Best Education Affiliate Programs

If you run a blog in the education niche and you’re looking to monetize it, the best way to do that would be to join one of the many education affiliate programs currently available. 

Before we move on to the rest of the article, we’d like to note that the education niche is one of the best money-making ones. Most of the programs are high-paying, so we seriously recommend that you look into becoming an affiliate for at least several of the options listed below.

Best education affiliate programs

Microsoft Education

Not everyone uses a Mac computer or laptop, so Windows remains one of the most commonly used operating systems in the world right now. Microsoft has a variety of products besides their OS, though, such as Office, Surface, and much more. 

microsoft education affiliate programs

The Educator Store has a variety of courses, whether for kids or for higher education, so there’s plenty of things you can recommend to your audience. 

The affiliate program is pretty good, which is why we’re showcasing it among the first options in our selection. The commission rate is a fixed 10% for each sale, but there is a 30-day buying window you can take advantage of. 

They also pay through Paypal and direct deposit. Signing up for the Microsoft affiliate program is extremely easy. 


QuickStart is geared toward people who want to study a bit more about IT, technology, and a variety of their sub-domains. They have a wide range of courses and certifications available, so you are not going to feel like you really have nothing to recommend to your readership. 

As for the affiliate program, it’s really one of the best we have found yet. The cookie lasts for thirty days, which is pretty standard for most of the other choices listed here, but the commissions can go up to 30% depending on the sale you refer to the site. Also, payments can be processed through either Paypal or direct deposit. 


Everyone wants to learn how to code these days, and it actually makes sense. A bit of coding is necessary for most online operations these days, whether you’re a tester or programmer or just someone managing somebody else’s website, and you have to work with WordPress all the time.

udemy online education affiliate programs

That’s where Udemy comes in. This platform’s courses are geared toward people who want to learn technology, so many of them are focused on IT. However, Udemy also has a fair share of other courses on design, marketing, and even artistic skills such as music. 

Their affiliate program is pretty decent, too, since the commissions start at 20% and the cookie duration is 7 days. 


This site can help you get your undergraduate or even graduate degree online, and let’s face it — everyone’s become more and more interested in online education over the past two to three years. 

The value of the courses and school programs tends to vary a lot, but the affiliate program will pay a fixed $23 commission per sale. We couldn’t find any specific information on the cookie duration, but we will add that the payments are processed through Paypal and direct deposits, and you can also opt for the cheque. 


This platform is packed with courses designed for a variety of online learners, whether they might be interested in studying marketing or anything else. We decided to add this option to the top of our list because it is probably one of the best affiliate programs for education bloggers. 


The reason we say this is that the commission rate is a fixed 30% on each purchased course, but that’s not all — the cookie duration is 90 days, which is downright incredible. 


This one has been around for almost a decade and was established by professionals at both Harvard and MIT. There are more than a thousand courses available on the platform, and their topics range from composting and dialects to design and software engineering. 

Their affiliate program can be joined through the AWIN network. The commission for each sale is a fixed 10%, but the cookie does last for two whole months, so people have some time to decide. 

The Princeton Review

Everyone has heard about Princeton before, but let’s face it — not everyone has the money to complete a college education, especially in the United States. So that’s where the Princeton Review comes in — the courses are geared toward tutoring students from a variety of industries. 

the princeton review education affiliate program

Anyone can opt between complete online course education and one-to-one guidance from a preferred instruction. 

The affiliate program is definitely worth taking into account since the commission rate is 8%, and the cookie lasts for 45 days. But the detail that makes this one of the top education affiliate programs out there is the reputation of the Princeton Review. Plus, the value of the courses makes it possible for you to earn about $100 on each purchase, so that can’t be bad, right?


There are several thousand courses available on this platform, and let’s face it, it is one of the best-known out there. Most people can study for free, but those who want certificates have to pay a fee, which is variable from one course to the other. 

But what makes Coursera one of the best e-learning affiliate programs is that it stands out from the crowd thanks to its commission rates and cookie durations. 

First off, the program has to be joined through either Rakuten or Skimlinks, from what we’ve gathered, and the commissions actually vary depending on the network that you choose. 

For example, on Skimlinks, you’ll get a flat 10% commission, while on Rakuten, the value will range from 10% to 45%. The cookie lasts for 30 days for Rakuten, but remains a mystery for Skimlinks, too. 

Besides, Coursera has different commissions depending on what people purchase. You will indeed get a 20% commission for individual courses, but it can get to 45% for monthly subscriptions. Annual ones make you the least amount of money, since the commission for those is just 10%. 

