Does Social Media Help With SEO?

Does Social Media Help with SEO?

This is a subject that has caused many debates over the years in the SEO community, many SEO‘s will try and test various things to see what actually makes websites move up through the rankings, and like other SEO‘s I have done similar tests. So you will want to know what I did I guess?

One of my favourite tools is SEMRush so I decided to post a tutorial on SEMRush and some of the functions and features that they currently provide. So this was in July 2017 when I originally posted this article, it has been updated since however I posted the article and left it for around 6 weeks, it sat around the top of page 3 and stopped moving.

So I decided to do a little bit of promotion on social media and got some social signals from influencers and SEMRush themselves and very quickly what I found was that the article moved up onto page 1 for the term ” SEMRush Tutorial “.

No backlinks, no edits to the text or any other aspect of on-page SEO, yes Social media brought more traffic to the page, CTR would have increased and again as a metric that impacts SEO then I would consider social media to have a positive impact on my search engine rankings. The keyword isn’t the most competitive in the world but using social media to drive traffic to your website will, in my opinion, help your SEO, providing the page is decent and your web visitors find it useful.

On the 24th of January, I was discussing this on a podcast with the brilliant Kate Toon who was the one who actually asked the question.

You can listen to the full podcast below or you can go directly to Kate Toons website where you will find many other podcasts from people in the Digital Marketing Industry.


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