Best Finance Affiliate Programs Today

The finance niche has witnessed a lot of growth in the past decade or so, with the rise of many successful websites or blogs that advise people on personal finance, handling credit cards or loans, or investing. 

If you’ve just started your personal finance blog and you’re still having trouble telling how to monetize it, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. Here are some of the best finance affiliate programs we’ve found!

What is the best finance affiliate program?

Like with some of the other articles that we have written about affiliate marketing and affiliate finance programs, we’re going to specify the cookie duration and commission rate of all of these options. 

This will allow you to choose the right affiliate marketing finance program for yourself and your audience. We’ll also go through a quick description of what these websites offer, how they can be joined (if there are any restrictions in terms of location around the world), or if you can manage your earnings through finance affiliate networks. 

personal capital finance affiliate program

Personal Capital

This personal finance affiliate program is aimed at helping people invest their money in the best possible ways. There are a variety of tools available with Personal Capital, such as a net worth calculator, a fee analyzer, or a retirement planner. 

We decided to make this our first choice because the cookie lasts for 30 days and as you’ll see, this is actually pretty decent for this industry. In fact, most of the other programs we are going to describe here today rarely offer any cookie duration, meaning that a user needs to decide immediately and get the service right after clicking on your link. 

As for the commission rate, it’s $100 per each qualified lead, which once again, is worth writing home about. 

Credit Sesame

In the United States and a number of other countries, your credit score can effectively make or break your lifestyle. You will not be able to buy a home or get a loan with a poor credit score, so you have to work really hard at getting it as high as possible.

That’s where Credit Sesame comes in — it effectively assists people in building their credit score, and get this: it even gives folks a fee-free debit account that awards them when they improve their credit score. 

While the cookie duration is more than decent since it lasts thirty days, the commission is less so — you will generate $9 per each registered user, so considerably less impressive than with other programs. Even so, it is a rather popular personal finance program, so you might want to consider it. 



What we’d first and foremost like to note about Coinbase is that it is in the cryptocurrency space, so if you do not feel comfortable with recommending such products and services to your audience, this one might not be up your alley. 

However, the Coinbase affiliate program is pretty good since it pays affiliates up to 50% in commissions for the first three months after a user has registered. The downside is that you can only earn money for active trades, so you have to somehow convince people to invest their money consistently. 


The BBVA affiliate program is a pretty generous one as you will be able to recommend a variety of financial products to your readership. BBVA offers heaps of services such as credit cards, checking and saving accounts, or wealth management options. 

The downside is that the cookie doesn’t last at all, so you will only earn commissions on purchases made immediately after someone clicks on your affiliate link. However, the commission rate is a pretty good one — $85. 

Another aspect we’d like to add with respect to BBVA is that it can be joined through the CJ Affiliate network (formerly known as Commission Junction), so that’s quite convenient. 

credit karma

Credit Karma

You can join the Credit Karma affiliate program through the Impact affiliate network. The commissions are lower compared to some of the other choices listed here, but the cookie does last for a whole month, so that’s worth taking into account. 

For each new signup, you will generate just $2 in earnings, and that might make this affiliate program less popular with personal finance bloggers. 

On top of everything, the services can be used only by United States, Canada, and United Kingdom residents, which might be a little limiting. 


This Canadian wealth management and online brokerage firm is one of the most successful ones out there, since it’s got over twenty billion in assets and it acquires over 200K new accounts every year. 

There are two ways of making money with the Questrade affiliate finance program — you can either pick the revenue share model or the CPA. The first is going to generate 7.5% in revenue share while the second will generate a fixed $70 commission per each acquisition. 

Another reason to consider Questrade if you’re making up your mind between one affiliate program and the next is that the cookie lasts for 60 days. 

lending tree

Lending Tree

If you want to assist people in getting out of debt and you want to also make some money while doing so, Lending Tree is probably the best financial affiliate program you should look into. 

The cookie lasts for just two weeks, though, but that’s still better than some of the other options we’ve described in this post. Also, we’d say that the commission rate is quite decent since you can earn up to $70 per qualified lead. 

M1 Finance

You can join the M1 Finance affiliate program through Impact, a network where you can easily and conveniently visualize your earnings and the way you’re progressing. 

This investing company helps people build a portfolio that can assist them in putting some money away for their senior years or earning significant income on a regular basis. It also lets users create customized portfolios depending on their necessities. 