Rosetta Stone

Although there are affiliate programs for education bloggers that pay more or that have better cookie durations, we’d say that Rosetta Stone courses are very easy to recommend to your audience as pretty much anyone has at least heard of them before. 

rosetta stone best education affiliate programs

The brand will help convince your readership to make a purchase a bit easier, so you aren’t going to have to put in as much effort into marketing it as you would with other programs. 

The commission is a fixed 7% on each referred sale, and the cookie lasts for 30 days. 


If language online education affiliate programs make the best choice for your audience, Babbel should be right up your alley. On the downside, you are not going to be able to make a fortune recommending these courses, but it doesn’t hurt to at least consider this education affiliate program, right? 

The commission value ranges from $4 to $32, depending on the type of products that people purchase. For example, for any type of course, you are guaranteed at least a $4 commission, but if someone gets a 24-month subscription, you’ll earn $32. 

As for the cookie, it lasts for one month and a half, which definitely isn’t bad, right?

The Linux Foundation

You might be tempted to think that the Linux Foundation focuses on selling courses about Linux and Linux-related products, but the truth is that the site helps people get a degree in a variety of programming languages from C++ to Node.js. 

the linux foundation top education affiliate programs

If your blog audience is definitely interested in learning how to code so that they can maybe get a better job, these courses are definitely worth recommending to them. Besides being great themselves, they can also make you quite a bit of money. 

The commission rate is a fixed 20%, but the value of the courses ranges from $299 to a couple of thousand dollars. Add that to the fact that the cookie lasts for 120 days (yeah, you read that right!), and you’ve got a winner. 


Like Udemy, which we’ve also showcased in this selection, Udacity is focused on teaching people technology. Therefore, the platform hosts a variety of courses on topics like artificial intelligence, programming, data science, and even business. 

Although you might find that becoming a Udacity affiliate isn’t that easy since your application will be reviewed, and you’ll get an answer in 4-5 days, it definitely pays off in the end. 

The commission you can expect for every referral is $100, but they have a tiered commission program, so you can get additional bonuses depending on the number of sales you refer. Also, the cookie lasts for a whole month, which is another reason to consider becoming a Udacity affiliate. 


This platform has become rather popular in the past several years as it hosts a wide range of courses taught by extremely well-known people. For example, if you want to learn music, you can be taught by the likes of Alicia Keys — but there are many more you can look into. 


What’s interesting about this affiliate program is that it is managed through ShareASale, which is an advantage in itself. If you tend to work with affiliate networks as you find it easier to handle all of your commissions, clicks, and all the other stats, MasterClass might be right up your alley. 

The commission is a fixed 25%, but depending on how many people you get to buy courses, you can also earn a number of bonuses, of which the value can range from $100 to $1,500. Also, the cookie lasts for 30 days, which is definitely worth writing home about. 


LearnDash is basically an online learning platform that carries a variety of courses geared toward a variety of employees, where those that work in universities or corporate environments. 

The platform is focused on improving employee skills through continuous training. Since it is designed for larger companies as clients, LearnDash sells more expensive courses, so the minimum value would be around $160. 

We had to note this because the commission rate of the affiliate program is 30%, which means that you can actually make a bit of money given the high value of the courses. Also, the cookie lasts for one whole month, which definitely isn’t bad. 

Hooked on Phonics

This one is an extremely interesting affiliate program in the education niche and if you are a parent, you will be interested in it without a doubt. 

hooked on phonics affiliate programs for education bloggers

The platform was created by a father who noticed that his son was finding it hard to learn reading, so all of the kits and essentials you’ll find on the site are geared toward helping people learn how to read. 

The standard commission for every referred sale is 10%, which comes down to about $17-18. But the cookie duration definitely makes this program worth writing home about since it lasts for 90 days. 


This one is a little different from what you might be used to in that it is catered toward people who want to make their own courses and teach them to other people. Thinkific is a platform where people can go to build their websites and courses, price them, use marketing tools, and basically get started with the process on the whole. 

The downside is that you have to know for sure that at least some of your audience is going to be interested in this — otherwise, they aren’t going to want to create their own courses. 

On the other hand, the cookie is 90 days and the commission rate is a fixed 20% for each referred customer, so the affiliate program is at least worth looking into. Plus, it can be managed through ShareASale, which makes everything a lot easier. 

But we do admit that it might not be the perfect option for everyone because of the complicated buyer persona. 

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thinkific e learning affiliate programs

Final thoughts

It goes without saying that the cookie duration and the commission value are the two most important factors when choosing what type of education affiliate program to join and which courses to recommend to your audience. 

But sometimes, it also depends on your specific niche and what you honestly believe your blog readers would be interested in. For example, some might actually want to get a degree or certification, while others might simply want to study in their own time for a hobby like playing the guitar. 

You will also have to check the information for each of the programs we have mentioned in this post as some might not allow you to promote your affiliate links across several different platforms, including social media. 

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