Hiring a Virtual Assistant or Remote Workers

Ever get fed up of trying to find the right staff? I’ve gone through hundreds of staff over the years and have managed to retain a handful of the good guys who are reliable, can turn up on time and care about doing a decent day’s work.  There are good staff out there for sure, but it is a numbers game in trying to find them. I’ve interviewed probably over 1000+ people in my years in this industry and even now there is no magic way to build a good, solid, and reliable team.

An option to consider would be to look at hiring VA’s — otherwise known as virtual assistants or remote workers. These guys work on a per-job basis. For example, you can hire a remote worker who is assigned to do your content writing. The task might be to write 5 x 4000-word articles per month and you pay them on delivery.

There are no problems with managing them, listening to excuses and having to sit in an office with them. Providing that you have set processes and training that are adequate, you are able to use VA’s to do any digital task. Whether its development work, tech SEO or simple copywriting duties; you can find VA’s to do this for you and at a much lower cost than it would if you were hiring someone in your own country.

Best Places to Hire Virtual Assistants?

The best place to hire them depends on what task you need doing and the language you are after, but some people in the past have used:

  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Freelancer

The purpose of the content will determine how much you would want to spend on hiring a content writing VA. For example, you might simply use spinning software or something like iwriter.com if the content is for a guest post as the costs are low and it serves its purpose.

Cheap English Speaking Content Writers

In recent months, more people have been talking about South Africa as a place where you can hire cheap English-speaking content writers. It is fairly untapped and the cost of hiring a content writer with English as a first language is as cheap as hiring someone in the Philippines. Now in the Philippines, you can go to onlinejobs.ph and put up an ad and you will be able to select the level of candidate you would like to hire.

So I had Matt Davison on my podcast recently and he’s based in South Africa. He uses these guys all the time and has built a team of 27 in the last 18 months — all of which pretty much do content writing for his business. I asked Matt what is the best site to find these guys.  According to him, in South Africa, the best place to look for people for this type of project would be Gumtree of all places. They have no main job board, so simply go to Gumtree to attract these content writers.

You don’t have to just use guys in South Africa specifically. I know of others using content writers from all over Africa; Kenya is another place a few guys are targeting and getting decent content from.

Indian Remote Workers

There are also many skilled people in countries like India who seem to be super-efficient when it comes to development. I’ve used a number of Indians for different parts of my processes and they generally have good work ethics. You can find these guys on Freelancer, People Per Hour, Upwork and many other sites as well as Facebook Groups.

Indians are very skilled in many areas of Digital Marketing and offer a cost-effective solution if you wanted to scale that side of the business up.

Eastern Europe Freelancers

On my travels, I’ve been to a number of places in Eastern Europe. In this part of the world, there are again a lot of freelancers and smart guys. They can be found on Upwork, People Per Hour, Freelancer, where they offer a wide range of skills that are suited to the Digital Marketing Niche. I’ve had guys in these areas build me fantastic automation scripts and tools and feel that the price for this work and the level of skill, is second to none.

Don’t Forget you can Collaborate with Local Freelancers too

Remember you don’t always have to find a content writer in places like South Africa. If you want to avoid having someone full-time but would rather use someone you know is a native speaker and understands the culture, you can still find good freelancers locally. Again, I use a number of people for certain things on a local level, too. In this industry, you can pretty much hire anyone anywhere you want, without the need to have a full-time unreliable member of staff putting your stress levels through the roof.

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