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seo 2With the whole Reachlocal going into administration many businesses are looking to find people offering Freelance PPC services which would seem the obvious route for many after finding out the strategy that a company like Reachlocal employed.

I’m based in Glasgow and do a lot of work for clients all over Scotland and even across the UK and look after a wide range of PPC campaigns for clients. There are many benefits of using a Freelance PPC Expert. The main benefits would be :

    1. You have a Freelance SEO Expert who would act as a personal account manager who you could get in touch with to change certain aspects of your campaign.
  1. The Freelance SEO Expert doesn’t have massive overheads or directors taking big wages out of your budget
  2. The Freelance SEO Expert will not have thousands of campaigns set up and it won’t take ages to get a change done on your account.
  3. Having this personalised service will result in your campaign getting the attention it needs to work well for you.

With using a Freelancer you will have a lot more transparency too, most Freelance PPC experts will allow the client access to the Google AdWords account that’s set up so that the client can see what they are spending their money on. It is likely that the PPC consultant will take a monthly management fee. This really depends on your budget the industry standard will be around 10% of your overall spend on top of your budget for their management fee.

It’s worth getting a PPC expert on board, after recent events I myself have taken over a number of accounts that were set up by Reachlocal and to be fair sloppy isn’t the word when it comes to the setup and research put into the campaigns I’ve seen.


I’ve seen clients targeting areas and keywords that you just wouldn’t believe. A beginner couldn’t possibly get it so wrong even if it was their first ever campaign. My impression is that the campaigns are set up very quickly with no thought put into it.

The keywords were generic, everything set up to be on broad match. What was really worrying is the client gave me data from their Reachlocal portal, basically I was looking to use the keywords Reachlocal set up and then I would refine the campaign.

Alarmingly the keywords wouldn’t get past Googles adwords filters, some of the keywords had issues with the punctuation. So it is clear for anyone to see that the data you get from reachlocal is completely made up on the spot as they had reported these keywords were getting impressions and clicks, yet strangely Google wouldn’t accept those words when I was setting up the campaign. So all of that data you were getting probably is worthless.

However even with that type of set up clients with high budgets will probably do well, but its not about getting lots of clicks and impressions its about stretching the clients budget as far as you can and getting good quality relevant leads for that client. Their budget basically has to return so much more than their spend for them to continue. They have overheads, staff to pay etc so it has to work well. The only way a PPC campaign will work well will be if the correct areas/keywords are selected and if the correct bidding strategy is in place.

ppc consultant

I am readily available to take on new PPC campaigns are will ensure they are set up and managed properly, the only thing we don’t offer is the call recording facility you may have been used to with Reachlocal.

However we can point you in the right direction of a Voip phone provider who offer call recording from as little as £5 per month. If your PPC campaign is set up properly then it will turn into clicks and leads for you. There are millions of companies out their doing really well on PPC campaigns and many of them will use a Freelance SEO expert to offer a more personalised and efficient service for a small monthly management fee.

Get in touch if you would like me to provide you with a FREE PPC review.


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Craig Campbell

I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 18 years.

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