, I feel that clients and SEO‘s often do not focus on this area enough and it’s important from both a  crawling, ranking and user-friendly point of view that you have the technical side of SEO well looked after over and above the usual on page and link building strategies that many other people focus on.

In recent years we have had people suggest that people focus on technical stuff as they can’t be bothered writing content or building links, everything that is a ranking signal whether it’s content, a relevant link or your website loading quick to improve CTR and other metrics is important. It is sensible to ensure you do everything required to make your website rank well and both Doc & Peter have provided some excellent insights into that.

The Full Video is below:

0:00 Webinar begins Introducing Peter Nikolow and Doc Sheldon

11:00 Webinar begins Doc Sheldon on www.brightdesign.co.uk

15:30 Doc Says “ Tools are not always right “

16:14 Doc uses Builtwith.com

20:20 WordPress vs HTML sites which is best

23:28 Doc on WordPress Security & Tools used

28:40 Image Optimisation

34:40 Introducing Peter Nikolow doing www.nextwebvision.com

36:25 Font Size

37:45 Peters tool “ Dustme “ Firefox Extension ( FREE )

40:15 Peter checking out what CSS is used

47:20 Site Speed Issues

50:22 Yellow Lab Tools

55:50 Questions and Answers

Doc’s Security Tips

WordPress Site Security Guide – Part 1

WordPress Site Security Guide – Part 2



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