How Google Understands Language with Cindy Krum

Today’s guest on the podcast is Cindy Krum. She is based in Colorado and runs www.mobilemoxie.com, Cindy probably needs no introduction as she is an experienced SEO consultant who regularly speaks at events all over the world. I got Cindy on as a guest to talk more about how Google uses Language in SEO and a bit on Mobile indexing.

What is Natural Language Google Cloud?

First off. Cindy was discussing Google’s Natural Language Processing tool to help make sure that Google understands your website and realises exactly what your pages are targeting.

One example was a use of language on one of the sites that Cindy was working on which had Google thinking this page and content was about art. This wasn’t the case, so it is important that you use the tools that are available to help Google understand what your pages are targeting. After all, helping Google understand some of this stuff is vital if you want them to rank you well.

What is the price of Google’s NLP tool?

Now some people use the API access and need to pay for the tool, but you can get up to 5000 searches per day completely FREE when using Googles NLP tool. I’ve personally been ignorant and not used the tool before, but have had conversations over the past few years with others who have this as part of their on-page process and it’s about time I start looking into this and taking advantage of a great tool.

Mobile Indexing

On the podcast, we did touch on a few things on mobile that Cindy feels are important and that can make a difference in your results on mobile. With more and more people using phones and tablets to do their searches, you might want to take action and do more of what Cindy suggests in order to be able to move forward and claim more of the traffic that is out there.

How to Check Mobile Rankings in a Different Country?

At the end of the webinar/podcast, Cindy shared a tool that she has on www.mobilemoxie.com called SERParator which allows you to be able to check the mobile rankings in any country and location with accurate results. For years I have been messaging people to check things for me, and I’ve been hoping the information they provide me is accurate.

Now you can eliminate the hope from this process and actually check your rankings in any country or location by using the tool, which allows you 5 FREE searches per day. They do also have packages available for others who want to check those results on a more frequent basis. So, it’s well worth looking at and can save you a lot of time and trouble.

But overall, it was a great podcast and was good to hear more about Google’s understanding of language. I think we are all looking for ways to better our websites and improve them to rank better, so it is important to future proof your website, your SEO and anything else by embracing this type of technology.

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