Best Content Marketing Platforms

What is a content marketing platform? What are the top content marketing platforms out there? 

We’re answering all of these questions and more in today’s article, so keep on reading if you want to find out what the best choices in terms of content marketing platforms really are these days. 

What is a content marketing platform?

A specific definition of a content marketing platform doesn’t really exist as there are many platforms out there. 

Some of them can help you with content strategy, others can assist you in distributing messages and status updates across different channels, and there are also platforms that can be quite useful in terms of keeping track of how your audience is interacting with what you are posting. 

There are also content marketing platforms that can assist you in creating better, such as SurferSEO or Page Optimizer Pro. 

The following selection is a list of some of the best such platforms that we have found to be most useful in improving your content marketing goals — and getting the results that you need for yourself or your clients. 

Top content marketing platforms


We’ve written about SEMrush a lot in the past and for good reason, too. The basic subscription allows you to do a lot of things from keyword research and competition analysis to link building research, finding new link opportunities, and best of all, discovering new content ideas. 

semrush content marketing platform

There is also an SEO Writing Assistant available and you can use it to improve your content and gain more chances of beating your competitors. 

It’s also worth noting that you can use SEMrush for keeping track of your results, keeping an eye on your brand’s mentions, and also analyzing the content that you have already published on your website. 


While some might argue that HubSpot can cost a pretty penny and we aren’t going to argue with that, the truth is that it is one of the most generous and comprehensive content marketing platforms that exist these days. 

It is packed with features that can help you reach more customers, create better content, and even manage your newsletter lists. 

It’s not comparable with WordPress in that you cannot use the same plugins, but it is extremely easy to utilize, especially for someone who might just be starting out. 

Even creating landing pages is a breeze with this platform, and it’s also got a full-funnel marketing system that can help you better keep in touch with your email subscribers. 


Did you know that there’s a thing called ‘dark social shares’? It’s kind of like Google Alerts for brand mentions without getting a backlink — so shares in which people talk about what you’ve posted, but there are no referrals to your source. 

getsocial content marketing software platform

Well, this is a feature of GetSocial and you can imagine just how useful it can be for growing your social media channels. The platform comes with an automated distribution solution that allows you to share, track, and analyze the performance of your social media efforts. 

One area where GetSocial might not be that useful is tracking the performance of your content on your website, meaning heatmaps, comments, and everything else on that end. But if you use social media a lot for marketing, it’s definitely worth looking into. 


Outbrain – Amplify is one of the easiest ways of reaching an audience across the world and re-targeting it depending on what products and services you create and promote. Its user experience seems to be on point and it seems that the service offers pretty good customer support, too. 

Some of the complaints we came across range from the inability to target audiences in countries such as China and the inability to customize your previous campaigns. For any additional small modification, you should create a new campaign rather than try to edit a past one. 

Hemingway Editor

There’s a free version and a paid version of this app (you can install the paid one on your computer). If you do a lot of writing for blogs, websites, PR, social media, or any such channels, a platform like Hemingway Editor or the Grammarly app can make a whole lot of difference.

hemingway editor

Best of all, the app can even integrate with Medium and WordPress so that you can export the content into these two with as little effort as possible. You can also format the text using a number of methods. 

While it might not seem like the best platform feature-wise, if you want to be taken seriously and you write in English, we suggest you give Hemingway Editor a try. 


If you have ever read any of our previous articles on the blog, you’ve probably noticed us recommend BuzzSumo before. Although some marketers might argue that BuzzSumo isn’t as great as other platforms, and we will admit that it does have its share of limitations, it still comes packed with a number of useful features. 

For example, if you ever intend on using influencers to market your services or products, BuzzSumo is your best chance of discovering people who can recommend them. 

It also lets you monitor the activity you get on the content you have published, what comments you’ve received, and any trends around the specific articles that you have published in the past. There are many more functionalities you can check out if you get a subscription.

There are lots of other collaboration platforms available out there, and they range from Slack to Todoist and many more. But Monday is a bit different as it allows you to create and improve your marketing strategy by communicating with your team constantly. content marketing platform

You can assign tasks to your writers or designers or any other member of your team, check on their work, and also set deadlines to each task. So, if you’re a project manager or a hands-on agency owner, is the best content marketing platform for you. 