The commission is definitely worth writing home about since you can earn up to $100 on every lead. Also, the cookie lasts for a whole month, which is another reason to consider M1 Finance. 



This micro-investing application has become quite popular in the past several years, especially since a lot of influencers were quick to recommend it. You can join the affiliate program through a network like Impact or FlexOffers, which is an advantage in itself. 

As for the commissions, you might feel a little disappointed, but you can earn up to $12 on every qualified lead. The cookie does last for 30 days, though, so at least there’s that. 

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This multi-asset brokerage company is extremely popular right now, especially since it’s easy to use and it allows people to invest in a variety of stocks in a whole range of domains. Users can also trade cryptocurrencies and ETFs using the same website. 

Their CPA is quite impressive, since you can be paid up to $250. In terms of the cookie duration, it lasts for 45 days, which is far better compared to that of other programs we’ve described in this post. 

While some people might not be interested in investing in cryptocurrency simply because they might look at it as a very volatile asset, eToro has a number of other stocks available, so there’s no need to worry about that. 



First of all, WealthSimple is not available in all of the countries across the globe. It is geared toward United Kingdom and Canada residents — so you do have to keep that in mind when recommending this company’s services to your audience. 

You can join the WealthSimple affiliate program through the Impact network, so that’s a benefit to consider. As for the money you can make, the commissions can go up to $50, but the cookie does last for 45 days. 

The app is definitely a full-service one since folks can use it for a variety of tasks, such as money transfers, trading, buying crypto, or investing in stocks. Also, there are a number of trades that can be done without users having to pay any commission whatsoever. 


If you have to constantly send or receive money from various countries across the globe, you need to look for the best service, the one that has the lowest possible commissions. And in this day and age, when people work all over the world, sending out money to families is extremely common — and that’s what TransferGo does. 

The good thing about this affiliate program is that it comes with a number of affiliate tools like banners, for example, so you do not have to go out of your way to promote the service. 

The cookie lasts for the standard 30 days that we came across on other programs, and the commissions come down to about 10 pounds per each new user that joins the platform and uses it for transfers. 



Like TransferGo, Remitly specializes in international money transfers. But they have a wide variety of other services available, such as bank deposits.

From what we have gathered, it seems that Remitly only pays its affiliates for first-time user signups and transfers, which means that even if the cookie does last for thirty days, you are not going to get any commissions for any of the future transactions that the users make. 

The payouts can range from $4 to $20 depending on the value of the first-time transactions. It’s up to you to tell whether it makes sense for you to become a Remitly affiliate — we’d also like to note that you can manage it through the Impact affiliate network. 

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Ally Invest 

Ally Bank has become quite popular in the past couple of years as they used to specialize in low-commission services. Ally Invest is their discount broker product, which allows people to invest in a variety of assets from stocks to ETFs. 

You can earn a commission for every lead, and the standard one is a flat $25 one. The cookie lasts for 45 days, though, which definitely isn’t bad. Also, you can join the Ally Invest program through CJ Affiliate, where you can have a look at your clicks, conversions, and earnings. 

Screen Shot 2021 10 22 at 12.27.43 PM


If you are in the personal finance niche, you probably want to advise people to make smarter and better choices with their money. Whether that means canceling subscriptions they do not even need or just keeping track of how much they are spending every month on food — Truebill is a money management app that can assist them in doing all of these things. 

While the cookie of this finance affiliate program does last for 30 days, their commissions are a little different. 

You earn $10 for every person you refer, but the individual has to download the Truebill app on their mobile device and link it to their account (whether that’s their credit card or checking account). 

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Best practices for finance affiliate programs

Finding the right program to recommend to your audience will take a while and you also have to think of your specific niche. You can recommend a crypto service to people if you know that they’re not going to be interested in it at all or actually comment against it. 

But there’s another detail that we have to add here and that can make or break your affiliate success, especially in this field. All of the financial programs we have mentioned (and lots of others, too) stick to the guidelines of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), so you have to make sure that you include a disclosure in your blog articles and when sharing your affiliate links on social media. 

There’s an online guide that the Federal Trade Commission has on such endorsements and while it’s all in fine print, we strongly advise you to take the time and read it just to make sure you don’t go against any of the requirements. 

FTC doesn’t generally look at bloggers, but if they do get a complaint about a website, they will analyze it individually. 

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