Facebook Ads with Mr Gavin Bell

For this episode of my podcast, I was joined by Gavin Bell, also based in Scotland. Gavin has been doing really well with Facebook Ads for a number of years. I’ve bumped into him on a couple of occasions speaking at events and watched his progress online growing from strength to strength building up his own brand alongside doing some really good work with Facebook Ads. Gavin solely focuses on Facebook ads and I was keen to find out more about what he does, how he’s getting on in general.

Gavin regularly does Facebook ad campaigns for clients, but also has the myFunnelAcademy.com site, where you can learn to do your own Facebook campaigns. Whether you need your hand held or you want to dive in and learn how Facebook ads work and how Gavin suggests setting them up, this is a great option for people and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Myfunnelacademy.com.

I’m starting to do a lot more video work personally, but its great to also see Gavin doing a lot more on the video side.

Adding a bit of humour and showing off a bit of personality in these videos on his Facebook page is making him stand out from the crowd, and on a personal level I know how hard making videos and building up a personal brand can be.

So I was keen to talk to Gavin more on that side of things too. Overall it was a good friendly conversation and we got to know more about Gavin, how he works and some snippets of information on how he makes money using Facebook ads.

If you want to get in touch with Gavin you can get him at mrgavinbell.com or find him on one of his social media channels.

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