We’d also like to note that there are lots of visual templates that you can use to improve the user experience and make relying on a breeze.


This one costs just ten bucks a month but it is one of the coolest content marketing platforms we were able to stumble upon. It’s an editorial CMP, which means that while using it, you can create and post interactive posts across several different channels all of a sudden. 

While it might not work for everyone, it’s definitely useful for microbloggers and other folks who heavily rely on their social media to keep in touch with their audience. 

The platform allows you to publish content on various social media networks, but also on WordPress, Medium, and even MailChimp. 


Seeing how much it costs, we recommend Kapost for agencies and marketers that are running a lot of projects or bigger teams for corporate environments. Kapost is a great collaboration, productivity, and strategy-developing platform, so you can use it for many, many things in your activity. 


For example, you can create workflows and share them with the rest of your team members. You can also use the same tool to provide feedback on the tasks that were completed or are being completed. 

It’s also worth noting that Kapost has integration capabilities with Google Docs or Google Drive, but the best thing of all is that you can directly edit all the content in Kapost – not Drive. 

In short, it’s a full-service platform that can help you come up with better ideas for your content, develop it, run the entire production process, put together an editorial content, and much, much more. It works for standard articles best, but you can also use it for video content, eBooks, as well as some forms of social media content. 


This one has been around forever, and like with Kapost, we’d say that it works best for agencies and enterprises. It’s robust, effective, and packed with features, and sometimes it’s not as easy to understand or use as other tools in the same category — despite the learning curve, it’s worth it. 

The platform is extremely good at handling all of the aspects of the work you might need done – from discovering the right freelancer to collaborate with to tracking the work they’ve done and everything else. 

We can’t tell you anything about the price of a subscription though since you have to go on the site and request a demo and you’ll get a customized offer for your specific needs. 


Brand24 is a social media monitoring software that enables you to have complete control over the interactions and mentions you get across all of your channels. It has three different plans, with the basic one being priced at $49 and the biggest one being priced at $399. 


They also have a 14-day trial period, so we suggest you try out this platform before making up your mind. 

Some of the features that we can mention here range from Discussion Volume Chart to Mentions Feed and Alerts — the latter of which can show you when your site was vitiated, when someone’s mentioned your brand or anything else you might be interested in in this sense. 


This is a content marketing software platform that enables you to discover fresh and critically acclaimed content in your specific niche. You can sort the content based on relevancy and your previous preferences — and all of this makes Curata present you with better suggestions every time. 

The platform can also come in handy when it comes to creating content per se and a sales and marketing pipeline. Additionally, you can rely on its features to improve your strategy and content development and publishing habits. 


There’s no doubt whatsoever that MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms out there. 

mailchimp email marketing

It’s complete in the sense that it allows you to see how people are actually interacting with your newsletter, if they perform any actions, if they drop out, and everything else you should know if you still use email marketing — and you should, since it’s still one of the most effective means of communicating with your customers and selling products and services, even today. 


Even though it is being marketed as a project management platform, while it can be considered that, CoSchedule is more geared towards people who write, their editors, and those that publish the content on various websites. 

If you work for an agency and manage a team of writers, CoSchedule might be right up your alley. It allows you to assign tasks, discuss them, and verify them. It also comes with a ReQueued feature for discovering fresh pieces of content and sharing them with your own audience. 


Although more of a social media marketing platform rather than a content marketing platform in itself, Hootsuite is still one of the most frequently used (and the easiest to use) tools in the industry. 


You can use it to schedule your posts on a variety of channels, and that’s what makes it so handy for all sorts of marketers, whether bloggers, those who work for an agency, and even social media marketer that want to make their life slightly easier. 

Final thoughts

Some platforms are better than others in terms of the features they can offer and your need to use additional tools besides the major one you rely on. For example, Asana, Hubspot, and Hootsuite can be used for most of your tasks, depending on what you want to achieve, of course. 

Content marketing platforms can differ a lot in terms of cost, features, UX, and the tasks that they can help you complete. Some can help you find and get in touch with the right influencers, others will make handling your social media channels a breeze whereas others are geared toward making your content better on the whole. 

There are also communication platforms, CRM tools, and productivity and organization ones that allow you to keep track of what everyone in your team is doing. Choosing the best one boils down to what your specific content marketing needs are. 

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